Groomsmen Cigar Gifts

Cigar Gifts for Groomsmen

When you’re getting married, it’s important to have the right guys by your side at your wedding. One way to show your appreciation to your groomsmen is to give them each an awesome gift. They’ve likely done a lot for you over the years and are spending extra time with you now for your big day. Groomsmen cigar gifts are a perfect option to show your thanks. Here are five cigar gifts your groomsmen are sure to love.

Top 5 Groomsmen Cigar Gifts

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#1 Cigar Smoking Gift Set: Cigars, Travel Humidor, Torch Lighter, and Cutter

When one of my good friends got married, he asked me to be a groomsman. Obviously, I was honored, but I enjoyed the gift also. Luckily for me, my friend was into cigars and gave us each an awesome cigar-themed gift set. The gift included a travel humidor, cigar lighter, and cigar cutter. To me, that is the best cigar gift you can give your groomsmen. The torch lighter was a different brand than the humidor and cutter, so I think he assembled the gift set himself. It wasn’t readily available.

With the travel humidor, gun metal lighter and cutter, each gift set will be around $195 ($45 for the travel humidor, $100 for the lighter, and $50 for the cigar cutter). The links bring you to the best prices for the items, so the total will actually be less.  

These are my suggestions for the items in your cigar gift set:

If you want and have the budget, you can add five cigars to the gift. Load them into the travel humidor. The gift already has a lot of accessories, so this can get pretty expensive. I would choose a very good, but less expensive cigar to load into the travel humidors, such as Perdomo Lot 23 Robustos. These are excellent medium-strength cigars. It would be best to pick up a 24 count box of cigars and then just add 5 cigars to each humidor. If you have some leftover for yourself, that’s a bonus.

If you include the cigars, each cigar is around $6.75 each when you buy a box, so the new total with 5 cigars in each gift set will be about $228.75. Although, the links bring you to a site with discounted prices, so you’re total will be less.

Get a box of Perdomo Lot 23 Robustos here.

#2 Five of Your Favorite Cigars

Giving your groomsmen your favorite cigars will be greatly appreciated, especially if they are cigar lovers. However, even if some of them are not into cigars, don’t give them cheaper cigars. They might get the wrong impression and might lessen the appreciation of the gift and the perceived meaning behind it. Right now, my favorite cigar is a toss-up between Cohiba Nicaragua and CAO Pilon. I would get them a 5-pack of either of those. To save money, you could buy as many boxes as needed and split up the cigars into fives, but the good thing about buying 5-packs is that they are already wrapped, packaged together, and likely have a piece of Spanish cedar in the pack.

#3 A Leather Cigar Case Filled with Three Cigars

Instead of just giving your friends a bunch of cigars, you can gift them the cigars in a leather cigar case that they could use forever. I still think of my friend’s wedding when I load up my travel humidor. I love that thing. Since then, I’ve bought myself a cigar case and realized how great of a gift that would have been to give to my groomsmen. The Xikar leather case is my favorite. It is very classy and has genuine Spanish cedar wood lining on the inside. Anyone who likes cigars would love this gift, with or without cigars in it. Personally, I think if you give someone a cigar case, you should put some cigars in there. They’re going to love it when they slide this beautiful leather case open.
I suggest buying the Xikar leather case and filling them with one of the cigars from our Top 25 Cigars list. Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Seleccion No. 2 is a great choice because it is a top cigar that doesn’t break the bank.

#4 Your Favorite Cigars and Scotch

My gift to my groomsmen was scotch and cigars. I like a lot of different Scotches, but my go-to Scotch is Glenlivet, so they got a bottle of Glenlivet and two Dominican Cohibas, which were my favorite cigars at the time. If you prefer bourbon over Scotch, give groomsmen a bottle of that. If you want to splurge even more, you can give them a crystal whiskey glass set also, but I don’t think there’s any need for that. Whether your friends are aficionados or not, they will be pleased to see the Cohiba cigar label wrapped around a nice brown cigar.

These cigars MSRP for $537 for a box of 25, but you can get them for under $340 here: Get your Dominican Cohibas here.

#5 Any Cuban Cigar is a Perfect Gift

Cuban Romeo y Julieta
Most people can’t get their hands on a Cuban cigar, or when they do, it’s actually a fake. It’s your celebration, so giving each of your groomsmen a Cuban cigar to smoke with you at your bachelor party would be a great gift. I would recommend Cohiba Siglo I, Paratagas Serie D No. 4, or Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill. You can order Cuban cigars from here to be shipped to your home.