Plasencia Reserva Original Robusto Cigar Review

On more than 3,000 acres of land dedicated just to growing tobacco, the Plasencia brand has been manufacturing tobacco for decades. Their Reserva Original cigar is part of their own line that was just produced. Their Reserva Original cigar line is reportedly the first cigar to be grown entirely using organic components. This cigar has […]

Padron Damaso No. 17 Cigar Review

The Padron Damaso has a mild body made of mild Nicaraguan filler, and a Connecticut wrapper, all while upholding the same level of quality that you’ve come to expect from a cigar from the same reputable brand. Smokers who want milder cigarettes are targeted by the advertising of this cigar. Furthermore, Damaso is only available in one […]

Acid Kuba Kuba Review

Review of Acid Kuba Kuba

The Acid line of Drew Estate is one of the most popular infused cigars in the market today. Drew Estate catapulted itself to the scene with its brand of infused cigars back in the cigar boom in the 1990s. The company seemed to have carried the quality of the product well throughout the years, and […]

Isla Del Sol Toro Review

Review of Isla del Sol Toro

Last Saturday, I had a morning free to myself. It was the perfect opportunity to sit outside and smoke a cigar with my morning coffee. I decided to light up my Isla del Sol that I picked up in a Drew Estate sampler and has been sitting in my humidor. I’m glad I made that […]

Crux Epicure Robusto Review

Review of Crux Epicure

Crux Cigars has long proven itself to be a reliable cigar manufacturer — introducing great blends to the market one after another and earning acclaim from both amateur and seasoned cigar smokers. One such blend is the long-revered Crux Epicure — a 2017 release that the brand prides as their “crown jewel.” The name Epicure […]

CAO Signature Series Robusto Review

CAO Cigars is widely popular for crafting blends that are simply unlike any other. Living by the motto of “Boundaries are made to be broken,” the iconic brand has long been noted for its innovativeness. Among the brand’s repertoire of impressive blends, a steady string of hits like the mellow yet flavor-packed CAO Gold and […]

Oliva Connecticut Toro Review

Review of Oliva Connecticut

I was pretty thrilled when I was able to procure a box of the Oliva Connecticut Toro — and I’m even more excited now that I finally get to fire a stick after months of aging in my humidor. Every blend that comes from the factory of Oliva Cigars is always heads above the competition, […]

Helix X550 Cigar Review

Review of Helix 550 Cigar

While full-bodied cigars spiced up the premium offerings of the cigar world, the existence of mellow cigars strikes a proper balance between subtlety and succulence, ensuring an enjoyable smoking experience. Without their sweet whispers of subtle smoke to the palate, I would not have fully experienced the heavenly pleasure that this industry conceals to non-smokers. […]

CAO Gold Robusto Review

Cigar Review CAO Gold

One look at the CAO Gold Robusto, and I can already tell that I’m in for a real treat. Its glistening golden brown Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper teems with oils and swaddles a rich and earthy blend of Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos. I picked this Robusto from my humidor, hoping for a smoking experience that […]