Pairing Cigars

Pairing Cigars

Pairing Scotch & Cigars

Scotch and cigars go together like bread and butter, cookies and milk, or spaghetti and meatballs. That’s not to say we can’t find the best scotch and cigar pairing based on their flavors and how well they complement each other.

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Pairing Cigars and Bourbon

When it comes to pairing bourbon with cigars, you have an almost endless possibility of pairs that will go well together. Here are our 11 best cigar and bourbon pairings.

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Pairing Cigars and Beer

This seems like a no-brainer, people have been enjoying beer with cigars since it was possible. However, me put together some guidelines for pairing cigars with beer for the most enjoyable experience.

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Pairing Cigars with IPAs

Cigars and IPAs pairing

I used to not be a fan of IPAs, but my friend turned me into one. Because of their citrusy flavor it might seem a little difficult to pair IPAs with cigars, but many cigars have citrus undertones in their flavor profiles, so they pair greatly. 

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Pairing Cigars with Wine

Often overlooked for its ability to pair with cigars is wine. There are many varieties of wine. Here is our guide for pairing cigars with wine because each type of wine pairs better with different types of cigars. 

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Pairing Cigars with Rum

If you’re smoking cigars from the Dominican Republic, you might as well enjoy it with rum, right? Here’s our guide for pairing cigars with rum for you.

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Pairing Cigars with Coffee

Coffee and cigars are perfect together; however, some cigars pair with coffee much better together than others. A large part depends on how strong or sweet your coffee is.

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Pairing Cigars with Whiskey

Cigars and Whiskey Pairing

Want to enjoy your cigar with whiskey. We have suggestions to help you pair your cigar and whiskey to highlight each other’s flavors.

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Pairing Cigars with Champagne

Cigars and Champagne Pairing

Much is made of Winston Churchill’s ability to drink scotch and smoke cigars all day. What isn’t as widely known is that Churchill’s favorite drank was actually champagne, not scotch. Here are some tips for pairing cigars with champagne.

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Pairing Cigars with Cognac

Cigars and Cognac Pairing

Is anything more sophisticated than pairing a cigar with a glass of cognac while wearing a satin robe?

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Pairing Cigars with Food

Cigars and Food pairing

Steak, scotch and a cigar. Need we say more? Here are top picks for pairing food with cigars.

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Pairing Cigars with Snacks

Cigars and snacks pairing

Smoking cigars give me a craving for something sweet like a chocolate chip cookie. Cigars pair well with many snacks including chocolate and cashews.

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