What cigar does Tom Selleck smoke

Tom Selleck is a successful actor best remembered for playing Thomas Magnum on the television series “Magnum, P.I.” in the 1980s. His breakthrough performance earned him Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for the part.

Tom Selleck

“Mr. Baseball,” “Quigley Down Under,” “Lassiter,” and “Three Men and a Baby” are among his other film and television roles. Aside from his work in the entertainment industry, he is best recognized for his mustache and love for cigars.

Regarding his professional life, Selleck stated in a Cigar Aficionado interview that he prefers to loosen up by smoking a cigar outside because of a previous experience, specifically while filming “Las Vegas,” where it was difficult for him and the other cast members to smoke.

“I don’t crave cigars…in fact, it’s very uncomfortable smoking a cigar in an uncomfortable situation where you might think you’re bothering someone. Now, Jillie doesn’t mind. I mean, I don’t smoke in the house very much, but she doesn’t really care if I do. We’ve got high ceilings, an old Spanish house.”

He continued: “Halifax is turning the way of the authoritarian mandate controlling smoking, which I don’t really approve of, and it’s getting very hard to find a place to smoke in. There used to be restaurants and smoking clubs. You know, it’s moved beyond helping the public health, and it’s moved towards, you know, ‘We’re going to protect you from yourself.'”

The actor also disclosed that he would smoke cigars while he was at work because he had to wait around a lot, as well as how many cigars he may smoke, depending on circumstances.

“There’s time if you’ve got a 45-minute set-up in between takes, and you know your words, and you know your character. The worst thing in the world to do is sit around doing your words and thinking about your character and getting nervous! At home, if I’m in the normal mode, I’ll probably smoke three, four cigars a month. Here I’m smoking one a day, probably.”

Arturo Fuente cigars

Tom Selleck smokes Arturo Fuente cigars. He even revealed which specific Arturo Fuente cigars he smokes in the same interview; these are the Don Carlos Robusto and Hemingway Short Story.

“I smoke Arturo Fuente cigars, the Don Carlos Robusto, and the Short Story. And if that’s all I had, I’d be happy the rest of my life. [The Don Carlos is] always a good smoke. It’s really a good cigar, and I know the family,” he remarked.

“They’re a terrific family. And even when they’re hard to get, they kind of help me find some. So I’d say 90 percent of the cigars I smoke are those, the Don Carlos Robusto. And if I want a good short smoke, it’s a Short Story. I’ve never had a bad smoke with a Don Carlos. I did a take yesterday, and I stuck [one] on the foot part of my chair. I went in and did two or three takes, did the scene, came out, and it was still lit.”

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Robusto cigar

The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Robusto cigar has a toothy appearance, but it burns remarkably evenly and draws exceptionally well. The cigar has the right amount precisely and is beautifully packed—not overstuffed or with soft places.

Despite having a medium body, the cigar lacks any discernible pepper or spice flavor. Firm ashes are produced by the natural black Cameroon wrappers’ even burning.

This cigar’s flavor notes include cedar, roasted coffee beans, earth, and a smidge of leather. Additionally, there are cocoa undertones with creaminess and sweetness that balance the flavors.

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story cigar

The Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story cigar has a distinctive appearance due to its Cameroon wrapper. The veined leaf and somewhat gritty texture of the cigar contrast beautifully with its exquisite proportions. The overall quality, burn, draw, and smoke was also excellent.

The draw and burn are fantastic right away, and the cigar’s body is mild to medium. Along with woody and cedar taste undertones, it also has a light, non-overpowering pepper flavor. A little spicy flavor has replaced the sweetness that was once present in it.

Cuban Cohiba Cigars

Like others, many celebrities enjoy smoking cigars. Tom Selleck also mentioned in the same interview that he used to be a fan of Cohiba but that he is no longer into it and feels “over” it.

“Look, I’m over the Havana thing. I’ve smoked some really good Havanas. I think they cost a lot, though. The cost of cigars influences me [some], but the Cohiba Robusto, especially when they first came out, I think they were better than they are now. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good now, [but] what I found basically with Cubans, which is frustrating, is you get an exceptional cigar but…quality control—wise for those prices, you’re going to find some lousy smokes.”

“If it’s not taste, it’s the way the cigar is made. It’s got a tunnel, or it’s going to go out, or it’s going to drop. In a box, you’re going to have a certain amount of those, and you shouldn’t. So that’s always frustrating. But, you know, maybe they’ve corrected that now. There was a period, I heard, where the Havanas, they were rushing them to market, not aging them properly, stuff like that.”

In a separate interview with the publication, he previously mentioned that he smoked Havanas most of the time but had enough of them at the same time. He also revealed his opinion about Cuban cigars, and what Cohiba cigar was the only thing he liked.

“Most of the time, I smoke Havanas. Hoyo de Monterrey double coronas, Punch double coronas. I haven’t had a Ramon Allones Gigantes. Those are really coveted because they’re so hard to get. Cohiba Robusto is the only Cohiba I like. I find the others overrated; they’re all overpriced. I have enough Havana cigars. It’s kind of neat being a celebrity–a lot of people find out that you like cigars and give them to you. To me, Cuban cigars won’t be as much fun when they’re not contraband.”

Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas cigar

The Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas cigar has a good burn, produces white ash, and a smooth draw, in addition to being well packed and producing a lot of flavorful smoke. It is a light to medium body cigar. The wrapper is light in color, with minimal veins, and has a little oily sheen.

Cedar, cinnamon, cocoa, and a slight creaminess are the flavor characteristics of the cigar in the first third. The second third delivers traces of citrus and spice, and the final third features coffee and is smooth, creamy, leathery, and somewhat spicy.

Punch Double Corona Cigar

The Punch Double Corona cigar is a powerful Honduran blend that is cleanly rolled with a smooth Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf and is a full-flavored, spicy cigar. It has a medium body and complex tastes of cocoa and coffee beans with toasty, leathery overtones.

The burn, cold draw, and construction all satisfied the requirements. In addition, it produces decent ash, and the oiling was adequate the entire time. The stick’s manufacturing quality was above average, and there are scarcely any visible veins on the wrapper.

Tom Selleck likes Cohiba Robusto

As mentioned above, the Cohiba cigar that Tom Selleck likes is the Cohiba Robusto. The Cohiba Robusto cigar is the thickest cigar available from Cohiba. The cigar is well known for its intense flavor, which is primarily woody with a tinge of sweetness and spice. The wrapper has an oily shine, and the pre-light aroma is nutty, almost like hazelnuts. The cigar has a rich flavor and is well-built, producing superb smoke.

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell