Plasencia Reserva Original Robusto Cigar Review

On more than 3,000 acres of land dedicated just to growing tobacco, the Plasencia brand has been manufacturing tobacco for decades. Their Reserva Original cigar is part of their own line that was just produced.

Their Reserva Original cigar line is reportedly the first cigar to be grown entirely using organic components. This cigar has absolutely no extra additives of any sort, shape, or nature. It is made from OCIA or Organic Crop Improvement Association certified fields and just natural ingredients.

This Plasencia Reserva Original Robusto cigar’s tobacco was cultivated in the Nicaraguan regions of Estel and Jalapa. This mild-bodied cigar has nutty and earthy tastes along with a noticeable creaminess.

Wrapper Origin: NicaraguanShape: Robusto
Length: 4 3/4Ring: 52
Wrapper: Organic NicaraguanList Price: $162.80 (Box of 20)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Mellow

Appearance of Plasencia Reserva Original Robusto

The Plasencia Reserva Original Robusto boasts lovely white and gold triple bands. For the first band, which is situated practically next to the cap, all that is displayed is the Plasencia logo or letter “P”, which is in gold on a white background. For the second band, the phrase “Plasencia” is positioned between the words “Reserva Original” and both words are also inscribed in the same gold hue. The second band is positioned above the middle, as is customary for all cigars. The name “Reserva Original” is still inscribed on the third or foot band, which still features the same gold and white color scheme.

The wrapper was a very dry milky chocolate brown color. It is rolled with clean triple caps and tight, yet noticeable seams. It’s beautifully made, and the pricing is fair considering what you receive. Additionally, the wrapper is emitting nutty overtones.

Smoking Experience

The first thing I noticed after lighting the Plasencia Reserva Original Robusto cigar was how well it draws and produces a lot of smoke. It is true that the cigar is described as being mellow and that it is not a fairly strong cigar. I find the flavor to be extremely light, and it produces a wonderful, creamy smoke that is really smooth. Additionally, it includes nutty and wood undertones. So far, the cigar has a pleasant flavor.

The cigar is holding up really well after my first third and has no burn concerns. It’s a very consistent cigar with no taste variations. The smoke is still incredibly creamy and smooth with a hint of nuttiness and woody taste. In addition, I’ve noticed a slight saltiness on my tongue, but other than that, it’s pretty much the same. So far, I’ve had a great time smoking this cigar. Even though it is a light cigar, the taste profile is highly appealing.

The flavors in my second third were largely constant throughout the whole cigar. This time, I tasted a somewhat spicy but nearly unnoticeable flavor. My mouth feels smooth, and the cigar is still burning evenly. This one developed nearly earthy tones from its woody undertone. Despite its complexity, I appreciated how the tastes matched one another.

There wasn’t much of a taste change in the cigar’s last third; it still had the same nutty, woody, almost earthy flavor characteristics. It’s rich and still has a creamy texture. I noticed a faint pepper flavor, but it was probably just the cigar getting too hot because the burn was almost to the cap. Other than that, nothing has changed. Despite being mild, I thought it was a really wonderful cigar and really loved smoking it.


Overall, the Plasencia Reserva Original Robusto cigar emits earthy, nutty, and creaminess-heavy flavors. It has a mild strength and is incredibly flavorful. Although the cigar is mellow, there isn’t much of a taste change, but the flavors are strong and continuous throughout.

Throughout the whole experience, this cigar required no touch-ups, but by the final third I had smoked it, I realized that it had gotten too hot and I had to smoke it more slowly than normal. This cigar will be suitable for you if you enjoy nutty and earthy tastes. This cigar is really mild, therefore if you want a stronger cigarette but are used to the same flavors, it might not be able to satisfy your needs.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales