Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2

Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2

The number 16 cigar on our list of the Top 25 Best Cigars is Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2.

#5 best strong cigar
Wrapper Origin: Nicaraguan Shape: Toro
Length: 6 Ring: 54
Color: Natural List Price: $106 (Box of 16)
Origin: Nicaragua Strength: Full

Cigar Aficionado Rating: 94 points

This brand of a cigar was introduced in the 1870s by a Spanish businessman named Juan Lopez Diaz. In 1908, the brand was passed down to his heirs until it was sold to Sociedad C. Del Peso y Cia in 1918. He is not so popular yet all over the world, but the man gained a following from the Habanos enthusiasts for Seleccion No. 1 and most popularly for the size of Seleccion No. 2.

Its range offers from a consistent medium to full flavor which is based on a rich blend that comes from the filler and binder leaves of the Vuelta Abajo zone. Juan Lopez is one of the few cigars that are still handmade (hecho a mano). Even though the brand is offered in a few styles, it has earned the reputation of being one of the best handmade Havana cigars made. It has medium strength and gives off a woody aftertaste which makes it appealing to all Cuban cigar smokers.

Seleccion No. 2 has a stable combination of ease in smoking and its offer of subtle flavors. It has always been a winning combination because just like the other family members it stays attractive to all levels of smokers. It contains the aromas of wood and flowers that can make Seleccion No. 2’s smoke fluffy and at the same time mellow, that combination that makes it easy on a young person’s palate. It’s a cigar that is meant for the more rugged. It’s a good cigar to smoke in the afternoon over beers with the guys or with coffee after lunch.

These cigars are presented in boxes of 20. These lovely, dark and square-pressed cigars can warm up the hearts of cigar aficionados. If you are interested in spicy and robust cigars, you have to try a box of Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2.