Puros Huerfanos by Drew Estate Cigar Review

Puros Huerfanos - Best Cigar

Several friends recommended Drew Estate Puros Huérfanos to me, so I picked up two bundles last week. No regrets. It has definitely made its way into the list of my favorites. It actually took our top spot on the best cigars of 2021 list. Now, whenever I’m looking for a hearty cigar to satisfy me at the end of a hard work week, Puros Huérfanos is most definitely my go-to.

Pull of Cigar

This budget-focused orphan cigar comes in seven different sizes and retails for only $4.50. It features an Ecuador Habano wrapper covering an Indonesian binder and firm proprietary fillers throughout the stick. It has great sharp lines, no ridges, and little curvature. It was a bit soft and spongy towards the foot, but, other than that, this was a wonderfully constructed cigar. There were a few thin stems in the wrapper that posed no threat to the burn. The cut is easy and creates no cracks or unraveling.

Out of all its varieties, my personal favorite is the Toro. The cold draw greets you with a wonderful sweet mix of cured tobacco and Newton Figs, slowly revealing more toasty pepper and wood, just as it smelled. It does take a little longer to fully light the foot. I try and make sure I don’t over-torch this delightful cigar.


It starts with a thrash of strong pepper, not stronger than I have experienced, just a blast that showcased what the taste truly was about. Soon after, the pepper mellowed just a bit, and an earthy, almost malty sweetness came in strong and fast. It has a fuller-bodied smoke — extremely smooth, flavorful with a sensation of spice and subtle notes of honey. It’s rich, but not so much that it’s overwhelming. I have never smoked a Puros Huérfanos cigar that has been less than amazing. 

Around the second third, a sweet and grassy taste was coming in on my flank; it swam off quickly but left a subtle hint of saltiness as it progresses. This reminds me of a dark chocolate bar with a touch of sea salt and a hint of spice. The initial ash lasts about an inch after each thump, consistently tight and almost white in color.

The initial spice wanes during the second third but comes back in spurts during the final third. The salty and sweet flavors incredibly complement each other and create a creamy aftertaste. The last 1.5 inches start to get slightly warm, but not too bad. At times, I do have to peel the band off, and it can also be more difficult to keep it well-lit at the end.

Two packs of Puro Huerfano cigars

Overall Review of Drew Estate Puros Huerfanos

Overall, the Drew Estate Puros Huérfanos is a perfect cigar worth way more than its price. The transitioning and blending of flavors provide a wonderful smoking experience from start to finish. Puros Huérfanos blew me away. I have tried many bundle cigars in my quest to find an inexpensive everyday type of cigar. 

Drew Estate Puros Huérfanos, with prices at $4.50 or lower per stick, is such a hidden gem. A reliable cigar to come back every once in a while. It earns an 85 rating from me. They are not the best cigars out of Nicaragua by a long way, but to me, they are probably the best value. It’s most definitely something I could turn to for an impressive but inexpensive smoke.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales