CBD has become more popular these days, and people have several questions about this compound. Apart from asking if it gives people a high, people also ask about how long does a CBD high lasts. To fully grasp the impact of CBD and its duration, you must understand that CBD has different effects on people. Before we discuss the time the effects of a CBD are felt, it’s better if we know how it affects the body first.

How CBD Affects the Body

The human body produces two receptors, CB1 and CB2. CB1 can be found all over the body, most of them in the brain. These are responsible for the coordination of emotion, movement, mood, pain, memories, and other body functions. CB2 receptors, on the other hand, are in your immune system, and they mainly affect pain and inflammation. 

Cannabinoids affect these two receptors. THC attaches itself to CB1 receptors. CBD stimulates them, which triggers the body to create endocannabinoids which are instrumental in reducing pain and inflammation, making the body relax more. Don’t expect CBD to make you high like marijuana, most CBD oil tincture, CBD gummies, and CBD vape cartridges contain only trace amounts of THC.

For new CBD users, it is important to give the body some time to adjust to the compound. 

Factors That Affect How Long the Effects Take Place and How Long They Last

Several factors influence the length of time it takes for the CBD oil effects to occur and last. 

CBD Dosage

The larger the portion or the higher the dose, the longer CBD will stay within your system and the longer you can feel its effects. It is not recommended for newbies to start with a high dosage of CBD. Follow the lowest recommended dosage written on the CBD product you use.


The more CBD is used, the longer CBD stays within your body. After a while of continued use, CBD isolate effects tend to last longer than occasionally used. When taken with other substances, users may experience reverse tolerance, requiring only small doses to achieve the desired results.

The Body

Each body is different, and this is why CBD has different effects on every person. The person’s weight is a crucial factor because it impacts one’s metabolism and is fat-soluble, which means that CBD’s effects don’t stay long if your body has less fat. Body mass index and water content also affect the length of time any cannabinoid effects are felt. Just like people’s cardiovascular and respiratory systems, everyone has a different endocannabinoid system.

Lifestyle and Diet

Lifestyle affects metabolism, which is why it also impacts how long CBD’s effects last. A more active lifestyle will make it easy for a CBD oil product to be processed faster. The more active your lifestyle is, the shorter CBD’s effects can last.

The amount of food and the kinds of food you eat also affect the duration of CBD’s effects on your body. Remember that taking CBD oil products on a full stomach can impede your body’s ability to process the compound. This will make the effects last longer. How quickly a CBD edible is broken down in the digestive tract affects how quickly the effects are felt and how long the effects last.

The Type of Product Used

CBD can come in the form of an oil tincture, capsules, transdermal patches, edibles, topicals, and CBD vapes. Each type of CBD product will have a different duration for taking effect and for the effects to last in the body. 

There has been an influx of athletes promoting products. Carson Palmer stars in a CBD gummy commercial. One company uses Lawrence Taylor, LT, to promote their CBD gummy. Gronk, Rob Gronkowski, became a spokesperson during his 1-year retirement also. Others have promoted CBD tincture. Most of the athletes promote a CBD edible, which makes sense considering the negative perception around smoking probably won’t match the branding of an athlete, even though inhaled CBD has a quicker effect.