Pairing Cigars with Bourbon Tips (Plus 8 Recommendations)

Cigars and Bourbon Pairing

There are many reasons why pairing cigars with bourbon is so enjoyable, but one of the most popular is their nearly identical tastes. You can find fullness, smoky flavor, natural flavor extracts, and a hint of sweetness. The heat of a cigar provides comfort to (you used your here, so be consistent) your lips, while whiskey provides stomach fire to keep the cold at bay. There seem to be a plethora of pairings to choose from, as you are free to mix your bourbon whiskey and cigar of choice. The alchemy that occurs once straight bourbon encounters a rolling wisp of cigar smoke has been defined as one of the beverage industry’s most significant ties. In addition, both should be appreciated slowly. That’s why whiskey and cigars work so well together when you’re having a good talk with pals. This match is so appealing because of the friendly attitude of both the drink and the tobacco.

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11 Best Cigar & Bourbon Pairings

#1 Angel's Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon & Arturo Fuente Anejo

Angel’s Envy Cask Strength Whiskey is magnificent bourbon with a delectable scent of smoky, leathery, and spices. The taste features undertones of its port barrel finishing procedure are not overbearing, but you can perceive it after each drink. The Anejo is a unique and costly cigar desired by serious cigar connoisseurs. The Arturo Fuente brand relies on some old Dominican tobaccos for its special mixes while employing only the best aged Connecticut Broadleaf. The cold pull is pleasant and sweet, with an intense tobacco flavor with cinnamon and licorice undertones. Starting with the first third of the cigar, The Arturo Fuente Anejo is a definite spicy flavor, not a tingling feeling, but more of a strong spice flavor. It tastes like taco seasoning without the heat.

#2 Bulleit Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey & Oliva Melanio Maduro

Bulleit Bourbon has a distinct and delectable taste in terms of ideas. The enticing scent of oak, vanilla, and honey combined with the infused spices gave life to adventurous tastes such as smokiness that are usually a mix of sweet and spicy. It tastes dry, with only enough black cherry leather fur on your mouth to create extra spiciness at the end. Oliva Melanio Maduro, on the other hand, provides leather and moderate smokes that you can guarantee to delight. The Nicaraguan cigar has coffee bean overtones and black pepper spice towards the finish for extra flair. A glossy San Andrés coating surrounds this masterpiece formulation, adding the right amount of sweetness to something without overpowering on taste receptors while enabling Oliva’s characteristic flavor profile to show through elegantly.

#3 Maker's Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon & Cohiba Nicaragua

Cohiba Nicaragua

Maker’s Mark’s scent is an authentic voice in your mouth, featuring flavors of spiced honey and mixed peels, as well as some malmsey warmth from strawberries smeared over thick oatmeal cookies. There’s also a hint of hazelnut coffee flavor to keep things interesting as you drink this whiskey to the end. The Cohiba brand is one of the most prominent in Cuba and one of the world’s most excellent cigars created by recognized cigar producers. Cohiba Nicaragua is rich in flavor and beautifully balanced, thanks to the best hand-selected leaves from the volcanic soils of Estel and Jalapa. The Cohiba Nicaragua is a rich, creamy smoke with powerful spice overtones, perfect for any occasion that calls for a superb, handcrafted cigar.

#4 Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon & Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua

Jim Beam bourbon has a robust and peppery flavor that is ideal for individuals who enjoy high-quality spirits. With undertones of mint and oak swirling around in them, you can taste the vanilla overtones that give this whiskey its distinct sweetness. You will detect multiple substances on your tongue simultaneously, yet none of them take over or conceal anybody else tastes. With an even more delectable experience, wrap a medium body of Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua between two fingers and inhale its toothy flavors from start to finish while sipping Jim Beam whiskey. Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua cigars are made using an artisanal formula that combines excellently matured Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos with a dark, oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Top-notch construction and a crisp slow burn result in a full-bodied smoke with flawlessly balanced flavors of earth, bittersweet chocolate, mild spice, and cocoa that will satisfy even the most demanding Maduro cigar fans.

#5 Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve Single Malt & Partagas Serie D No 4

The rich, warm, and pleasant scent of coffee and chocolates greets you immediately when you sip Dalmore Malt Reserve. Something else happens as it remains in your senses. Sherry flashes up from its foundations with a hint of raged orange-zest before melting away into sweet-tasting notes like honey or molasses syrup over toast. There’s a nice mix of tastes in this spirit, which is why it’s so popular. The Partagas Serie D No.4 has long been regarded as one of the most incredible Cuban robustos available today, with a compelling taste profile that will leave your mouth wanting even more.

#6 Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon & La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor

  • Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a dark-tasting liquid with a woody fragrance that tantalizes your senses. It’s also remarkably smooth on the inside due to honeyed vanilla notes that conclude in cool mintiness at precisely the right degree of sweetness to avoid being overpowering or cloying. Meanwhile, the first thing you’ll notice about La Aroma’s cigar is its stunning color. The cigar’s foot is considerably earthier, with chocolate and other flavors. A moderately sweet start gives strong tastes, featuring dark chocolate notes blended with spices like black pepper and cayenne chili powder. Woodford Reserve contains vanilla, tobacco, and cocoa tastes, complementing the spice and sweetness found in La Aroma de Cuba MI Amor.

#7 Balcones True Blue 100 Straight Corn Whiskey & Fuente Fuente Opus X - Lost City

  • Balcones True Blue 100’s nose comprises rich, sweet tastes ranging from peaches to maize and sweet caramel notes combined with vanilla essence. There’s also a tastiness to it that reminds me of sherry-aged vintages—blended Tonka beans with molasses, honey, cake, and delicately seasoned throughout time to make everything even more fascinating. Then it’s finished with fresh espresso beans. The very first quarter of Fuente Fuente Opus X – Lost City has undertones of cedar and honey, whereas the second is more like warm summer afternoon tea and just enough sweetness to make it all feel rather delightful. This cigar is full-bodied and hefty, with rich flavors from start to end. It lets you chill and take your time by emitting a pleasant perfume, particularly significant if you suffer from anxiety. Balcones True Blue’s spiciness and Sherry-forward taste profile would complement the sweetness and richness of Fuente Fuente OpusX.

#8 Bushmills 21 Year Single Malt Irish Whiskey & La Gloria Cubana Serie D N°5

The Bushmills 21 Year Irish whiskey’s rich flavors reflect its exceptional age. It has aged in a combination of Oloroso Sherry and Bourbon barrels before being aged for two years in Madeira casks to add that additional flare. The nose has rich toffee and honey and spice notes of dark mocha. Dates, pecans, grapes, and mangoes are among the letters. Meanwhile, when you take an extended inhalation of the La Gloria Cubana Serie D N°5, the scent of spice tobacco fills your nostrils. For an exciting taste sensation, chocolate and vanilla mixed with a cinnamon stick just beneath tones of cedarwood.

#9 Kamiki Intense Japanese Whisky & Plasencia Alma Del Fuego

The scent of Kamiki Japanese whiskey has dominated by spices such as black pepper and coriander. In the smell, sandalwood undertones and earthy peatiness transition into sweetness before becoming sour creaminess. There are also unusual spices like anise or licorice root for a tongue aftertaste. Plasencia Alma Del Fuego has a silky black wrapper and a rustic and earthy scent. The cold pull is sweet and flavorful, like cinnamon or brown sugar from the raw tobacco leaf. The rich chocolate from cocoa beans shines through in each puff, while dried apricots and jalapeño peppers lend a delicious note. The flavor of Kamiki begins with fumes from dark fruits like figs, which are wonderfully balanced by notes like raisins, and then turn peppery. The ideal cigar with this whisky has a slight sweetness from Alma del Fuego, as well as green tea, sandalwood, and cedar tastes.

#10 Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey & Padron 1964 Anniversary

The delicious scent of brown sugar and vanilla is the first thing you notice while sipping Knob Creek. There are flavors of clove, nutmeg, black pepper, and oak wood on the palate, with just enough sweetness to make them enticing without being overpowering. Padron 1964 Anniversary is a complex and full-bodied cigar that will have you wanting more. This award-winning cigar combines cayenne pepper aromas with earthy undertones and cinnamon sweetness. The combination of the copper and amber-colored alcohol and the cigar on your palate will make you the epitome of accessibility. Combining them enhances constant caramel-like tastes very well while gracefully complimenting each other’s taste characteristics unlike anything else!

#11 The Balvenie Caribbean Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky & JC Newman The American

The lush tastes of tropical fruits and creamy toffee characterize the Balvenie Caribbean Cask Single Malt. It includes mouthwatering elements like passion fruit, apple, and mangoes, with an added kick from the orange taste in the background. The whiskey ends with a lingering sweetness of vanilla, imparting delicate aroma notes with time. When you take your first puff on JC Newman The American, the taste profile of this delectably flavored cigar immediately becomes apparent. There are a lot of hazelnuts that shine through in the middle while the earthy dominance continues with a touch of sweetness. Clove bud notes are barely dispersed throughout, yet leather never gets lost amid all the other fantastic flavors found here.

Pairing Cigars

When it comes to pairing cigars, we try to find flavors in the drink and cigar that complement each other well to highlight each other’s flavors. However, the best pairing is the one you enjoy the most. While the pairings above are expertly picked to complement each other, I personally love Maker’s Mark 46 and Partagas (non-Cuban). That’s my favorite bourbon and one of my favorite cigars, so I might as well enjoy them together.