Partagas Yellow Box Naturales offer a great way to try some of Partagas’ top-notch blends. These cigars are known for their exclusive Cameroon wrapper, which adds a delicious smooth taste. This particular cigar is wrapped in a luxurious yellow gold foil that symbolizes the natural richness of it. It has been added with a sweetened taste to provide convenience and aroma. This fine cigar is well-known for its unique features, making it one of the best favorites in the segment.

Appearance of Partagas Yellow Box Naturales

It’s a very elegant-looking cigar, and it isn’t huge with its size of 5.5 inches by 50 ring gauge. When you look at the wrapper on the cigar, it consists of a light greenish-brown color and is a Cameroon wrapper. A Mexican binder along with Dominican and Mexican fillers brings the cigar with a satin finish. It’s bumpy and lumpy but definitely, a gorgeous-looking wrapper, and what really is noticeable on the cigar is that band. Its brand has a pretty good size, about the size of the cigar, and it’s got these bright yellow and red colors along with a complimenting luxurious logo of Partagas. I’ve also noticed that when you look at it at a specific angle where the light hits the cigar, you’ll see a greenish tint on it, which is a cool-looking color. Overall, its appearance is the type that will stand out, and its design makes it look like an inviting smoke.

Smoking Experience

Before I cut it, one thing that interested me was that it came with a very distinct cedar smell when I took it out of the box. You’ll just get this strong cedar smell that kind of punches you in the face, really a good smelling cigar. Since I’m aiming for a more concentrated draw, I cut it with a V-cut.

Right from that first puff, I got a very leathery tobacco which, for me, this flavor is definitely a pretty good taste. In that draw, in the retrohale, there’s a little bit of spice, and it doesn’t have a bite yet. The leather note mixes very well with that spice and is a perfect flavor to start this stick.

I look forward to how this one develops, so I’ll keep working on it as we go to the first third.

I’m about halfway through the first third, and I have to say this is actually a very tasty cigar; it does have great flavors. At first, I get those leather notes, which seem to be the dominant taste, kind of that leathery tobacco. In the retrohale right now, I’m getting a spice and a very strong white pepper, and at times, that white pepper does have quite a bit of a bite to it. Interestingly, what follows it is these creamy sweet notes in the finish. Another good thing is that, as I step back from the cigar while talking or thinking, I’m getting these smoky flavors in my mouth, like the smoke from the campfire when it brushes against your nose. With all of these flavors combined, I have a pretty impressive start with this stick, especially with the perfect balance of its flavor. Construction-wise, it has a good start as well, and if you look at the burn, it’s not perfect, but it’s close. The ash’s got a nice solid white color on it; the draw is excellent with just that perfect amount of resistance, nothing too loose and nothing too tight. I’m already very impressed with the stick, and I’m still halfway through the first third.

As I go through the second third, the flavors are consistent, and the only difference is that I’m getting a cedar flavor, not a very strong one but a light one. For the most part, it’s what I described earlier, and it’s still a very tasty cigar.

Nearing the end of the second third, the flavors are pretty much still the same; it’s just that they are presented a little bit differently now. The leather notes seemed to have amped up some, so I’m currently getting a dominant leather taste, and I still have that tobacco taste. In the retrohale, the sweet notes earlier are still present, but they’re so mild now and not that noticeable anymore. What I now get is a firm white pepper, and what’s unique about it is that it doesn’t have a bite to it. It doesn’t assault your sinuses, but there’s this definite peppery taste. The smoky notes are still present, and currently, I don’t think that the flavors are as enjoyable as the first third, but it’s still a good cigar. As for its construction, it’s still the same; it’s excellent along with a great smoke output.

At the last third, I tried to hold on to that ash, but it fell, and it’s okay. The flavors now changed, and the draw became more of a spice flavor and had that smoky spice. The leather notes completely dropped off; very good flavor in this final third. In the retrohale, there’s this smooth black pepper and a little white pepper.

This is one of the best Partagas cigars available. Luckily, I purchased a box, so this will be my go-to cigar for a while and one that I will feel good about sharing with friends.

Overall Review of Partagas Naturales

I have to say that it is a very tasty cigar, as the name implies. I did enjoy it, and it tasted great all through phases. The second third was my least favorite, it was still good, but it wasn’t just as strong in the flavors. The first third was really great, and the final third ended with a bang. Partagas Yellow Box Naturales stand out with their excellent medium-strength and taste that can never be mistaken for another cigar. At an unbeatable, inexpensive price, these Partagas Naturales are your every day and any time smoke. I definitely recommend this cigar.

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell