Padron Family Reserve 46 Years Maduro Cigar Review

The third release of the Padron Family Reserve Series was The Padron Family Reserve 46 Years Maduro cigar, which came out in 2010. The 46th anniversary marks 46 years that Padron has been in business. It is a limited edition Nicaraguan cigar using tobaccos that have been matured between 8 and 10 years. The Padron Family Reserve No. 46 is the biggest ring gauge ever issued in the Family Reserve line, and it is moreover available in one size for both the Natural and Maduro versions.

Wrapper Origin: NicaraguanShape: Robusto
Length: 5 1/2Ring: 56
Wrapper: HabanoList Price: $144.25 (Pack of 5)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Full

Appearance of Padron Family Reserve 46 Years Maduro

The Padron Family Reserve 46 Years Maduro features a rustic, lustrous, dark-brown maduro wrapper that that exhibits considerable dryness and roughness, with a few small veins and a gold and maroon band with the Padron logo to match.

The Padron cigars’ second band, which sits slightly beneath the first band, serves as a barrier against imitation, while the inscription “46 Years” is shown in black font color on the third band, which also has red and gold accents in the backdrop.

The cigar is said to have the largest ring gauge ever produced in the Family Reserve line and is moreover offered in a single size for both the Natural and Maduro varieties.

Smoking Experience

Before lighting, the cigar gives out a chocolate, mild cocoa, coffee, and spice aroma with a touch of spiciness, making you feel extremely rustic and earthy, that matches the cigar’s aesthetic. It smells somewhat grassy and more delicious tobacco coming from the foot. The cigar had a fantastic appearance and seemed to have been rolled flawlessly.

The taste of chocolate intensified slightly after the first third of the cigar, becoming the dominant flavor while retaining a hint of spice. Along with the spice, there is a pleasing balance of creaminess on the tongue, and it produces smoke without any issue. I can compare it as a rich, delectable chocolate cake that is creamy and a little bit smoky. The aftertaste, which is lingering, has a coffee flavor to it. The flavors are wonderful, and it has been beyond delicious. I detect a very sophisticated aged tobacco aroma in the nose along with a touch of black pepper and still with some sweetness.

When I’m in the second third of the cigar, it still has a creamy finish, but the nuttiness and oaky wood in the flavor is already present, giving it a much more earthy profile. The spice’s potency also started to rise, and it is a component of the retro-hale as well. The tastes on the draw are still great. A tinge of leather, chocolate, and a teeny amount of spice are already detectable through the nose. The aged tobacco flavor is still outstanding and the cigar’s strength has been medium to full throughout, yet it has never been overpowering—just enough for you to be aware of it.

The nut aromas gradually faded away in the final third, while the earth and spice notes at last became apparent. My tongue is beginning to pick up a little more of the distinctive Padron spice at this stage, although there isn’t much bitterness. Even at the very end, the chocolate and creaminess are still present. It is superbly constructed and burns beautifully. Between the second and last thirds, not much changes, yet everything is immensely indulgent.


The Padron Family Reserve 46 Years Maduro has a highly balanced flavor between its earthy character, which is continuously present in every draw of the cigar, and its creamy finish. Aside from that, the flavors develop quite beautifully as I smoke it, which is a great feature that makes it something you’d want to savor.

As I smoked it, the size didn’t bother me because it was just right—not too big or small—and would provide adequate comfort for you. It has no issue putting out a lot of smoke, as I already mentioned, and the ash that results is a compact, flaky, bright-gray that almost appears white.

The Padron Family Reserve 46 Years Maduro is something you should smoke when you are just relaxing and unwinding while seated and enjoying any drink you want. Given its price, it is also something you would want to smoke on special occasions as it is not ideal for an everyday cigarette from a financial standpoint. Still, simply said, it is incredibly delectable, and if you like nuanced, full-flavored Nicaraguans, this family reserve is undoubtedly among the greatest lines their firm has produced.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales