The La Herencia Cubana Toro cigar has a striking appearance because of its dark, rough wrapper. Even the pickiest smokers are likely to enjoy the strong taste profile of this cigar manufactured in Nicaragua. For those who like to smoke for a longer period of time, the Toro size is a popular option.

So for this cigar review, we’ll review the La Herencia Cubana Toro cigar, a well-liked option for smokers seeking an intense smoking sensation. The La Herencia Cubana Toro has a robust and full-bodied taste profile with hints of black pepper and Nicaraguan tobacco.

Wrapper Origin: N/AShape: Toro
Length: 6 1/2Ring: 52
Wrapper: Ecuadorian HabanoList Price: $179.99 (Box of 20)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Full

Appearance of La Herencia Cubana Toro

The La Herencia Cubana Toro cigar features a beautiful, almost dark brown wrapper that has conspicuous veins and minimal seams. The wrapper is leathery to the touch or almost rough, and not all parts of this one are firm. I touched some soft spots, and some parts are firm.

As for the La Herencia Cubana Toro cigar’s band, it features a great color combination consisting of white, gold, and dark brown. The color dark brown is used for the color font, gold is used for the accents, and white is the main background of the band.

The word “La Herencia” is written at the top of the band, placed like a half-circle. The famous “LH” logo is in the middle, and the word “Cubana” is written below. The colors complemented well with the cigar’s dark wrapper, and the gold color shone great. However, despite how I liked the color combinations, I find the design of this band too simple.

Smoking Experience

During the first third of smoking the La Herencia Cubana Toro cigar, the flavors are really bold right off the bat, with the black pepper being the dominant flavor or the flavor at the front of the palette. The next flavor that I tasted was Nicaraguan tobacco. So far, these two flavors are the only notes I’m picking up as I smoke. Nothing light, just bold. There’s also no creaminess or sweetness to it, which I think will make my throat dry later on if no new flavors will emerge or light flavors will come up. As for the cigar’s construction, the burn is surprisingly burning razor sharp, the ash is holding pretty well too, and the draw is not tight. I didn’t feel the need to exert any resistance just to get the flavors.

For my second third of smoking the La Herencia Cubana Toro cigar, the black pepper started to mellow down a little bit, but the Nicaraguan tobacco flavor was still present. At this point, my throat started to get a little bit dry too. No light flavors are emerging so far, which I hope will change during the final third since this one is drying. The draw became a little tight as well, requiring some resistance to pick up the taste properly. On the other hand, the burn continues to do well, as well as how the ash holds on. The smoke output is not that much, but it still does its job. I smelled no aroma in the smoke.

After my final third of smoking the La Herencia Cubana Toro cigar, this good smoke now offers a little bit of creaminess, but not enough to remove the dryness in my throat. The creaminess is also not that rich, but it is enough to make my lips creamy. On the other hand, up until my last few puffs, nothing much has changed or transitioned, and no new flavors emerged, which is disappointing. Although I quite expected it, I still hoped that something light note would emerge. The strength of this one is indeed full, and the bold flavors to it are just too much in my case. As for the construction, it continues to perform well in terms of burn, ash, and smoke output, and the draw loosens up a little bit as well. Still, despite doing well in performance, I’m not liking this cigar because of its flavor.


Overall, smoking the La Herencia Cubana Toro cigar is not a good decision for me regarding its flavor profile. From the first third up until the final third, the only flavors I picked up are black pepper and Nicaraguan tobacco. The creaminess starts to appear on the final third, but it is not even that rich; it’s more placed at the back of the flavor profile. These flavors made my throat really dry and I find them too much.

During my first third, I immediately started off bold since the dominant flavor was black pepper. I expected a lighter note during the second third but to no avail. What made this cigar even more drying was its strength since this smoke was indeed in full.

When it comes to the cigar’s construction, I don’t have much to complain about except for how the draw became tight during the second third. With my throat being dry and the flavors being strong, I struggle to exert some resistance just so I can taste the flavors properly, thinking there’s something wrong since not many flavors are emerging, but in the end, the two above-mentioned notes were really what makes this cigar’s flavor profile.

If you’re someone who loves to smoke a cigar that has a great boldness of flavors present to it, I will definitely recommend this one to you. Right off the bat, the La Herencia Cubana Toro cigar will not fail you in giving so many robust flavors.

However, if you’re a beginner or a cigar aficionado who’s just smoking medium or medium to full, you will find this too much for your preference of strength. There are other La Herencia cigars available out there that you could try before jumping off with this one.

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