A cigar manufacturer with a reputation for excellence, Joya de Nicaragua has been in operation for more than 50 years. The business is situated in Nicaragua and makes some of the best cigars available anywhere that are popular among cigar aficionados.

One of the company’s most well-liked cigars, the Joya de Nicaragua Silver is renowned for its flavor, which is full-bodied and smooth. This cigar is said to be perfect for those who are looking for a quality Nicaraguan cigar and is a great addition to the Joya de Nicaragua line of cigars.

Wrapper Origin: EcuadorianShape: Robusto
Length: 5Ring: 50
Wrapper: HabanoList Price: $150 (Box of 20)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Full

Appearance of Joya de Nicaragua Silver

Joya de Nicaragua Silver cigar uses an Ecuadorian Oscuro wrapper, Mexican binder, and fillers from Nicaragua. It has a beautiful dark brown oily wrapper, and this cigar is box-pressed. This one is also not as dark as the other cigars that use an Oscuro wrapper. In addition, I saw minimal veins and seams. It’s firm to touch with some soft spots.

As for the cigar’s band, in connection to its name, this premium cigar uses a silver band with hints of red for the details. It’s actually a simple cigar band with minimal details.

The brand name “Joya” is written in all caps, and below it is the word “Silver,” written in all uppercase too. There’s also a little leaf-like logo below these two words in the color red. Upon looking closely at this one’s cigar band, the first thing I immediately thought was it resembles a gum wrapper. The silver color of a gum wrapper is almost identical to the shade of silver being used on this one.

Still, the silver-colored band complements the dark cigar’s wrapper, but it’s not enough to make the cigar appealing. There are also minimal details to it, considering how big the cigar band is. They could have maximized some areas on the band. Color-wise, the cigar brand did a great job connecting it to its actual name. I just hope they could have added other details aside from the little leaf.

Smoking Experience

Upon lighting the Joya de Nicaragua Silver cigar, I immediately got flavors of pepper, nuts, and coffee. The pepper note is already present on the retro-hale but not too overpowering. In fact, all of these flavors are not that rich, but I consider them good flavor notes to start. The flavor profile is actually contrary to how dark the wrapper is. I thought I would immediately get strong dark flavors, but to my surprise, they are in the middle of being light and dark notes; it’s a blend.

For my first third of smoking the Joya de Nicaragua Silver cigar, the flavors continued to be the three notes I got during the pre-light; there’s no sweetness or creaminess happening yet, but I find it quite okay since the flavor profile is not making my throat dry. But despite the pepper, nuts, and coffee being present, the dominant flavor became the coffee note. I also tasted a cocoa flavor at the back of the palette. As for the construction of this cigar, the first thing I immediately noticed was how firm the cigar’s ash was. It holds very well for a box-pressed type of cigar and burns evenly. The draw is excellent too, and produces a good amount of smoke. Nothing to complain about so far; I’m enjoying smoking this one.

For my second third of smoking the Joya de Nicaragua Silver cigar, I noticed that the draw became a little bit tight for some reason, but the flavors remained the same. It’s doing a great job in terms of consistency. The back flavor continues to be cocoa powder, but it’s now accompanied by a little bit of sweetness. Also, the pepper note on the retro-hale mellows down a bit, probably giving way to the sweetness emerging, which is something I don’t mind. The only downside on this part is just the draw since it became a little bit tight, but for other parts, like burn and smoke output, it continues to perform well.

As for my final third of smoking the Joya de Nicaragua Silver cigar, the coffee flavor continued to be the dominant flavor up until the very end, accompanied by nuts. The pepper note regained its strength on the retro-hale, and the draw of this cigar became loose too. As a result of that, I tasted a hay flavor, and the sweetness that emerged on the second third became creaminess which surprised me because I didn’t expect it to transition that way. There’s a lot going on in terms of flavor profile which I very much enjoyed. As for the construction, this cigar performs incredibly well. While the draw became a little bit tight during the second third, it became loose on this part, so I’m quite okay with that. Moreover, until the last few puffs, the cigar continues to burn almost evenly and the ash still holds very well.


Overall, I enjoy smoking the Joya de Nicaragua Silver cigar because of multiple things. Starting with its flavor profile, I like how complex the flavors are, yet they complement one another and balance each of their intensity. The final flavors are coffee being the dominant flavor, nuts, and pepper, with hints of hay and creaminess. I also like how the flavors transitioned during the final third. I like how the sweetness became creaminess during my last few puffs. While the three main flavors: coffee, nuts, and pepper, remained the same, the emerging flavors, such as hay and cream, became a good ending flavor note. The cigar is also indeed full-bodied.

As for this cigar’s performance, it didn’t give me a hard time enjoying my smoking time. Starting with its draw, the draw started a little bit loose but became tight during the second third. It would be disappointing if it continued to become tight during the final third, but I’m glad that it goes back to being loose, allowing me to get the flavors properly and not exert any resistance. For a box-pressed cigar, this one did impress well in terms of how the ash held. The burn is equally great, too, as it burns razor-sharp and evenly. This is probably the reason why the ash isn’t having any problems in holding itself. Lastly, the cigar produces a good amount of smoke.

The Joya de Nicaragua Silver cigar is a cigar that I would definitely purchase and smoke again. I find this one great to smoke after dinner or when there’s a special occasion. It’s good to be shared, too, since you’ll know that this premium smoke won’t disappoint you. You may even give this as a gift to someone you’re close to or someone who smokes too. With its price point, you will be getting the most out of your purchase.

To simply put, anyone seeking a premium smoking experience should try the Joya de Nicaragua Silver. From the first to the last puff, it is clear that each cigar is made with precision and meticulous attention to detail. The Silver is a fantastic option for anybody looking to indulge in a flavorful Nicaraguan puro, whether of whether you are an experienced smoker or are just getting started.

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