How to Choose the Best CBD to Smoke

How to Choose the Best CBD to Smoke

CBD means cannabidiol, the second most dominant ingredient of cannabis or marijuana. CBD is a vital element of medical marijuana that comes from the hemp plant. CBD has been known for its impact on health. It has evidence of treating childhood epilepsy syndromes. It is also a common treatment for anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. When applied to the skin, CBD could help in decreasing pain and inflammation brought by arthritis. CBD may have some side effects such as nausea, irritability, and fatigue.

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Different Strains of CBD

Cannabis strains are cultivated for their high-THC profiles which can offer the high that made marijuana famous. However, not all users of cannabis are after the psychoactivity that results from taking THC. CBD-dominant strains are known to possess a higher percentage of CBD than THC. It is these CBD-dominant strains that can provide the best benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects of THC.

CBD is now trendy, far from what it was decades ago. It has become mainstream. Marijuana strains that have high-CBD content are different from the CBD oils that are peddled almost everywhere. These two originate from cannabis, but one is from hemp while the other is from marijuana.

CBD that is available almost everywhere is sourced from hemp and it contains less than 0.3 percent of THC. This is the CBD that is commonly sold online and in various retailers all over the world. Some people may enjoy having THC in their CBD product, but more people don’t want it.

Marijuana is valued because of its THC value, but some strains are bred to contain more CBD than THC. These CBD strains are only allowed in states that have already passed laws on the use of recreational and medical cannabis.

There are a few major categories of CBD strains which are Sativa, Indica, and hybrids. Indica cannabis is from the Indian mountains and is known for having relaxing effects. On the other hand, cannabis Sativa is popular for the energy it gives.

Indica and Sativa cannabis differ in the plant’s physical appearance as well as its overall growth. Sativa plants become tall and thin as they grow; they develop finger-like leaves. They can grow beyond 12 feet. It takes time for them to become mature compared to the Indica.

The Indica cannabis on the other hand becomes stocky and short as it grows. This plant grows wide, broad, and quite chunky leaves and has a large green bush. It grows quickly compared to the Sativa and has more buds.

Hybrids are a category of cannabis whose parentage combines Sativa and cannabis. There may also be balanced hybrids which are Indica dominant and Sativa dominant.

The CBD Flower

The CBD flower still comes from the hemp plant just like other CBD types. In the case of the CBD flower, only the parts of the plant that have the highest concentration of cannabidiol are picked. CBD flower blends are popular for their high doses of CBD compared to industrial hemp oil.

Benefits of CBD Flower

For the CBD flower to be more effective in giving medical relief, CBD product manufacturers often integrate a wide range of terpenes and additional cannabinoids to make it more effective in the endocannabinoid system. The science community believes that the CBD compound when combined with other cannabinoids can regulate biosystems such as hormonal function and appetite better.

The CBD flower does not make you high, and it’s not likely to make you addicted to it. The following are some of its best health benefits.

It has anxiolytic effects reducing stress and anxiety.

For anxiety issues, it’s best to use the full-spectrum CBD flower for addressing anxiety at a deeper level without making it hard to manage. The anti-anxiety effects of the smoking CBD flower are the same as the regular CBD, but the CBD flower has terpenes and other cannabinoids, each with their own health benefits.

It has the potential to offer cognitive and mood benefits.

CBD has antioxidant effects and positive effects on the brain cells particularly in the hippocampus, the area of the brain in charge of language processing, memory, and other vital processes. CBD is fast-acting which means you can feel its effects in a short while after ingesting it. You just have to remember that the manner of taking it affects its level of effectiveness. There are several specific uses of the CBD flower that sets it off from the CBD oil. There are some specific uses of the CBD flower which include treatments for glaucoma, loss of appetite and body weight, Parkinson’s Disease, muscle spasms, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and epilepsy. Each CBD hemp strain has slightly different effects. The best way to find out which CBD flowers strains are best for you is to start with a little research and then try some.

To use CBD flower, you can purchase the raw hemp bud to roll your own joint or pack the bowl of a pipe. You can also use CBD prep roll, which are cigarettes already rolled and ready to use.

Does CBD create an entourage effect like terpenes?

The entourage effect is one concept which many in the cannabis community believe is true. This is the belief that different compounds in the cannabis plant when combined produce unique health effects brought by the various effects of its unique strain. These effects are said to be the result of the compounds’ interactions with receptors in the body and brain.

The idea here is that with any cannabis compound missing, the entourage effect will fail to achieve its full spectrum potential. Hence, CBD and terpenes must be part of the whole combination for the entourage effect to take place fully.

The CBG Flower

CBG means cannabigerol. It is known as the precursor of all the other different cannabinoids. This contains CBGA or cannabigerolic acid. This is not like other cannabinoid acids which break down into CBD, CBN, or THC as the final component. People who enjoy the CBG hemp attest to the smoothness from the THC cannabinoids in the flower. Hemp strains that have high CBG content are low in THC naturally. This is because of the way in which the CBG flower synthesizes. A little CBG after a full-spectrum CBD flower makes for great smoke without the dreaded psychoactive effects.

Others also say they like to use CBG when they are stressed since it alters their mood. This goes to show that the CBG flower is best if you like to be relaxed and blissed out. If other CBD products don’t seem to work for you, the CBG could make for a good alternative.

Since CBG comes from hemp, it is legal in all fifty states of the US. CBG is also legal in the UK for as long as producing it does not exceed the legal approval for THC which is a controlled substance. However, CBG alone is not a controlled substance based on UK laws.

The CBD Vape

A lot of people fully describe the instantaneous effect they get the first time they vape. It would take 30 minutes for edible forms to get into the user’s bloodstream. People who are suffering from anxiety, pain, seizures, and other similar conditions don’t have the luxury of time. This is why CBD vapes are so popular. It is the easiest method to digest and enjoy the health benefits of this great supplement. Most CBD vapes have a high CBD content compared to flower, so one or two hits are likely enough for most users.

Vaping also allows users to be more discrete and consume CBD in public with the utmost discretion. All you need is a tank or a CBD vape pen, and a CBD dose is not too far from you. You can purchase a disposable vape pen or a cape cartridge with the cbd vape oil already in the device, or you can puchase CBD vape oil that you can add to a refillable CBD vape pen.

Knowing Your Vaping Equipment

All vapes are different, but each of them has the following components: heating equipment or atomizer, battery, mouthpiece, and chamber to hold the material to be vaped. The heating material vaporizes any material that gets into the chamber. The user then inhales the vapor produced through the mouthpiece.

There are two distinct styles of vaping equipment: the pen-style vape and the tank-style vapes. It is composed of a chamber with a metal heating coil located in the bottom that vaporizes the CBD isolate on the coils.

The tank-style vape, on the other hand, is the second style of vape that creates billowing clouds associated with vaping. These vapes require e-liquid, vegetable glycerin, CBD, flavorings, and propylene glycol.

There are two variations of the tank-style vape: disposable and refillable. The disposable ones are often made of cheaper materials that can be questionable at times. If it is not used responsibly, the wick and coil can be burned up which can render the system totally useless. E-liquid has to be replenished and heating coils changed in some tank-style vapes.

Tobacco smokers prefer to use the refillable tank while those who have not even smoked choose the refillable pen-style vape that runs on CBD concentrate instead of the e-liquid. There are also rebuildable vapes that are more complex. These are more fitting for advanced users who like control in every aspect of the vaping equipment. This needs the user to have more knowledge than the average vape user.

With disposable vapes, users have limited control over the metal used in the coil, the CBD‘s quality, flavors used in the e-liquid as well as the base liquids used in it.

Users can also use a “battery” with a pre-filled CBD vape cartridge. It is essentially a blend of disposable vape pens and a refillable vape. Instead of discarding the entire device, you only discard a cartridge and buy new ones.

Two Types of Cannabis for the Same CBD in Vapes

The CBD oil you can buy from a licensed cannabis shop is from a different Cannabis plant from the CBD that can be found in vape juice. The CBD oil from the pot shop is from the usual cannabis plant that we are familiar with which is called marijuana. The CBD found in vape juice comes from hemp which is the preferred plant for infusion because it has less than 0.3 percent THC. This low percentage makes it legal to grow, process, and infuse hemp into products. These plants differ in their chemical profiles and use. However, in the end, CBD will always be CBD regardless of the type of plant you get it from or how you vape it. What defines the quality of the vape product and the overall experience is the combination of chemical compounds whether they are natural or additive.

Additives in Vape Juice

CBD cannot dissolve in water. For it to be vaped, CBD needs an additive to make it more viscous and function in a vaping system. Vape juice is primarily made up of vegetable glycerine (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). Such compounds dissolve the CBD, bind to it, and make sure that it is viscous enough for it to flow to any heat source for vaporization to take place.

Additives in Cannabis Oil

VG and PG may also be used at times in cannabis oil cartridges. If you buy a vape cartridge, VG and PG are not included in the percentages listed on the label. These are only mentioned in the ingredients. VG and PG are commonly found in cannabis cartridges, but they are not required.

The Voltage Power

The batteries that are intended for the vape juice are stronger than those that are designed for the cannabis vape cartridges. Without voltage adjustments, batteries meant for vape juice can cause a malfunction in the cannabis cartridges or any personal injury. The rule of thumb is this: when you vape a cannabis oil cartridge, use the battery needed for it. When you use vape juice, use a battery that is intended for it.

How Strong Should the CBD Be?

Choosing CBD as a natural therapy is a major decision, but selecting the right brand, CBD oil strength or level of concentration, and how much CBD is a different story in itself. It can be mind-boggling to choose from the many CBD products and their confusing labels. Among the many questions regarding CBD, one of the most frequently asked is the level of potency and strength of CBD oil to use, particularly for newbies. There are different CBD manufacturers in the market. Most of them offer oils in two or three different levels of concentrations or potencies. The level of concentration you need depends on what you aim to get from the product.

CBD oil potency may vary from 100mg up to 5,000mg for a 30 mL (1 oz) bottle, the standard size bottle. A 300mg bottle is often considered a low-potency option. This is the popular range that most CBD users start with.

Indeed, it is recommended that you start with a low-potency product, at least until the time when you’re able to gauge your body’s reactions to CBD. Each one has his or her own biochemistry, and this affects the reactions and therapeutic effects of CBD oil or other CBD products on the body. By starting with the lowest level of potency, it is easier for you to gauge the level of CBD needed for gaining positive results from it.

It’s better to start with a low-strength option, perhaps a 1 to 2mg dose. If this doesn’t work, this can be increased to a 3, 4, or 5mg dose, and notice what it can do to the body.

The following is a quick rundown of the common CBD oil potencies and their most common uses:

Low-potency CBD oil (300 mg)

This is a good option for those who are just starting to use CBD or those who are sensitive to it. There are those whose endocannabinoid system is more active than others, not requiring a strong CBD oil. You can start with a low-strength 300mg bottle for a daily supplement. This will boost your health and reduce your stress levels.

Mid-potency CBD oil (600 mg)

A 600 mg hemp oil is a notch-higher option for those who are after large doses of a lower-potency CBD. In general, this is used by people to treat anxiety and their day-to-day pain.

High-potency CBD oil (1,000 mg)

The 1,000 mg CBD oil range is on the upper end of the potency scale in most CBD manufacturers. CBD products with this level of potency are commonly used for treating sleep issues like insomnia, migraines, daily stress, anxiety, and deep muscle soreness.

Advice for Choosing Potency

Apart from the golden rule to start at the lowest level of potency, it is also significant to consider that CBD products are not considered as medicine. The only FDA-approved clinical treatment which allows the use of CBD is for treating Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome which are rare forms of pediatric epilepsy.

There are several factors you have to consider for you to get the right CBD dose. These factors are body mass, general health or condition, medications are taken, and CBD concentration.

Body Mass

If you want to determine the CBD dosage that’s right for you, you have to look into your body weight. Each person has a different level of tolerance and metabolic rate. It’s recommended that you use a maximum CBD dose of 6 mg for every 5 kg or 10 pounds of your body weight. However, if the total amounts to more than 70 mg, it is necessary to decrease the dose.

Overall Health

You may have a health condition that gives you multiple symptoms. You could be suffering from chronic pain or have problems sleeping at night. All these have to be considered when assessing the level of strength in your CBD dose.

Medications Taken

When you are taking mainstream medications for a particular health condition, it’s crucial for you to contact your doctor and not to self-medicate without his/her knowledge. This is because CBD may interact with your medications and reduce their effectiveness. Only the physician can help you avoid that. There may be changes done on the time they have to be taken and the dosage of both the CBD and medication.

CBD Concentration

If the CBD you bought has a concentration of 1,000 mg, you will only need fewer drops of it compared to when you bought a 250 mg CBD.

Other Means to Take CBD

You can find a lot of products with CBD that are out on the market such as vape oils, topicals for the skin, transdermal patches, edibles, sublingual oils and tinctures, and many more.

CBD Sublingual Oils/ CBD Tinctures

These are the most common means of taking CBD. These are highly commercialized products that have been marketed as the best method to ingest CBD. It can be applied using a dropper/pipette or it could be sprayed under the tongue. Sublingual consumption alongside vaping is known as a bioavailable manner of ingesting CBD into the system. This method retains the potency of CBD and goes directly to the bloodstream.

CBD Oils, Vape Juices, and E-Liquids

These THC-free and nicotine-free electronic liquids, vape juices, and oils are used in many vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. Such products are often sold in liquid containers, cartridges, or disposable vape pens. They come in various flavors.

Vaping CBD is valued for its highest bioavailability. This is so because the digestive tract along with its powerful enzymes that can degrade the CBD‘s potency is not involved. Another reason for this is the thin lining of the lungs which enables the CBD molecules to seep straight into the bloodstream. It’s hard to control the CBD dose through vaping, but it’s a good option for those who are experienced in taking CBD.

CBD Topicals

These refer to creams, salves, lotions, and body oils. Cosmetics infused with CBD have also become popular these days. These are all because of the therapeutic and anti-aging effects of CBD. People are looking for cannabidiol topicals to provide relief for skin blemishes and imperfections. Such products also work for inflammation and aches on the joints and muscles. Topicals also help with symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and chronic pain. CBD topicals can be applied freely to the sore area. You have to remember that topical CBD only works with your skin’s local receptors, and it won’t get into your bloodstream. It means that it has low bioavailability.

CBD Edibles, Softgels, and Capsules

These are the conventional methods to consume CBD. It is also known as the easiest method when it comes to maintaining a fixed dose. Softgels, capsules, and edibles like chocolates and gummies have a consistent dose of CBD in every capsule. These options are best for those who don’t have time to calculate their optimal dose of CBD. The downside of this is that the CBD products are not absorbed in their full capacity. It is said that only 6 to 20 percent of the CBD is used. This is because the powerful enzymes found in the digestive tract break down the CBD from the time it is swallowed.

CBD Patches and Suppositories

These are two emerging methods of taking CBD. They are known to have high bioavailability, However, there are no studies to confirm their effectiveness yet. Based on anecdotal reports, CBD patches have good bioavailability since they run through our veins and via the bloodstream. A study on rodents showed these patches to be effective in addressing joint inflammation.

When is the best time to take CBD?

The answer to the question depends on several factors such as the reasons for taking CBD, the effect you want to achieve from CBD, and the form of CBD you prefer to use. It takes a bit of experimenting before you will know when is the best time your body responds to CBD. It is recommended to use the CBD for the first three to four weeks as part of the exploratory phase.

This is so because there is really no perfect time of the day for you to take CBD. All you have to do is integrate CBD into your daily routine and soon enough it will give you effects that could make a particular time much better than another. There are those who feel awakened so they take CBD in the morning. Others prefer lunchtime or early afternoon when their energy level starts to dwindle. Some people, on the other hand, feel relaxed after taking CBD, making them decide to take it in the evening to have a good night’s sleep. You have to make adjustments in your intake when CBD makes you feel drowsy in the morning or awake at night.

The effects of CBD may last from four to twelve hours. The length of time a particular serving affects you is influenced by several factors such as the amount of CBD ingested, means of consuming it, your body fat, and total body size.

How frequently you must take CBD depends on your body’s deficiency of endocannabinoids. Most users reported that it’s best to take CBD at least once a day.

Taking CBD in the Morning

Those who are experienced with CBD employ various methods, products, and schedules to make CBD part of their lives. However, many people prefer to take the substance in the morning. This is because of convenience and easier routine integration. Here are some ways to add CBD into your morning routine, your CBD product options, and brand-new ways to make CBD part of your morning routine.

The popular idea is to take CBD every day, so most people treat it like vitamins and other food supplements. It has been reported that some people experienced more focus after taking a small amount of CBD in the morning without the usual jitters that caffeine brings.

There are those who prefer to take small servings of CBD throughout the day instead of having a large serving of CBD in the morning or evening. It’s better to take large servings at night since most people reported feeling drowsy after the ingestion of a large amount of CBD. It’s important to integrate CBD into something you do every day to make it a regular part of your life. Starting your day with CBD could be the easiest and most convenient way to begin enjoying the benefits of CBD that can last for a lifetime.

A lot of people take their favorite early-morning beverage such as coffee, tea, or juice. CBD tinctures can easily be added to your favorite morning drink. Some people also add CBD to their homemade protein bars. Another way is to add CBD to your intake of other food supplements. However, before you do this, it’s a must to see your physician. Supplements may interfere with the way your liver processes some substances.

The Best CBD Products to Take in the Morning

It is fine to use all products containing CBD in the morning. If you want things to be convenient, you can go for CBD oil capsules or CBD gummies. They are best for a quick and consistent dose of CBD without the need to measure anything or hold oil in your mouth for a time. You may also put flavored CBD oil tinctures in your favorite breakfast drink.

For those who suffer from aches and joint pains in the morning, topical formulas with CBD can be used on sore areas. Products with menthol and CBD can provide cooling comfort especially during the early hours of the morning. They can be applied anytime during the day when needed.

Some Examples of Taking CBD in the Morning

A morning runner can take a CBD capsule together with other food supplements a few minutes before you go for a run. You will feel the benefits of the CBD capsule immediately after the run. After this, you can go on with your daily preparation for work and grab a light breakfast to fuel you up. You may also add two to three CBD gummies into a homemade snack you can bring to work.

For those who don’t have time to go out and exercise or those who like to do yoga, stretching, or HIIT inside the room, a CBD oil tincture will be the best supplement. The oil can be held under the tongue for sublingual absorption. The oil and the taste it gives may help you find focus. The oil can be held for 60 seconds before swallowing it. You may focus on your breathing for three minutes before you start on your routine. You would experience the benefits of CBD after you finish your stretching.

If you do hard physical labor a couple of days every week, it’s not a surprise that you feel pain in certain areas like the knees and joints, especially in the morning. For those who are lifting heavy packages and pushing fully loaded carts, it’s best to use a pain-relief cream with botanicals, a medically approved pain reliever, plus CBD in the morning before you head for work. You would feel the effects before you get on your ride for work.

For a family living together who are all physically active, they have several options. Coffee lovers may have CBD coffee in the morning. Perhaps the oldies would love their smoothies to be added with CBD oil tinctures. The tea lovers may have a CBD tea instead. While the CBD cream may be used by anyone to loosen up the joints before going to the gym.

Taking CBD in the Evening

Taking CBD in the evening for those people who like to feel relaxed during the second half of the day. There are several reasons for taking CBD at night. The following are the most common of them:

Winding down after a long day

It’s not a secret that many use CBD due to its relaxing properties. For those who want to feel calm as they wind down in the evening, hemp can be consumed in the evening. Drops can be used since they can last for four to five hours. CBD gummies may also be used. Their effects may last from six to eight hours which means better sleep.

When you work out late at night

After working out late at night, you may take CBD to get your mind in the right state after the fitness session. Since it is late at night, there’s a greater probability for you to stay up late. The more intense the workout is, the longer it is for the body to wind down. If your workout is light, a CBD capsule will do since it has a lower dosage but it has enough high to make you calm down. For more intense late-night workouts, however, a CBD drop is powerful enough to make you feel calm and sleep well. CBD drops may also be added to your post-workout shake because they are water soluble.

Helps you sleep well

Other people use CBD as part of their bedtime regimen, hoping that hemp can make them calmer and sleep better. The CBD delivery method to consider for this purpose is a tincture. Just put the tincture drops under the tongue and hold it there for 1 to 2 minutes to let it absorb. When taking CBD for better sleep, it’s recommended to take a higher dosage. This could mean a full dropper or to take 2 to 3 gummies. You may also use both at the same time to have better-compounded benefits.

To boost the body's natural recovery process

Our bodies try to repair and heal on their own while we sleep. To help out in this important process, it’s better to take a CBD edible at night. You may take a CBD capsule or gummy. The edibles stay in the system for hours. This means that the cannabinoids will be able to help the body heal and recover while you are asleep.

To deal with the pain that prevents you from relaxing

Most of us would like to relax in the evening, but we experience some pain that hinders our bodies from relaxing. A CBD topical can help out. Topicals are quick to act and their effects last for hours. One dose is enough to make you relaxed.