There was some confusion over which cigar to smoke this afternoon; neither of my favorite blends nor high-end sticks interests me. As if aware of my troubled state, the Vudu Broadleaf Robusto revealed itself among a bouquet of fairly stunning cigars in my humidor, seemingly ready to be consumed at this very moment. The cigar is another affordable and brilliant creation by master blender Jesus Fuego exclusively available at the famous smoke shop. With a history rooted in five generations of passionate tobacco cultivation, I highly recommend that cigar smokers try this Vudu offering.

The appearance of Vudu Broadleaf Robusto commands attention in spite of its straightforward adornment. A deeply chocolate-hued Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper equipped with attractive minimal veins graces the surface of the cigar. It was topped off with a well-constructed triple-seam cap that bespeaks a meticulous quality control. The white double bands offer contrast to the dark wrapper. Embellished with metallic silver edges, the upper cigar band displays a skull illustration against a black background, lending the piece a badass demeanor. Underneath is a simple band with the word “BROADLEAF” imprinted in the center. With its presentation, I’m convinced that this premium cigar is far more expensive than its actual value.

Wrapper Origin: NicaraguaShape: Robusto
Length: 5Ring: 50
Wrapper: BroadleafList Price: $25 (Bundle of 5)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Full

Pull of Cigar

The construction of Vudu Broadleaf Robusto is impeccably at its best — its length came out properly filled, thus enabling no weak points to exist. Its interior features select Nicaraguan binder and fillers responsible for the intense heat anticipated from a medium to full-bodied cigar. When the head tore off from the body, a wonderful aroma enveloped my nasal cavity. The cold draw then sparked a delicious preview of flavors a cigar enthusiast would definitely enjoy: a distinct leathery flavor laced with a subtle sweetness. Meanwhile, the pull of the cigar was loose, requiring some alterations to get the restraint that I wanted — somewhat tight but still smooth.


As soon as my Vudu cigar has been lit, I tilt my head back and marvel at the plume of smoke it creates. The first puff instantly hits the spot through a nice mix of earth and spice, setting the stage for a thrilling smoking journey. I was hoping to be reunited with the leather from the cold draw, but it didn’t reveal itself — at least not yet. When the flavors began to evolve, the profile boasted earth, charred oak, and a trail of sweetness reminiscent of chocolate. Notes of black pepper then dominated the finish of the first third. So far, the burn seems to be also off to a good start.

When the halfway point settles in, there is barely any difference in the flavor composition other than the espresso creeping in. The Vudu Broadleaf Robusto remained smooth and flavorful, offering leather, wood, and spice notes with a hint of vanilla at the end. Its Maduro wrapper made the smoke even richer, unleashing all of its sweet and spicy elements. During this stage, the tobacco advanced to the medium-plus range and exposed lofty greyish ash.

As the cigar reached the last third, it repeated the cycle in the previous stage — only that the espresso became bold and well-rounded. A distinct woody flavor continuously danced with the familiar blend of earth, charred oak, and black pepper. The construction maintains its good reputation showcasing a smooth draw, razor-sharp burn, and relatively compact ashes. My Vudu cigar reached the nub smoothly, without any bitter detour, while still staying in the medium-plus range.


Despite having high expectations for this Robusto, I was still surprised by how well it performed throughout. The blend furnished enough strength and complexity to keep any cigar enthusiast engaged while maintaining a good draw courtesy of the Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper. I’d give this a well-deserved score of 90. For greater enjoyment, you may try pairing the Vudu Broadleaf Robusto with either bourbon or coffee. Overall, a great cigar to smoke while playing golf or during casual barbecue sessions with friends.

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell