Rocky Patel Edge Habano Torpedo Cigar Review

The famous Edge brand, which has established itself as one of Rocky Patel Premium Cigars’ most successful lines, received six new blends from the company in 2012, one of which being the Rocky Patel Edge Habano.

The Rocky Patel Edge Habano Torpedo cigar, which has a medium to full body, was made in Nicaragua using a puro Nicaraguan tobacco mix, a first for the renowned Edge line. The cigar has a broad, complex taste profile with notes of creaminess, coffee, nuts, cedar, and pepper that lasts for a while.

Wrapper Origin: NicaraguanShape: Torpedo
Length: 6Ring: 52
Wrapper: HabanoList Price: $156.40 (Box of 20)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Full

Appearance of Rocky Patel Edge Habano Torpedo

The Rocky Patel Edge Habano Torpedo cigar has a medium dark chocolate color. The wrapper has barely noticeable veins and has a velvety semi-finish. This cigar is shaped like a torpedo and has a lovely construction that appears to be quite densely packed, extremely hard, and crafted with thick wrapper which probably added some weight to it.

The letters “Edge,” “Rocky,” and its “RP” logo are inscribed around the cigar’s marine blue band in a black cursive script. It’s a fairly plain-looking band, however, I think the pattern is a little strange. On a lighter note, the band’s placement differs from that of the earlier Edge series, which often featured a footer band. This one was positioned in the customary location toward the cap where other cigar bands are often put.

Smoking Experience

The Rocky Patel Edge Habano Torpedo cigar is producing a lot of smoke after being lit. The draw is fairly loose but pleasant. It had a smooth, creamy smoke with a clean tobacco flavor thus far. The draw and finish both have a hint of spice. Additionally, the aftertaste has a nutty flavor that gives it an earthy feel.

The medium-bodied wood cedar tobacco smoothness and strong nutty flavor are present in the first third. Although it is smooth, the flavor is rather woody and tobacco-like. Furthermore, the cigar has a caramel flavor and leaves a small amount of oil on my lips. It burns well and produces a lot of smoke.

I’m definitely enjoying this and can’t help to think what I might enjoy this with. I think it would pair well with Glenlivet or a root beer. Unfortunately, I’m only drinking water as I always do when reviewing a cigar.

The taste of the first third is enhanced by a creaminess in the second third. In addition, a light amount of pepper and coffee taste emerged, leaving my tongue with a wonderful flavor. So far, it’s rather complex. Secondly, I’ve observed that the flavor of coffee dominated this part. There is no need to relight because the draw and burn are still good. The rest remains unchanged. So far, this cigar is fantastic.

I have to sit back in my leather chair and close my eyes for a moment. I had a headache from earlier today and just started feeling the effects of the nicotine making me a little light headed. After a few minutes, I was good to go though.

With the exception of the pepper, which is no longer present, the tastes in my final third have barely altered. The creamy flavor outweighed the peppery undertone. The coffee and nutty flavors intensified. The burn lasts for an hour, which is not that bad considering its length, however it still depends on your smoking style. This has an excellent complexity in it, making it a great cigar for me.


Overall, the Rocky Patel Edge Habano Torpedo is a medium-bodied cigar that is excellent and offers a variety of tastes, including smooth creamy tobacco, coffee, nuts, cedar, and pepper. It is a really rich, creamy smoke with a very smooth consistency. It additionally doesn’t have any construction-related problems.

It has a very long burn duration and a very nice draw with no touches necessary. I’ll definitely buy some more of this cigar because it’s so great. The Rocky Patel Edge Habano Torpedo cigar is without a doubt one I can recommend.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales