Shadow King Cigar Review

Cigar makers are the best artists. They have an eye for beauty. Well-aware of every mystique in the cigar industry, they know how to color every single tobacco like it is supposed to. One unique blend assigned perfectly on cigars ― and you don’t question it because you know that a distinct taste is meant to please your palate. Whether intensely flavored or not, every creative craft, every moment of imagination and expression in a stick, contributes to a remarkable smoking experience. In all the years that I have been in pursuit of pleasure which only a fine cigar could quench, I’ve never once seen flaws to any of AJ Fernandez’s crafts ― they were beyond belief immaculate. With discipline, passion, and true love for tobacco, every cigar he brings to the market is ensured to be a masterpiece ― like the Shadow King Toro.

Shadow King Toro Cigar
Wrapper Origin: EcuadorShape: Toro
Length: 6Ring: 50
Wrapper: OscuroList Price: $23.25 (Pack of 5)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Full

Pull of Shadow King Toro

The fine-tooth and barely visible marble-like veins piqued my interest at first glance, urging the need for further examination. Finally, unraveling the mystery beneath the buttery dark brown Ecuadorian Sumatra Oscuro wrapper, I figured the source of its vigor. The Shadow King Toro Nicaragaua cigar conceals a Mexican binder paired with top-grade long-filler tobaccos from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras. As I ran it across my palm, I realized I judged its seemingly crude exterior wrong. The surface is free from roughness and ridges and was thoroughly filled from head to foot. The intoxicating and addictive aroma of earth allured me to explore the depths of this cigar. The cold draw was characterized by spice, black coffee, and cocoa, furnishing an easy and smooth resistance.

Shadow King Toro's Taste

When the flames began to conquer this cigar, my gaze has never left, admiring its blazing beauty. Black pepper took the initiative to maneuver the full-bodied journey exuding a unique spicy taste. Immediately after, I was introduced to a bouquet of flavors encompassing espresso, earth, and bitter cocoa powder that are rich and deep but are harmoniously balanced. Simply put, the first half was a battle between the spice and sweet army.

In the second half, the Shadow King Toro unleashed a darker flavor profile offering a much-intensified smoke. The earlier notes evolved and started merging to a full, earthy tobacco flavor with almost no trace of sweetness; even the pepper took a back seat. A tangy and acidic nuance of sourwood accompanied with meld leather and spice embodied the finale’s outset. As I got closer to the last inch, creaminess and sweetness started to take over, pushing the acidity to oblivion. Ah, smoking cigars have never felt this right.

Overall Review of Shadow King Toro

Shadow King Toro Cigar in Hand

Every element incorporated into the Shadow King Toro screams expertise and artistry. As soon as my palate and this great cigar united, the first thought I had was, “I wanted more of this in my humidor.” The unparalleled blend on the interior cloaked with a dark-hued wrapper did not fail to deliver a complex and intense smoke that full-bodied palates will genuinely appreciate. Overall, the Shadow King Toro gives off a feeling of smoking luxury cigars without spending too much money. It is an excellent piece that helps embed an AJ blend to the head of an avid cigar smoker. This Toro deserved a 92-point rating.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales