Plasencia Alma del Fuego Concepcion

Plasencia Alma del Fuego Concepcion

The number 15 cigar on our list of the Top 25 Best Cigars is Plasencia Alma del Fuego Concepcion.

#15 Plasencia Lama
Wrapper Origin: Nicaraguan Shape: Toro
Length: 6 Ring: 54
Color: Natural Price: $145 (Box of 10)
Origin: Nicaragua Strength: Full

Cigar Aficionado Rating: 93 points

The Plasencia Alma del Fuego Concepción was a creation of the great tobacco grower Nestor Andrés Plasencia. He intended to emphasize the Nicaraguan leaf that comes from the Ometepe, which is a volcanic island. What he created is the third installment of the Alma Series which is made only from Nicaraguan tobacco. One of its two binders is from Ometepe as well as half of its filler. Plasencia said that Ometepe tobacco has to be aged for 7 years. That is longer compared to the other components found in the tobacco blend. “I love tobacco from Ometepe, but you really need to age it well if you want it to reach its full potential,” Plasencia said.

Plasencia Alma del Fuego in Spanish means Soul of Fire. The phrase captures well the strength and passion of Nicaraguan tobacco. The Island Ometepe mentioned above was formed from two volcanoes. Volcanic soil given the right climate conditions makes for an ideal location to grow tobacco. The island is in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. Tobacco from the island is popular for its strength, hence the name Alma del Fuego. The good thing about this is that the strength is neutralized by a beautiful sweetness with accents of notes of nuts, spices, and citrus fruits.

The Plasencia Alma del Fuego Concepcion has risen to its popularity since its introduction in 2019. The Plasencia family is still considered new to the tobacco industry with just over 5 generations of tobacco growing experience.

This cigar however has its own charm making it stand out from its competitors. Some of its unique selling elements are close to flawless construction, triple bands, and a box that functions as an ashtray. You can start with an easy draw and a straight burn which will result in dense smoke that sends rich flavors to the palate. The Alma del Fuego finishes the smoke on the very heavy end of medium-full-bodied. It, however, retains a smooth and silky texture throughout. The Concepcion has a size of 6” x 54 and it is intended for a cool and mellow smoke with lots of flavors.