The Gurkha Titan is a big, bold cigar that is not for the faint of heart. This massive cigar, which is 7×52 in size, is filled with a robust mixture of tobacco from the Dominican, Colombian, and Nicaraguan countries. The end product is a delicious and nuanced smoke that is likely to delight even the pickiest cigar connoisseurs.

It has a rich, cedar flavor with hints of creaminess, sweetness, and pepper. The Gurkha Titan is a well-constructed cigar that burns evenly and produces a lot of smoke. It is an excellent choice for a special occasion or a relaxed evening with friends.

The Gurkha Titan cigar is also part of the brand’s Gurkha Cigarnivore #3 Sampler. This sampler features some of the brand’s most popular cigars, including the Titan, in a convenient package.

Wrapper Origin: Costa RicaShape: Churchill
Length: 7Ring: 52
Wrapper: Costa Rican MaduroList Price: $380 (Box of 20)
Origin: HondurasStrength: Medium

Appearance of Gurkha Titan

The Costa Rican Maduro wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and a mixture of tobaccos from Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras are used in the Gurkha Titan cigar. The wrapper of this cigar is in the color of a very dark shade of brown that is a little bit oily to the touch. This cigar is also firm to the touch, and I felt no soft spots. In addition, the wrapper has minimal veins and seams.

As for the cigar band of this Gurkha cigar, it actually has two bands that are very different from one another. Starting with the first band is located where bands are usually placed, almost close to the cap. It features the Gurkha’s iconic logo, which is a man with a short sword. The overall color accent of the first band is an old-like brown color or almost faded gold color.

On the other hand, the second band, which is placed just below the first band, uses colors of black and silver, very far from the color palette used on the first band. The word “Titan” is written in all uppercase, colored in silver. Other than that, nothing special comes with it.

Surprisingly, the two bands complemented the dark brown wrapper of the Gurkha Titan cigar and, at the same time, made it stand out. While both designs of the band are plain and typically what we see on other Gurkha cigars, this one is pleasing to the eyes.

Smoking Experience

I tasted spicy pepper and cream during the cold draw of the Gurkha Titan cigar. On the other hand, upon lighting the cigar, the flavor notes that I picked up were cream and earth. The earth flavor is something that is present on the finish. Meanwhile, the cream flavor lingers in the mouth. There’s also a subtle hint of pepper that is present on the background of the flavor profile. This cigar is also smooth to smoke and produces a lot of smoke.

For my first third of smoking the Gurkha Titan cigar, the construction is doing good, especially in terms of its draw, which is smooth, burn that is almost even, ash that holds itself well, and the smoke output, which is a lot. As for the flavor profile, the earth flavor transitioned into becoming a toasted wood flavor which complements really well with the cream flavor. A sweet flavor note is emerging, which I find too much but not too bad. The pepper flavor is still there on the background and finish. Another thing that I noticed was that the cigar became toothy, which probably explained why the flavors I’m getting are excellent so far.

During the second third of smoking the Gurkha Titan cigar, the burn became terrible at a point in which where one part canoe down. The ash also fell off as a result of it. It’s pretty disappointing since the cigar is doing great. On the brighter side, the draw is still excellent. The flavors of this premium cigar continued to be the same, only that the sweetness mellowed down a bit, probably because it was giving way to the cedar note that was slowly coming in, which replaced the earth flavor that was no longer present. The pepper gained a little kick, but not overpowering.

For my final third of smoking the Gurkha Titan cigar, the burn corrected itself; however, the ash continued to fall some of its bits and no longer held itself for at least a chunk length. The flavor profile of this premium cigar remained the same all the way through; the only thing that differed was the richness of the flavors. At this point, the flavors are totally rich and full. It has a subtle flavor transition, which was the cedar becoming a toasted cedar flavor. Other than that, all of the other flavors remained the same. Simply put, the ending flavors are toasted cedar, cream, sweet, and pepper.


Gurkha Titan in hand

Overall, I enjoyed smoking the Gurkha Titan cigar, especially because of the flavor transitions and the flavor profile itself. In every third of smoking this premium cigar, I experience multiple transitions, mostly new flavors emerging and present flavors giving way to them. I also like how the flavors became richer as the smoke progressed, and while there are some that mellow down, it’s because there’s a new flavor coming in. The ending flavor notes are toasted cedar, cream, sweet, and pepper.

When it comes to the construction of this cigar, I was actually quite disappointed during the second third when the burn started to act up, along with its ash. However, that changes completely during the final third since the burn made an effort to correct itself. Moreover, the draw of this Gurkha cigar is excellent, as well as its smoke output.

If you like to try smoking a cigar from the Gurkha brand, this is one that I could definitely recommend. This cigar is in medium strength, and if you’re a cigar aficionado who appreciates smoking cigar that has a strong cedar flavor, this is also perfect for you. I find this cigar perfect to smoke during the afternoon or at night while taking a break from your work or a relaxed evening with friends.

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The Gurkha cigar company is famed for its high-end cigars, and one notable offering is the Gurkha Beast. This full-bodied cigar captivates with an initial sweetness that evolves throughout the smoking experience. It’s featured in the Gurkha Cigarnivore #3 Sampler and is characterized by its Costa Rican origin, Gordo shape, and a robust 6.5 length with a 58 ring. The Beast boasts an intricate blend of Dominican, Honduran, and Columbian tobaccos enveloped by an oily, dark brown Costa Rican wrapper. It carries two distinct bands, with the primary band depicting a traditional soldier design and the secondary one labeled “Beast,” contrasting in color and style. Smokers of the Gurkha Beast are greeted with flavors of graham crackers, marshmallows, and a prominent woodiness complemented by undertones of cedar, oak, cocoa, and salt. While the cigar maintains excellent construction, providing a rich smoking experience, its standard flavor profile might not justify its premium price for some enthusiasts. Still, for those exploring the Gurkha lineup, the intricate flavor transitions and overall quality make this review of Gurkha Beast a recommended choice despite its premium positioning in the market.

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell