What Cigar Does Del Boy Smoke?

What cigar does Del Boy smoke

Derek Edward “Del Boy” Trotter, Rodney Trotter’s older half-brother and the head of the Trotter family, played one of the two leading roles in “Only Fools And Horses.”

Del Boy

In the original series, he was portrayed by David Jason, and in the prequel, James Buckley played him as a young adult. He was characterized as a bold, if not noisy, South London market dealer who was constantly out to make money.

In the BBC sitcom, Del was a small-time con artist who swindled locals as well as his friends by selling them false or stolen equipment. His millionaire status eventually materialized in 1996, but he promptly lost it in 2001 due to his own stupidity, which led to the Trotters’ return to market trading.

In addition to his fantastic story, one other aspect of his persona that caught people’s attention was the cigarette he would smoke while acting. He is seen smoking packaged cigars, which means they are probably the less expensive, over-the-counter brands.

Castella Classic Mild Cigars

Del Boy’s doctor referred to him as “The Castella King” in one of the episodes of the program, and ever since, David Jason, the actor who played his role, has appeared in Castella advertisements, most notably one for Castella Classic Mild Cigars.

Even though the Castella Classic Mild cigars are currently nearly completely out of stock, the company still sells the Castella Classic, which is essentially the most basic cigar available everywhere or in local shops close to you. You may get it if you only want a quick smoke because it is also incredibly affordable.

Havana and Java leaves selected for their exceptional flavor, and smooth smoking characteristics are expertly blended to create Castella cigars. Approximately 100mm long and individually wrapped, a Classic cigar may be smoked for five to seven minutes. A pack of 10 Castella Classic Fine Cigars only amounts to £18.16.

The strength of this one is mild, and it indeed burns quickly. However, with this one, you’re not going to get much taste. The bitter tobacco spice that it contains has a minor impact. Overall, this is a reasonably basic flavor of what the majority of low-cost cigars out there create. There isn’t really much to expect from this one, given its pricing.

Castella Panatella Cigars

The Castella Panatella cigars are another affordable option that is readily accessible. This cigarette has a very loose draw, resulting in the ash becoming flakey. Although it is inexpensive and accessible, the flavor is bland, and the scent is unpleasant.

This is still a good choice if you have a limited budget and merely want to unwind with a brief smoke. This is a decent option for you if you don’t like strong, flavored cigars. The cost of a pack of five Castella Panatellas cigars is £14.48.

Alternative to Castella Classic Cigars 

A good alternative to Castella Classic cigars is Factory Smokes Sweet by Drew Estate. These cigars are very affordable and are high quality. The flavor is easy going for most smokers. 

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales