Alec & Bradley Blind Faith Gordo

Alec & Bradley Blind Faith Gordo

The number 1 cigar on our list of the Top 25 Best Cigars is Alec & Bradley Blind Faith Gordo.

#1 Blind Faith
Wrapper Origin: Honduras Shape: Gordo
Length: 6 Ring: 60
Color: Natural List Price: $219 (Box of 20)
Origin: Honduras Strength: Full

Blind Man’s Puff Rating: 93

This cigar is the result of the expert blend created by Alan Rubin’s sons Alec and Bradley. Blind Faith Gordo cigars serve as the follow-up to the popular line of Gatekeeper cigars. These cigars are created in the Raíces Cubanas factory in Honduras. It is a mix of the best Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos. The cigars are wrapped up in a beautiful dark brown Honduran paper and shine with oil. Alec & Bradley Blind Faith Gordo is full-bodied, and it gives the bold yet smooth flavors of pepper, cocoa, roasted nuts, and earth. It could give you a spicy yet suave finish.

Alan Rubin started his company Alec Bradley Cigar Co. in 1996. He named his company after his two sons. Since the time the company was founded, his two sons have become immersed in cigar culture. It was a natural path for them to join their father’s cigar business eventually. The older son Alec has been working in their Florida-based warehouse since he was 12. He has been officially working in the company for four years now. The younger one Bradley has taken an official role in the company in just over a year.

The two brothers focused on the business aspect of the company, but they also regularly traveled to Central American with their father. These trips eventually inspired them to create their own cigar brand.

“I’ve been working in the offices for over 4 years, as well as traveling down to Central America with my father and brother- we decided that we wanted to create a brand,” Alec said.

Blind Faith is the first of the two releases from this venture. It’s called Blind Faith in reference to the blind faith that is required of cigar lovers and cigar shop owners to try out a brand-new product from the brothers. 

Alan Rubin has this to say to his two sons’ new venture, “As a father and brand owner I couldn’t be more proud of my two sons. Their mother is very excited that both of the boys are joining the family business and sharing experiences with me, my father- at age 91- who still opens the office doors every morning and the rest of the Alec Bradley family!”