Dutch Masters Cigars

Dutch Masters Cigars

Dutch Masters is a famous brand when it comes to naturally wrapped machine-created cigars. These cigars have remained popular all over the US since 1912 when it was first introduced. Dutch Masters cigars showcase the signature blend produced by Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed short filler tobaccos. They are distinctive for their unique packaging and also for their smooth, mellow, and sensationally pleasing aroma. Every stick of Dutch Masters guarantees a satisfying smoke at a reasonable price. It has flavors of cognac, wine, sweets, chocolate, grape, white grape, strawberry, and vanilla. 


The Best Dutch Masters Cigars

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Dutch Masters President


This cigar is the classic and mild-flavored variety of Dutch Masters. It comes with the special blend of Cuban-seed tobaccos wrapped in the flavorful Cameroon tobacco leaf. The Dutch Masters President is shaped in a corona style and boxed up ready for consumption. It is known to be a top-quality machine-made cigar that offers a pleasant smoking experience to any cigar lover. 


Dutch Masters Honey Sport

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The Dutch Masters Honey Sport offers a mellow smoke. It is wrapped in a light candela leaf with lots of classic pipe tobacco flavors laced with the adorable sweet taste of honey. It’s known for the aroma that would get you mesmerized. They can be bought in units of 20.

Dutch Masters Cigarillos Berry Fusion

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Dutch Masters Cigarillos Berry Fusion is a cigar that would suit the taste of every modern cigar lover. It comes with a luscious warm taste and a delicate aroma of ripe berries mixed with the creamy foam of tobacco. It offers something different for your taste buds.

Dutch Masters Corona Grape

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The Dutch Masters Corona Grape is another mellow smoke with loads of delectable sweet taste of grape. This cigar comes full circle with a fruity flavor. It gives off an aroma that is worth dying for. It uses top-quality tobacco, Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed tobacco for the filer, and a homogenized binder wrapped in a natural wrapper. It’s available in boxes of 55.

Dutch Masters Cigarillos Java Fusion

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The Dutch Masters Cigarillos Java Fusion combines the flavorful and bold essence and aroma of fresh and dark coffee accentuated with the earthy glow of Caribbean Basin tobaccos which can make a good morning or afternoon smoke.


Dutch Masters Palma Chocolate

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Dutch Masters Palma Chocolate is a delightful smoke. You’ll find the Maduro wrapper adorable when mixed with the flavors of the classic rich tobacco and that of delicious dark chocolate. This cigar has been a favorite of small cigar aficionados for years. Its mild flavor is not boring at all. It lacks any additional flavoring that can make the cigars overwhelming.


Dutch Masters Corona Sports

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The Dutch Masters Corona Sports offers cigar smokers a more refined smoking experience that comes with a price. This could be Dutch Masters’ greatest achievement. Every stick possesses Cuban seed tobacco, a smooth construction, along with an Indonesian wrapper. These fine cigars are affordable, and you won’t have to feel guilty when you’re on a binge.

Dutch Masters Cigarillos Mint Fusion

Buy Dutch Masters Cigarillos Mint Fusion

The Dutch Masters Cigarillos Mint Fusion could be a quick and easy smoke, but it’s something that won’t let you down in the flavor department. This cigar is a mouthwatering masterpiece that is sweet and smooth and a bit spicy. All these flavors compliment the Cuban seed tobacco and its natural wrapper. It has earned the reputation of being a top-quality cigar but with a reasonable price.