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While full-bodied cigars spiced up the premium offerings of the cigar world, the existence of mellow cigars strikes a proper balance between subtlety and succulence, ensuring an enjoyable smoking experience. Without their sweet whispers of subtle smoke to the palate, I would not have fully experienced the heavenly pleasure that this industry conceals to non-smokers. Helix X550 is a cigar that I bought from the famous smoke shop because of my recent obsession with a mild velvety cigar. I got this for around four dollars since they were on sale. Considering the price, the Helix X550 has delivered a satisfying smoke for about less than an hour. Hmm, interesting.

Helix is a brand that I have hardly heard of, so I started to delve deeper, curiously discovering what is hidden in the eyes, scent, and palate of a cigar aficionado who’s been deprived by its glamour. Hand-crafted in Honduras, the Helix cigars are known for their mellow yet rich flavors. These cigars are presented in either U.S. Connecticut Shade wrapper or Maduro wrapper. Whichever you prefer, one thing is sure: the Helix will entice every cigar smoker who loves a consistently good smoke.

Helix 550 Cigar
Wrapper Origin: ConnecticutShape: Robusto
Length: 5Ring: 52
Wrapper: Connecticut ShadeList Price: $162 (Box of 25)
Origin: HondurasStrength: Mellow

Pull of Cigar

After that satisfying sound from my cigar cutter, an aromatic floral scent creeps in onto my nose. I suspected the draw to be tight, but the Helix X550 proved otherwise. It is easy to pull but not too loose — just where I like it. A mild, refreshing flavor highlighted the cold taste. When the cigar was lit, it immediately boasts a good volume of smoke swirling in the air, prompting me to puff further.

Suitable to the brand label, this Honduran tobacco obtained its name from the helix pattern on its exterior. The Helix X550 tells every smoker that it’s layered with perfection; the components are carefully thought of to produce a luxurious blend at an affordable price. A thoroughly prepared recipe of Brazilian Mata Fina and a prime Dominican Piloto Cubano combined with tobaccos sourced from Honduras enriched the core of this cigar. To complete the missing piece, Helix X550 can only be allowed for the highest-grade Connecticut Shade wrapper.


As anticipated, the Helix X550 started as a mellow-bodied cigar. The toasted bread flavor feels warm and comforting to the palate, gently stroking the throat with a touch of dryness. An interesting aftertaste of hazelnut made the smoke lovelier, showering creaminess like that of a sweetened butter. It flaunts a neatly blazed straight char line while the ash was solid, sporting a silver-gray color. Just like on the cold draw, the cigar was utterly smooth, yet at the same time, I also like that it’s got a hint of resistance, drawing my palate closer to its sweet spot. Now, it’s time to take a sip from my black coffee and unravel its veiled richness.

As I progressed to the second third, my Helix X550 remained lingering in the realm of delicacy. There was a little pepper in the retrohale, and the base flavors appeared to be a bit dry. I can recognize a combination of salty and sour notes that I can’t quite put my finger on. Even so, the smoke itself was a product of a well-constructed cigar. The ember continued to invade the length of the cigar at an average speed, resulting in a tower of a firm and silvery ash.

During the last third, the Helix X550 got rid of the dryness from the earlier phases. Flavors of soft bread, nuts with a pinch of salt, and lemon zest made the last few moments worthwhile. A supply of creaminess came into the background, fully embracing each flavor with its luscious rich, and velvety smooth profile. The cigar remained mild in body, never gathering the courage to advance into the medium spectrum. The transitioning of flavors became quick, and after 30-45 minutes smoke, the cigar has now extinguished its fascinating ember. The finish then laid a satisfying end.


Helix 550 in hand

While an enjoyable smoke, I wish the Helix X550 offered more in terms of the evolution of flavors; on the contrary, that did not put me off. The symmetrical burn, perfect draw, and lofty ash indicate how good this cigar can be. I will indeed store some of these in my humidor for a daily visit. Overall, this is a great cigar to spend your money on, which receives a rating of 89.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales