The Brands Of Cigars Produced By Different Factories

Cigar Factories

Many cigar factories have arisen in recent years all around the world, producing various brands. A wide range of cigar products are offered, from large businesses like Joya de Nicaragua, Padron, La Gloria Cubana, and Rocky Patel to more local enterprises like Belenos and November Garcia. It’s important to take your time when deciding which brand is best for you because it can significantly affect how you smoke in general.

There are countless different cigars available to satisfy the needs of cigar enthusiasts, and it can be challenging for customers to sort through the variety of tobacco products. In this section, we’ve included cigar factories and the brands they manufactured in many well-known countries that currently rule the cigar market.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic cigars

One of the world’s best cigar blends is frequently thought to come from the Dominican Republic. No other country can compare to the Dominican Republic’s blend of rich, complex, and incredibly smooth and full-bodied smoke. They have an enticing, well-balanced flavor and a mild to medium strength. When it comes to the flavor profile, most cigar fans cited tasting notes of nuts, coffee beans, cocoa, wood, and cedar in a range of mild and various cigar shapes. The factories that made cigars in the Dominican Republic are listed below, along with the brands they manufactured.

Cigar FactoryBrands Produced
Tabacalera de Garcia S.A.S., La Romana, Dominican RepublicH. Upmann, Montecristo, Onyx, Trinidad, VegaFina, Por Larranaga, Mi Dominicana, Henry Clay, Don Diego, Gispert, Qunitero, Nat Sherman, Juan Lopez, Saint Luis Rey, Romeo y Julieta
Tabacalera William Ventura, Tamboril, Santiago, Dominican RepublicTarazona, La Barba, Rodrigo, Caldwell
Caldwell Cigar Factory, Tamboril, Santiago, Dominican RepublicCaldwell
Tabacalera La Alianza, Santiago, Dominican RepublicEP Carillo, Inch, Crowned Heads, La Gloria Cubana (Artesanos de Miami and Serie R)
General Cigar Dominicana S.A.S., Santiago, Dominican RepublicMacanudo, Cohiba, Partagas, Helix, Brioso, Hoyo de Tradicion, Rafael Gonzalez, Stradivarius, Temple Hall Estates, CAO Amazon Basin
La Aurora, Tamboril, Dominican RepublicLa Aurora, Untamed, Leon Jimenes, Imperiales, Family Reserve, Principes
Arganese Cigars, Taboril, Dominican RepublicArganese, C.E.O
Manufactura de Tabacos S.A. (MATASA), Santiago, Dominican RepublicQuesada, Fonseca, Casa Magna, Nat Sherman, Regius, Cubita, Heisenberg
Occidental Kelner (O.K. Cigars), Villa Gonzalez, Dominican RepublicAvo, Zino, Griffin, Private Stock, Paul Garmirian, Troya
Cigars Davidoff (Cidav), Villa Gonzalez, Dominican RepublicDavidoff
Occidental Cigars, Villa Gonzalez, Dominican RepublicCusano, Second Growth, Alec Bradley
PDR Cigars Dominicana, Tamboril, Dominican RepublicPinar Del Rio, Kristoff Galerones, La Palina
Charles Fairmorn Factory, Santiago, Dominican RepublicKristoff
Tabacalera Palma, Tamboril, Dominican RepublicAging Room, Jose Blanco
Tabacalera La Flor, Santiago, Dominican RepublicLa Flor Domincana
Tabacalera Cuevas & Hermanos, Domican RepublicLeccia Black, Anacaona
Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia, Santiago, Dominican RepublicArturo Fuente, Fuente Fuente OpusX, Ashton, Montesino, Diamond Crown, God Of Fire, La Unica, Cuesta


Honduras cigars

With more premium tobacco, Honduras cigars are similar to many of your favorite cigars.A kind of premium tobacco leaves cultivated in the rich soil of Honduras are used to make medium-bodied Honduras cigars. This enhances the smoke quality and their complex flavor character. Most cigars from Honduras have an earthy and spicy flavor characteristic. The factories that made cigars in the Honduras are listed below, along with the brands they manufactured.

Cigar Factory

Brands Produced

Agroindustrias Laepe S.A. (Tabacos Rancho Jamastran), Danlí, El Paraíso, Honduras

Caldwell, Camacho, Baccarat, La Fontana, Room 101, OSOK, Asylum (13 and Premium), Edgar Hoill (EH), Pura Soul

Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubana, Danlí, El Paraíso, Honduras

Padilla 1932, Illusione, Alec Bradley, Nosotros

Central American Cigars (CACSA), Danlí, El Paraíso, Honduras


Tabacos de Oriente, Danlí, El Paraíso, Honduras

Plasencia, 7-20-4, 777, Capoeira, Casa Fuego, J. Fuego (777 Maduro and Corojo, Delirium, Gran Reserva Corojo No. 1, Natural, and Origen), Rocky Patel (Old World Reserve and Vintage 1990 and 1992), Xikar (Defiance and HC), Gurkha Avenger G5

Honduras American Tabaco S.A. (HATSA), Danlí, El Paraíso, Honduras

Hoyo de Monterrey, Bolivar, Punch, Sancho Panza, Siglo, Ramon Bueso, Don Thomas

Danlí Honduras

Rocky Patel (Edge, Edge Lite, Decade, Nording, Olde World Reserve, Renaissance, Sungrown, Valedor, Vintage ’90 ’92 and ’99)

Aladino Cigar Factory, Danli, Honduras

Eiora, CLE, Wynwood Honduras, La Barba, Asylum 13 Corojo


Nicaragua cigars

For those who want a richer flavor, Nicaraguan cigars are a terrific choice. The highly regarded Nicaraguan leaf, which has been matured to perfection, is used to make Nicaragua cigars. These beautiful cigars have a rich taste profile with flavors of pepper, spice, and earth, and a smooth cedar finish. These are ideal for you if you enjoy a little spice in your cigars. The factories that made cigars in the Nicaragua are listed below, along with the brands they manufactured.

Cigar Factory

Brands Produced

Tabacalera Cubana (TACUBA), Esteli, Nicaragua

Don Pepin Garcia (Cuban Classic and JJ Maduro), El Centurion, Ashton, San Cristóbal, La Aroma de Cuba (Edicion Especial, New Blend, and Mi Amor), CI Legends Yellow Label, 601 Series, Cubao, Tatuaje (Havana VI and Serie P), Fumadores, Casa Royale, Connoisseur Selection, Old Henry, La Duena, La Reloba Habano, Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial, La Antiguedad, Siboney Reserve, Flor de Las Antillas, La Sirena, Mi Barrio, Tabacos Baez Serie S.F, Forcade

Fábrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua, Esteli, Nicaragua

Joya de Nicaragua, Cuenca y Blanco

La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate S.A., Esteli, Nicaragua

Acid, Ambrosia, Chateau Real, Drew Estate, Isla del Sol, Java, La Vieja Habana, Liga Privada, Natural, Nosotros, Tabak Especial

American Caribbean Cigars, Esteli, Nicaragua

Leccia White, Luchador

La Zona, Esteli, Nicaragua

Espinosa Habano, Estella, La Zona, Murcielago

Tabacalera Fernandez, Esteli, Nicaragua

5 Vegas, A. Fernandez Signature, Ave Maria, Diesel, Esteban Carreras, Graycliff, Gurka (Microbatch, Park Avenue, Sherpa), Indian Tabac Split Decision, Indian Tabacc 10 Year, La Cuna Bin 85, La Herencia Cubana (Core and Original), Man O’ War, Morro Castle, Nica Libre, Padilla (Achilles and Habano), Reposado 96, Rocky Patel (10th Anniversay and Fusion), San Lotano, San Miguel, Sol Cubano

Tabacalera Oliva S.A. (Tabolisa), Esteli, Nicaragua

Oliva, Flor de Oliva, NUB, Cain, Georges Reserve, Sol Cubano, Nica Libre Potencia, Jose Oliva

Fabrica de Tabacos San Rafael, Esteli, Nicaragua

Brick House, CAO CX2, Torano, El Baton, Perla del Mar

Puros De Esteli Nicaragua S.A (PENSA), Esteli, Nicaragua

Quorum, Alcazar, Hampton Arms

Tabacalera Cubanica, Esteli, Nicaragua


Tabacalera Perdomo, Esteli, Nicaragua

Perdomo, CAO L’Anniversaire Cameroon and Maduro, Alabao

Tabacalera Tavicusa, Nicaragua

Rocky Patel (15th Anniversary and 1961), Java, Mercialago, Patel Bros)

Agroindustrial Nicaragüense de Tabacos S.A. (Agros Tabacos Industriales), Condega, Nicaragua

Diamondback, A. Turrent, Warlock

Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A. (TABSA), Esteli, Nicaragua

Casa Fernandez, Warped, Illusione Singulares

Nicaraguan American Cigars S.A. (NACSA), Esteli, Nicaragua

Remedios, JR Alternative

Mombacho Cigars S.A. (Casa Favilli), Granada, Nicaragua

Mombacho, Tierra Volcan

Fabrica de Tobacco Nica Sueno, Esteli, Nicaragua

RoMa Craft


Florida cigars

Florida cigars feature greater flavors and qualities since only the best tobacco is used in their production. All Florida Cigars are among the best in the world attributable to the use of many of the same premium tobaccos used by the top growers in Cuba, Miami, and other prime growing regions around the state. The cigars from this nation are renowned for their toasty tastes. The factories that made cigars in the Florida are listed below, along with the brands they manufactured.

Cigar Factory

Brands Produced

El Rey de los Habanos, Miama, Florida

Don Pepin Garcia (Blue Label, Cuban Classic, JJ, and My Father ), Tatuaje, Cabaiguán, Padilla (1948, Miami 8 & 11, and Signature 1932), 5 Vegas Miami, El Rey de Los Habanos, El Triunfador, Fausto, La Riqueza, Avion, Ambos Mundos

Boutique Blends Cigars, Miami, Florida

Oliveros, King Havano, Swag, Aging Room, Sun Grown Reserve, Premium Habano Dominicano

El Credito Factory, Miami, Florida

La Gloria Cubana, El Rico Habano

Miami Cigar and Co., Miami, Florida

Nestor Miranda, Don Lino, Leon Jimines, Miami Cigars, Tatiana

El Titan de Bronze, Miami, Florida

La Palina (Mr. Sam and Family Series Miami), Titan, Warped

Tabacaleras Unidas, Doral, Florida


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