Cigars and Coffee Pairing

Pairing Cigars with Coffee Tips (Plus 8 Recommendations)

Cigars and Coffee Pairing

Similarities in flavor must be considered when attempting to match cigars with coffee, as with any paring combinations. The key to a successful pairing is balance since you don’t want to dominate one flavor with another. A light roast coffee goes well with a sweeter cigar, while a dark roast coffee goes well with a full-bodied, more robust cigar. With such a diverse selection of coffee and cigars available, the possibilities for combining are endless, so we’ve selected a few to explore. Caffeine and nicotine provide you with the best energy boost. 

Like a fine cigar, a decent cup of coffee is all about the flavor and scent. Understanding the varying degrees of power and depth underlying coffee and tobacco is the secret to mixing the most excellent cigars with the best coffee. Cigars and coffee are classified based on their flavor, balance, body, strength, scent, and finish. Coffee and cigars with complimentary flavor qualities are best paired. Take into account the intensity of your cigar and coffee. When you combine a too robust or spicy cigar with a quiet cup of coffee, you may miss out on the subtle natural tastes of your coffee. If you’re sipping a medium blonde roast coffee, choose a cigar with a Connecticut Shade wrapper.

8 of the Best Coffee and Cigar Pairings

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Black Coffee and Partagas Lusitanias

The medium to the full-bodied character of the Partagas Lusitanias is an excellent complement for the intensity of black coffee. Beginning with the flowery, sweet overtones flavor of Partagas Lusitania’s, the cigar will allow the coffee’s flavors to come through while balancing any bitterness. The cigar then imparts leather and cedar flavors, resulting in a full match.

Black Coffee and a Partagas Black Label

This combination is nothing short of the ideal. Partagas Black’s full-bodied flavor complements the intensity of black coffee, smoothing out any bitterness. The nutty and earthy aromas of the cigar make the combo sparkle as it goes.

Flat White Coffee and Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill

The Cuban Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill, a moderate smoke with a flawless draw, is a beautiful match for the creaminess of a flat white. The cigar has an earthiness that contrasts with the creamy tastes of the coffee, yet the citrus and vanilla notes that show through complement this drink nicely.

Flat White Coffee and a Cohiba Connecticut

Cohiba Connecticut is a medium-bodied smoke with an incredibly smooth draw that pairs well with a cup of flat white coffee. The cigar has a slight spiciness that complements the coffee’s creamy aromas.

Latte and Montecristo No 3

The Montecristo No. 3 medium-bodied smoke pairs well with a smooth and creamy coffee, such as a latte. Because the cigar itself has overtones of mocha coffee, this touch of sweetness complements the milky coffee.

Latte and a La Gloria Cubana Classic

LGC Classic, a medium-bodied smoke, goes well with a thick and creamy cappuccino. The sweet taste notes of molasses and a little citrus appear to play off creamy coffee in a very appealing way.

Espresso and Davidoff Winston Churchill The Late Hour Robusto

Should pair a refined and robust cigar should with a coffee-like espresso. The Late Hour Robusto by Davidoff is a full-bodied smoke with intense flavors and smells that complement the intensity of an espresso. The cigar has spicy and sweet overtones, with a hint of chocolate and caramel, which helps to cut through the coffee’s rich, robust flavors.

Espresso and a CAO Flathead V450 Spark Plug

Should pair a refined and robust cigar with a bold coffee like espresso. For that, go no farther than the CAO V450 Spark Plug. This 4.5″ cigar has deep leathery taste notes that wonderfully cut through any rich, robust espresso aromas.

Medium to Full-Bodied Cigars & Medium-Dark Roast Coffee

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor is an obvious option, especially a medium to dark roast when it comes to coffee. A diverse profile of almonds, chocolate, espresso beans, and crushed black pepper exhibits remarkable flavor transitions in various traditional forms. A well-aged combination of excellent Nicaraguan long-fillers is encased in an oily San Andrés wrapper leaf. The 95-rated cigar begins with a sweet and peppery flavor before transitioning to a creamy finish.

San Cristobal Quintessence

San Cristobal Quintessence cigars are also excellent with coffee. A historic interior of Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos is hidden behind a Cuban-seed wrapper. Wood, molasses, leather, and spices combine in a powerful yet balanced finish. Coffees in medium and dark roasts keep up with Quintessence but don’t overpower this sophisticated 95-rated cigar.

Strong Full-Bodied Cigars & Strong Dark or Medium Roast Coffee

Ashton Symmetry

The Ashton Symmetry is proof that robust cigars can be incredibly refined. A Habano Rosado wrapper leaf encases a complex combination of quality Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers. Elaborate aromas of cedar, coffee beans, figs, cinnamon, and spices overlay the palate in a tough finish. Pair it with a medium or dark solid roast—symmetry pairs well with a double espresso or a Cuban coffee.

Padron 1964 Anniversary

Fans of Nicaraguan cigars will agree that the Padron 1964 Anniversary is also delicious with a medium or dark roast. Notes of cedar, cayenne pepper, baking spices, chocolate, and wood combine to create a rich profile from an unusual combination of aged all-Nicaraguan tobaccos. Make your next pot and match it with this well-known mix.

Mellow Cigars

Like the Macanudo Cafe, Mild cigars have long been considered among the best selections for a beginner’s cigar. They are the definition of moderate, with a cloud of thick creamy smoke that doesn’t linger too long in the mouth. As a result, they match well with light-to-medium roast coffees like Light Blonde. Other cigars that go well with a mild roast are the Arturo Fuente (Chateau Series) and the Montecristo (the original). They both have a rich, woody, and somewhat nutty flavor and are reasonably priced for quality cigars.

Medium Cigars

The Arturo Fuente Short Story is a fantastic medium-bodied cigar. It combines well with coffees that don’t overshadow it because of the all-around character of its tastes. Medium-roast coffees (and even some lighter dark roasts) are ideal for this. Volcanica Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Beans, Kicking Horse’s “Three Sisters,” Caribou Coffee’s “Caribou Blend,” and others are excellent medium roasts.

Full-Bodied Cigars

Cigars with a strong flavor complement both medium and dark roast coffees. However, you must ensure that your cigar does not have a more unique taste profile than your coffee, or you risk dominating the latter. The Ashton Symmetry is a beautiful cigar for medium and dark roasts. It has a Habano Rosado wrapper and is a well-refined robust cigar. Because of its distinct coffee bean flavor and undertones of cinnamon and cedar, it pairs nicely with heavier coffee blends. Another great option to pair with your dark roast is the Padron 1964 Anniversary Series.