Padron 1964 Anniversary Hermoso Maduro Cigar Review

The renowned 1964 Anniversary series of Padron cigars includes the 1964 Anniversary Hermoso Maduro, which offers the perfect balance of outstanding quality and unparalleled value. This Nicaraguan puro is dark and leathery and is just superb, with a texture that is unique to Padron.

It produces a rich, full-bodied profile with notes of leather, earth, spice and nuts. This short, robust cigar has a sweet vanilla finish with the right amount of pepper.

Wrapper Origin: NicaraguanShape: Rothschild
Length: 4Ring: 56
Wrapper: HabanoList Price: $71.50 (Pack of 5)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Full

Appearance of Padron 1964 Anniversary Hermoso Maduro

In the lineup, the Padron 1964 Anniversary Hermoso Maduro is the shortest cigar. No wow factor is provided by the bands of it. The hues are far too faded. The band’s internal elements, such as the iconic “Padron” name written in cursive, are visible with the backdrop colors of red and gold still evident.

The wrapper is a rich, earthy shade of brown, and it has a standout roll with a dense tobacco that is noticeable when pressed since it is firm. Your fingertips also feel a little bit scratchy as a result.

Smoking Experience

The cigar has a peppery, sweet tobacco flavor right away after being lit, yet it still maintains the distinctive creaminess of Padron cigars. In the retro-hale, there’s also a tinge of pepper. Little can be said about the tastes because they are so basic as of this part and nothing special has come out yet.

After the first third, I saw that it was starting to burn rather badly and quickly. In terms of flavor, the creaminess grows stronger with the addition of vanilla sweetness to the wrapper. In general, the flavor is earthy, with hints of coffee, leather, and nuttiness. The flavors are now starting to develop a little bit, which is an improvement over the first minute I lighted it up.

The taste from the first third is still present in the second third of my smoke; there isn’t much of a difference, but everything is still extremely nicely balanced. With that sweetness still there, everything tastes distinct. In this part, the spice delivers a little bit of a punch and the strength is beginning to take hold. There is still a consistent leather finish there.

The taste and features were stronger in the final third, and the strength had already reached its peak. I was astonished to find that even though the intensity is high, the tastes are still there and well-balanced. Although they are not overbearing, they do let you know that the tastes are present. The sweetness of it is the one aspect that didn’t stay. A small amount of coffee beans like finish can be detected in the end.


From the minute you fire the Padron 1964 Anniversary Hermoso Maduro cigar to the last third, the flavor is well balanced. Along with the distinctive creaminess that Padron cigars are known for, the cigar’s fundamental earthy tastes are there.

I’m simply dissatisfied with how much it burns. The draw is rather flimsy, which made it difficult for me to maintain control. Additionally, the taste changes that occur between the cigar’s three thirds don’t provide anything particularly noteworthy. Although the tastes are well balanced, there was no exciting transition that would have made you want to smoke it more.

I anticipated a little amount of distinctiveness given their past anniversary series. However, I’m delighted they kept the wrapper’s creaminess, which made smoking it to the end bearable. The draw on this cigar is too loose, but it is still a nice smoke.

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Maria Morales