Review of Montecristo Platinum Cigar

Happiness is: smoking a fine cigar while enjoying a rare moment of rest. Indeed, a cigar that rewards its smoker with the loveliest pleasure and greatest comfort are the things I always look for with every piece that I introduced to my palate. Hence, when I saw the Montecristo Platinum Habana No. 2, I instantly knew that I don’t need to look further. The lovely Monte stick was in my humidor for months, patiently waiting for that right time to be rouse from sleep — which happens to be at this moment. I’m excited! My Montecristo cigar wore a sultry Mexican San Andres Cubano wrapper that is veinless and glistening with oil. Its complexion is undeniably attractive to look at — sophisticated natural brown. The smooth and fine texture of the surface indirectly proves the claim that more than 200 skillful pairs of hands are behind a carefully rolled cigar, therefore achieving a prized work of art. When fired up, the very act of savoring the Montecristo Platinum Habana No. 2 proudly narrates how the Montecristo brand climbed to the ladder of success in the world of premium handmade cigars.

Montecristo is probably the most celebrated name of all cigar brands. From Cuban originals to the ever-increasing Montecristo series crafted by Altadis in the Dominican Republic, a uniquely rolled Monte appears almost every time you turn around. The legend all started when Alonso Menendez acquired the Particulares Factory in Cuba way back in 1935. Compared to brands such as H. Upmann (founded in 1844), Partagás (1845), and Romeo y Julieta (1875), Montecristo is relatively not that old. However, the brand’s unwavering supremacy over the past eighty years was more than enough to prove its worth in the cigar industry. Montecristo is believed to be named after Dumas’ novel “The Count of Monte Cristo,” which also explains the design of its widely recognized logo: six thin golden swords forming a triangle around the center of a fleur-de-lis, representing the rapiers mentioned in the novel. Regardless of wherever its name came from, the Montecristo brand will always mean one thing to an avid cigar smoker: happiness.

Montecristo Platinum Series Habana
Wrapper Origin: MexicoShape: Torpedo
Length: 6.125Ring: 52
Wrapper: HabanoList Price: $385 (Box of 27)
Origin: Dominican RepublicStrength: Medium

Pull of Cigar

Montecristo Platinum Habana No. 2 flaunts a torpedo figure that measures six and 1/8 inch by 52 ring gauge. The interior is detailed with a 3-country filler blend partnered with a Nicaraguan binder. An elegant opaque silver band finished the overall look of this exquisite cigar. While allured by its visuals, some minor flaws still reached my eyes, which aren’t a big deal for as long as it keeps me a great company throughout the smoking journey. Before the light-up, the Montecristo Platinum Habana No. 2 entices with an earthy smell and is chased after by aromatic creamy vanilla and a slightly intense sweetness resembling the fragrant scent of white jasmines.




When the head hits the sharp blades of my cutter, it slips off smoothly. Puffing onto the cigar, flavors that are identical to the pre-light smell swirls around my tongue, hinting of what it can provide once set to ablaze. As for the draw, I found the cigar to be somewhat on the tight side, which I don’t mind since it’s in favor of my preference. On the contrary, if you suspect a cigar to be tight due to some construction issues, you can opt to roll the cigar in between your fingers and your thumb down its entire length to loosen it. But if you’re just like me, who’s got no problem with a bit of hard resistance, then you can shrug it off and enjoy the cigar of your choice for the day.


The Montecristo Platinum Habana No. 2 greets with plenty of smoke containing the first lovely doses of intoxicating notes. A distinct leather flavor coated with a semi sweetness introduced itself to my taste buds convincing me to conquer the cigar. Simultaneously, the rich and smooth creaminess pushes the woody cedar to reveal itself, impressing me on our first encounter. Towards the end of the first third, the cigar showcased a performance art by releasing an elegant and pure mineral flavor that I enjoyed. The floral sweetness blended with a fiery cayenne pepper showed an outstanding balance in the retrohale. Well, I was right; this cigar was indeed off to a good start.

Minimal flavor shifts characterized the middle third. I can now taste an earthy tobacco flavor intermingling with hints of cedar in the background. The mineral nuance, which I’m fond of, became more detailed: think of the taste of the sea that you get from crunchy sea salt or oysters. The burn looks a bit wavy at this point, but it eventually straightened out to boast a solidly constructed ash. Quite hoping for more spice, the smoke that runs through my nose was somehow laid back, exuding the sweet flavor of flowers with a pinch of white pepper. If paired with a strong coffee, you’ll get a woody flavor, slight citrusy note, and spicy taste reminiscent of cinnamons.

Now, we’re down to its few last inches. During this stage, the medium-bodied Montecristo Platinum Habana No. 2 boasts a flavor strength that is closer to full. Freshly squeezed lemon and orange peels furnishing a dominating spicy citrus flavor rewarded my palate with that bite I’m looking for from the latter phases. The most awaited red pepper spice took a step forward and went in the retrohale. My Montecristo Platinum Habana No. 2 gets even more thrilling when it has given away an interesting balance of these rich flavors: natural tobacco, mineral, earth, and cedar. Up until I reached the nub, the cigar made sure to satisfy the desire of my taste buds. Well done, my Montecristo!


Montecristo Platinum in hand

Although the Montecristo Classic or Montecristo White Series is the usually preferred line in the brand, I recommend enthusiasts to give this cigar at least a chance to show what it’s got. The good smoke output, smooth transitioning of complex flavors, and the never flaky ash are just some of the finer things it offers. It has acquired its right to be a part of my humidor, earning a 91-point score. Just like the precious metal it was named after, this cigar embodied purity (of flavors), rarity (of the blend), and strength (of a finely constructed medium-bodied cigar). All in all, I truly enjoyed the time I’ve spent with the Montecristo Platinum Habana No. 2.

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell