Best Medium-Sized Humidors

Best Medium-Sized Humidors

A dry cigar could be the worst nightmare for someone who loves cigars. If you are a cigar connoisseur you always make it a point that your prized cigar collection is cared for. The rule of thumb to ensure this is to store them in the right conditions. Too much and too little moisture in the air can make your cigars turn bad. The only way to achieve the right humidity level surrounding your cigars is to store them in humidors.

There are different sizes and types of humidors. You can find some that are shaped like a box that you can place on your tabletop. Others are like built-in cabinets. Some cigar collectors prefer for the medium-sized humidors. This is what they call “just the right size.” This type of humidor often accommodates from 50 up to 300 cigars. The following are some of the best options you have when you are looking for a medium-sized humidor to invest in.

15 Best Medium Humidors

#1 Capri Glasstop Mahogany

#1 best medium humidor

Capacity: 50

The Capri Glasstop Mahogany humidor has a divided interior which ensures maximum versatility, perfect if you have several brands of cigars. This humidor is clean and simple, and it goes with any type of décor at home or in the office. It also comes with gold-plated hidden quadrant hinges, a tempered glass top for easy viewing, and a brass nameplate. The divider is made of Spanish cedar and it has a felt-lined bottom too. It has a mahogany color and can hold up to 50 cigars.

Glyn has this humidor with his last name engraved in the top. The only problem is it’s no longer sealed properly, but he’s had it for 10 years and moved a few times with it, so something came out of alignment. It’s something that’s expected to happen, especially with a glasstop humidor. Still, this comes in at the top of our list because of it’s classy design. If you want a glasstop humidor, you’ll have to expect it to not hold humidity as a solid wood one, but you won’t be able to show off your cigars without one.

#2 Newport White Oak Glass Top

The Newport White Oak Glass Top has a Spanish cedar-lined interior, and it can hold up to 50 cigars. This humidor has a divider, humidifier, clasp lock, and a hygrometer set in front. All its hard parts are tarnished with brass resulting in a clean and rustic appeal. It comes with a glass top, is tightly sealed, and with a felt-lined bottom.

One buyer said that he likes the design and that it looks really great. Another buyer said he likes the humidor for being easy to set up and the hygrometer is also easy to read.

#3 Craftsman's Bench Saxon

The Craftsman’s Bench Saxon just like any humidor from Craftsman is skillfully handcrafted. The humidor is lined with the finest quality Spanish cedar to ensure that your cigars are safe and are appropriately humidified to make each cigar the best. The company is known for hard work and dedication spent to make sure that every single cigar stick is perfect.

#4 Quality Importers Gangway Porthole Humidor

The Quality Importers Gangway Porthole humidor can accommodate up to 50 cigars. It can add appeal to every man cave, aside from being a humidor of distinct quality and durability. It comes with a glass porthole window that will allow you to peep through and check the cigars without having to lift the lid.

An ex-navy buyer is so impressed by this humidor’s design. For him, the porthole hits home.

#5 Sao Paolo Humidor

The Sao Paolo humidor is made from solid maple wood. It comes with a full mahogany finish with an attractive cameo inlay found on the lid. This humidor can make a perfect addition to your smoking room. Its other features include Spanish cedar lining, brass or glass hygrometer, humidifier, a divider for separating your cigars, quadrant hinges to support the lid, all these at a reasonable price. This humidor has a capacity of 50 cigars.
One happy buyer said that it’s a happy humidor for him. He keeps 35 to 40 cigars in this humidor, and it ensures just the right humidity level. He said that he is planning to buy another one.

#6 Amalfi Antique Humidor

The Amalfi Antique humidor is a carefully built and antique style humidor that comes with a maple veneer and a French walnut finish. This humidor has an ash burl parquet top for smooth opening and closing. It also has hidden quadrant hinges. This box can hold up to 75 cigars and has a Spanish cedar lining, a humidifier, glass or brass hygrometer, and an engraving plate.

A buyer said that it’s a very lovely humidifier and that each time he opens the lid, it gives off a Spanish cedar smell that tends to linger. One other buyer said that it is classy and elegant.

#7 Ironsides 25 Ebony Finish Oak

The Ironsides 25 Ebony Finish Oak humidor is a great buy for anyone who has a good cigar collection and who wants these stogies safe and well maintained. This manliness can add manliness to any man cave. It has a flattering black oak finish, and it can accommodate up to 50 cigars.

#8 Rogue Red Walnut

The Rogue Red Walnut cigar humidor is made from a rare red walnut wood that comes encumbered with a high gloss finish. This humidor can blend well with any room décor. It is capable of holding up to 50 premium cigar sticks. Its interior is lined with high-quality Spanish cedar to ensure that you will experience the optimum flavors and aromas while you tend to speed up the aging process of your cigars. Its other features include a hygrometer, humidifier, and cedar divider that lets you separate various cigar brands.

#9 Kensington Cherry Ebony Finish

The Prestige Kensington Cherry Ebony features the finest handcraftsmanship and design. It also has cigar accessories. It has clean lines and a low profile appeal. It also features a deep gloss ebony cherry wood finish that’s worthy of display. When you this humidor’s lid, you will get to see a full-size match of stainless steel ashtray and cherry ebony wood that protects cigar rests and a leather cigar case. You will also get a stainless steel guillotine cutter, a silver frame external digital hygrometer, and a mirror finished silver humidifier. It can accommodate up to 75 cigars.

#10 Alba Wooden 75-Cigar Humidor

The Alba Wooden 75-Cigar humidor is luxurious and French-made, and it prides itself of the Sycamore wood exterior which is dyed to an exotic blue and with 8 really fine coats of varnish for a unique sheen. The interior is lined with the aged and kiln-dried Spanish cedar. It also comes encumbered with an analog hygrometer and humidifier that is clamped with the help of a magnetic attachment system. This gets rid of Velcro or stickers that can easily loosen due to humidity. Due to its elegant beauty and durability, the Alba may be considered as an heirloom.

#11 Art Deco 60ct

The Art Deco 60ct humidor has a lacquer multi-wood finish along with an Art Deco design. It also has a beveled glass top that will let you see your prized cigars. It seals off well and makes sure that your cigars are fresh and ready for smoking. It also has a high-quality Spanish cedar lining that provides preferred storage for up to 60 of your premium cigars. This humidor also has a lock and key set, dividers, and a humidification unit. This is a stylish cigar humidor that you can be proud to possess.

#12 Davenport Ebony

The Davenport Ebony is another top-quality humidor that can hold up to 75 cigars. It provides excellent storage conditions for your cigars and at the same time accessories, you need for cigar smoking. It comes with an analog hygrometer and humidifier. You will also get a leather telescoping cigar case, a pair of stainless steel scissors, and an oval-shaped ashtray with the same finish as the humidor.

#13 Dumaine 60ct Ebony

The Dumaine 60ct Ebony humidor is a great option for medium-sized cigar collections. It has a lovely ebony finish and its beveled glass top enables you to see your precious cigar collection immediately. It can adorn any home, office, or a man cave. It comes with the finest Spanish cedar lining, a cigar humidifier, a second level tray as well as divider, as well as an external hygrometer.

#14 Currency 50ct Ebony

The Currency 50ct Ebony is a stylish humidor intended for cigar connoisseurs who like to store up to 50 cigars. The humidor has a beautiful high-lacquer ebony finish that comes with contrasting yellow wood inlays. Its interior lining is made of premium Spanish cedar along with airflow grates to ensure maximum humidification. The package includes a top-quality humidifier and hygrometer. Everything you need in a humidor is all there in the pack.