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There are a lot of options when it comes to infused cigars. The best ones have enough variety and have good strength. Ideally, with a good, medium body that goes well with the sweetness. Although, many cigar enthusiasts are used to a strong cigar, for me, combining it with some sweetness makes it more relaxing and suitable for a good morning or afternoon smoke.

It also does not hurt to try a mellow cigar with infused flavors from time to time. The price range for some of these cigars is a little above your average price range, but it’s worth it. There are enough cigars in the market that the variety is overwhelming to choose from, so it’s good to know that we have reliable brands to start with.

The Drew Estate Tabak Robusto Dulce does not disappoint in this category. It has rich flavors that will carry well throughout the smoke. This cigar definitely lives up to the reputation of Drew Estate in making great cigars. Drew Estate is known for making cigars with different natural wrapper leafs, and this one is no exception. It reaches the standard that the brand is known for while introducing some flavors you might enjoy.

It doesn’t break the bank, and it goes well with a cup of coffee, too. The espresso cup you might drink with this will help you explore the flavor further. For me, I would recommend trying this while reading a chapter of a favorite book. There is enough variety and strength that help you concentrate and enjoy some alone time.

Tabak Especial Dulce Robusto
Wrapper Origin: ConnecticutShape: Robusto
Length: 5Ring: 54
Wrapper: Connecticut ShadeList Price: $1228 (Box of 24)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Medium

Pull of Cigar

The aroma from Drew Estate Tabak Robusto Dulce is something I really appreciate. It brings in a lot of nuance and tone to it. After all, the cigar is infused with Nicaraguan coffee before the aging process began. This must have helped the cigar a lot in creating a rich, complex aroma. It definitely contributed a lot to the pull of the cigar. Spoiler alert, this aroma is something that stays with the cigar later on. I can imagine the flavor of the coffee slowly building up in the cigar as it blends with the other flavors that Drew Estate is famous for, too. Their infusion process is a secret, and here they delivered a solid job.

The cigar is 5 x 54 with an excellent feel to it, and I would say the superb construction is worth a compliment. Just by first observation, it looks like it’s going to give a good burn throughout. The wrapper leaf is a Connecticut, with a light brown cover with minimal veins.

This cigar is good for an hour of excellent burn time. The cold draw is also a perfect way to anticipate the flavors. The blend of coffee is not clear at this point, but the strength of the aroma is earthier. This is probably due to the generous use of coffee in the infusion process. 

I checked, and the coffee used in this cigar is Nicaraguan Selva Negra. It is a specially cultivated coffee in a dense coffee plantation in Nicaragua. Spanning a total of 1,400 acres, 300 acres of which are cloud forest. It’s a sustainable farm community with extensive forest reserves. Its coffee growing practices dates all the way back to the late 19th century and is now being taken care of by 4th generation owners.

I think that’s pretty cool and adds to the natural pull of the cigar.


When I lit up this cigar for its review, I was surprised a little bit by the sweetness of the cigar. The cigar cap was sweetened, but it was a little overwhelming for the first draw. You might find this one almost like a honeycomb if you are not a sweet tooth, or if you like your cigar strong. The first few puffs will have this tangy sweetness that is also caramel-like to the palate. It was a pleasant surprise, still, and it was not entirely vexing. Rather, the sweetness is a good start for the smoke. It was slowly bringing out the flavors of the cigar.

Up until the first thirds of the smoke, I noticed a consistent burn for the cigar. The smoke was just right, plus the aroma of the coffee was pleasant. The draw was also a bit tight, but I was able to bring out plenty of smoke.

In the middle of the smoke, the flavors of the espresso were already quite strong. The coffee flavors are taking a more dominant tone, while the layer of sweetness is quite like an overtone that is present throughout. This is where I appreciate the infusion of Drew Estate; while the aroma stayed and the scent was like pipe smoke, the earthy, sweet, flavor of the coffee was blending well with the strength of the espresso-like kick.

At the last part of the smoke, it was worthwhile to take it in gently. Unlike other mild cigars which were quite bitter if you draw deep, this one was not so much. It was smooth throughout and the last part was threshing out the last bits of the flavor well. Credit it to the well-made construction and the great burn. I didn’t need to relight the whole time.


Tabak Especial in hand

Having a coffee-infused cigar may sometimes be a challenge to smoke because the flavors are overwhelming at times. But, Drew Estate is a good brand to take on these flavored cigars. The construction is great, good draw, and it’s smooth throughout. There is also great value in the cigar for its price, a little above the average, but the infusion is quality. I also enjoyed it afterward because there is no aftertaste.

If you enjoy your coffee with cream, this is a good cigar to try. This would go well with an espresso at the first thirds of the smoke. It helps you concentrate in the second thirds of the session when the aroma is released while the flavors are unfolding.

If you are a sweet tooth but want to appreciate a complex, flavored cigar, try this one. You can enjoy it with a light tea as well.

Overall, I give it a score of 87.

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Glyn Caddell