A Nicaraguan binder and an all-Dominican long-filler mix are encased in an oily, leathery, dark, reddish-brown Ecuadorian Habano leaf for the H. Upmann 1844 Reserve Churchill cigar. The Dominican Republic’s Tabacalera de Garcia expertly handcrafts this superb, medium-bodied cigarette.

The flavor profile of this cigar was composed of earthy, creamy, sweet, and somewhat spiciness notes. A flawless draw and clean burn are provided by its structure. Its construction ensures a perfect draw and clear burn.

Wrapper Origin: EcuadorianShape: Churchill
Length: 7Ring: 50
Wrapper: HabanoList Price: $225.75 (Box of 25)
Origin: Dominican RepublicStrength: Medium

Appearance of H. Upmann 1844 Reserve Churchill

The H. Upmann 1844 Reserve Churchill cigar is firmly packed, very well made and has super nice appearance. It has a rustic appearance, but not too awful. The cigar has a double cap, the color is very dark brownish type of wrapper with a few minor veins.

This cigar’s band is positioned at the customary spot practically next to the cap, which is the band position for almost all cigars. The words H. Upmann and “1844” are printed in white letters on a red backdrop in the center of the band. The word “Reserve” is likewise written, however it is positioned below and is in the color black. A backdrop of copper and gold frames every feature.

Smoking Experience

My initial impression after lighting the H. Upmann 1844 Reserve Churchill cigar is how excellent yet slightly constrained the draw is. In addition to having a very smooth mouthfeel and retro-hale, it imparts a taste that is both woody and earthy. Furthermore, it gives a very rich, oily, and smooth tobacco flavor. The finishes are blended woody and earthy flavors with a hint of creaminess, sweetness, and dryness. The tastes linger in the mouth for quite a while, notably the richness and creaminess. A nice cigar thus far.

After my first third, the ash is hanging out pretty good. Medium pepper is present in the retro-hale, along with tastes of wood and earth. The finishes are the same as before, with notes of wood, earth, cream, sweetness, and this time a hint of spice. This cigar’s body is medium, and it produces a lot of smoke. Also, it’s been burning well with no touch-ups from me. The tastes are now strong, consistently pleasant, and truly a smooth-aged tobacco.

For the second third, I have no problem when it comes to its burn. The flavors are practically comparable, and the cigar’s creaminess and sweetness with a hint of leather really show through at the draw. As the cigar’s finish develops, I can also start to taste the aged tobacco. It still produced excellent smoke, and the draw is easing slightly, but I don’t think this is an issue.

The cigar still has a peppery flavor on the retro-hale during the last third. The draw still has leather and wood notes, and the finishes are earthy and woody as well. There is absolutely no change in flavor; all notes remain the same as they were in the first three thirds. Spice and pepper are already at their optimum. The creaminess and sweetness are still at the same level. Even if the tastes don’t alter throughout, the cigar is still wonderful. In terms of flavor-blend, the cigar is quite constant and the body is still medium at the finish.


Since the brand in general is highly constant when it comes to the flavor combination of the entire line they produce, I had previously expected the H. Upmann 1844 Reserve Churchill to be a very consistent cigar with no flavor variations at all between thirds. You shouldn’t anticipate a significant change in flavor with this one if you’re expecting one. However, it is not dissatisfying because it offers a really creamy and smooth experience. It has a medium body and delivers the same same tastes throughout.

The cigar performs admirably and has a lovely structure. A really impressive performance is given off by the smoke production and burn. If you’re looking for a cigar with a medium body and wonderful flavors like wood, earthy, creamy, sweet, and spicy that are constant throughout its thirds, this one could be for you.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales