My past experiences with Montecristo cigars are what keeps me coming back to the brand to satisfy my cravings for powerful smokes. Headquartered in the Dominican Republic, blends from Montecristo are among the best hand-rolled cigars you can get in the world. Although brimming with complexity, the Montecristo cigars I have smoked in the past are all simultaneously smooth and creamy that even a cigar novice can handle on a full stomach.

Today happened to be one of those days that my palate sought for the familiar magnificence of a Montecristo smoke, so I decided that the Monte sitting in my humidor was a perfect choice—a blend with a name that rolls of the tongue and flavors that please the palate.

Wrapper Origin: EcuadorShape: Toro
Length: 6Ring: 60
Wrapper: HabanoList Price: $188 (Box of 16)
Origin: Dominican RepublicStrength: Full

Pull of Cigar

It’s clear right from the first impression that the Monte by Montecristo is a special cigar. Its medium brown Ecuadorian Habano wrapper leaf was fairly smooth and slightly oily to the touch, sporting a few prominent veins. The cigar sports a double binder—a Dominican Olor and a Vintage Nicaraguan—which cradles a premium core of long-filler tobaccos hailing from the Dominican Republic.

Immediately capturing my attention are the ornate double bands adorning the stick: the contrast of the traditional brown Montecristo band and the bold hues of red, black, and gold on the secondary band makes this Monte that much more visually appealing.

A fragrant bouquet of dark cocoa, cinnamon, and caramel notes greet the olfactory sense as I brought the foot of the unlit cigar to my nose. The cold draw contributed notes of toasty hay, sweet chocolate, and a touch of cedar.

The pull of the cigar started a bit tight but eventually loosened to the perfect amount of resistance. After slow and careful toasting over the flame of my lighter, my Monte cigar experience was ready to commence.


The foot of this Monte lit up quickly, blasting my palate with bold notes of red pepper. Initial notes of cocoa, toast, and cinnamon jump up. As the Dominican tobaccos warm-up, copious notes of leather slowly settle on my palate.

After a few more puffs, an influx of intense complexity immediately jumps in. The balance of flavors is spot-on in this early juncture. A slight touch of creaminess is also present, along with a black pepper spice warming my mouth and lips nicely.

Each draw was met with an abundantly rich, creamy smoke. A sweet element arises, and some subtle notes of caramel—a bit unexpected but very delightful to my palate. The retrohale produced a pleasant combination of white pepper, cocoa, and leather.

Transitioning into the second third, the cigar lost a little of its sweetness in exchange for an increase in luscious espresso flavor. Lavish notes of the earth also sneak into the profile, providing an excellent balance to the spice and subtle sweetness. I could also pick out hints of citrus zest coming across my palate sharply every couple of draws.

As I was indulging in the flavor components this cigar relentlessly unfolded, it dawns on me that I still have half of the stick to relish. It was fortunate that I picked this stout 6 × 60 cigar from my humidor today. I was dreaming of hearty and delicious medium-bodied smoke, and this Monte couldn’t be any more gratifying.

The blend increases in strength in the final third as all flavors remained in perfect harmony during this entire adventure. Leather and cocoa notes are the main focus while the spice and sweetness stay in the background. The notes of espresso and cedar give it a slight touch of bitterness that works flawlessly with the other flavors.

The flavor profile sticks to the script throughout—any time the spice diminishes, more nuanced flavors come out to play. Then it moves on to a series of mouthwatering transitions. The solid white ash of the even burn results never threatens to crumble or fall off prematurely. As the cigar dwindles to the last inch, the tasting notes meld in an incredibly smooth and sumptuous finish.


Smoking this Monte by Montecristo is nothing short of a sublime experience. Its intensity and delectability rise to the occasion with each passing draw. It starts off medium-bodied but incredibly transitions to a full-bodied wallop. This tobacco is an outstanding blend—smooth and balanced but a powerhouse in the department of complexity. I’d recommend this to be savored with coffee or whisky.

The Monte by Montecristo merits a 93-point rating. It’s undoubtedly one of the many blends in the expansive Montecristo portfolio that deserves all the acclaim it has gotten in the past years.

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell