AJ Fernandez La Gran Llave Connecticut Toro Cigar Review

Aj Fernandez cigars are one of the most-known cigars in the industry, and their premium cigar AJ Fernandez La Gran Llave Connecticut Toro is well-known for its diverse flavor profile. This cigar is produced in Nicaragua and has a Connecticut wrapper from Ecuador. This cigar has a well-balanced taste profile with hints of cedar, wood, […]

Mayans M.C. Robusto Cigar Review

Mayans cigar review

Mayans M.C. is a premium cigar brand that is known for its high quality and robust flavors. The Mayans M.C. Robusto is one of the brand’s most popular cigars. The flavor of the Mayans M.C. Robusto cigar is complex and robust, with notes of coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and leather with a hint of spice and […]

CAO Black Ltd. Bengal Cigar Review

The CAO Black Ltd. Bengal cigar could be something you want to try if you enjoy smoking cigars from the CAO brand. This cigar has a blend of light and dark flavors, making it a fantastic option for cigar aficionados who prefer smoking cigars with diverse flavor profiles since it creates a distinctive and delightful […]