CBD is another name for cannabinoid which is one of the active components you can find in the cannabis plant. This compound is not intoxicating like the other active compound THC which is popular for it. However, CBD may cause drowsiness. CBD products that are sold are often made from hemp. Hemp is a variety of cannabis that only contains THC.

Based on animal studies, CBD has shown pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties although this has not been proven by studies done on humans. Some people who have suffered from arthritis and have tried CBD have reported development in terms of pain relief and apart from that better sleep and reduced anxiety.

How Does CBD Work on Pain?

CBD is believed to work on pain in two areas of the body: the central nervous system as well as the site of soreness like the finger joints. The central nervous system is what sends pain signals to the brain whenever there is stimulation or damage to the cells and nerves.

CBD tends to calm that response of the central nervous system. This is one of the reasons why CBD is considered a viable treatment for arthritis pain. Another factor is CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation occurs when the body starts to fight what is perceived as an infection. When a person has an autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis, this means that his or her immune system is attacking healthy parts of the body and one of these is the joints.

Choosing the Right CBD Product for Arthritis Pain

There are various BD products available today, but it is crucial that you know how to choose the right product for arthritis pain or for whatever therapeutic or medical purpose you may have in mind.

CBD Gummies

It takes a few hours for CBD gummies to take effect completely. It is not good when you are looking for immediate relief, but its effects last for 4 to 6 hours. It serves as a good introductory CBD product and often comes in a low dose.

CBD Topicals

CBD topical treatments in the form of salves, balms, and creams may only help ease pain from arthritis. It’s not yet established how the compounds get through the skin, but early results of studies show potential.


This is the most popular CBD product. It is highly available and easy to take. You can only take it by mouth, and it comes in a variety of flavors. It is also quick acting, and it is great for people who are looking for quick and short-term relief from arthritis pain.

When choosing a CBD product to use, it is important to look into several factors: the level of potency or concentration of the product, the CBD type, company certifications and manufacturing processes, the manufacturing processes it went through, brand reputation based on customer reviews and if there are letters of warning from FDA as well as unsubstantiated health claims. It is also essential to look into the ingredients of the CBD product particularly those that can help in arthritis pain relief.