Cohiba Blue Review

Cohiba Blue Review

Cohiba is a premium cigar brand that has grown in a niche before getting presented to the international market.

In 1966, Cohiba was created just for the taste of then-President Fidel Castro. It was secretly manufactured in the now-famous ‘El Laquito’ factory. In 1982, the brand was presented to the international market.

Before 1982, Cohiba was reserved for diplomats and heads of state. The brand is now well known for its range of flavors from medium to full.

Where does the term “Cohiba” come from? The word is a native term that the Cuban Taino Indians used to refer to the tobacco wraps they smoked. According to Columbus’ report, the ‘Cohiba’ wrapper was the first cigar known to Europeans.

This review of the Cohiba Blue Robusto will see how much complexity is in this cigar for its history, brand, and value. If you are a true blue cigar fan, check out this Cohiba Blue Robusto review for more details and see if it’s worth the price point.

Holding Cohiba Blue Robusto
Wrapper Origin: HondurasShape: Robusto
Length: 5.5Ring: 50
Wrapper: Olancho San AgustinList Price: $225 (Box of 20)
Origin: Dominican RepublicStrength: Medium

Appearance of Cohiba Blue

The box is not as enticing as the other Cohiba’s as the brand maintains the same simple color blend. This time, the box sports a color of pastel blue. The bands are also a sporty blue that matches the Habano wrapper’s light hue.

The right amount of veins can be found in the cigar, but the construction is solid nonetheless and there are no lumpy parts.

Smoking Experience

Some spice can be detected in the cold draw with some wood notes.

The first thirds are remarkable for the spice and hints of nutty flavors. Throughout this part, the nutty flavors slowly progressed. The cedar notes were also pretty straightforward and smooth. The base flavor reveals some earthy notes and some light pepper.

In the second third, the flavors’ development was not as complex. At this point, the cigar’s smoothness is a strong point with its creaminess. Meanwhile, the spice kicks up slightly, and the earth slowly recedes and becomes lighter. With the earthy flavors also are a few tones of cedar and wood.

The final third shows the same flavors of wood and light earth. The spice, however, goes down a notch while the nutty is prolific in its creaminess.

The draw ranges from a little tight to just right. One noticeable thing was the consistent burn. Throughout the smoking session, the razor-sharp burn was evident.


Box of Cohiba Blue Robusto

Not a bad cigar, but the it’s not the finest cigar that Cohiba made. The strong case for this cigar is its smoothness and creamy flavors. The earthy profile is consistent, and there are no strong, heavy flavors. The Cohiba Blue Robusto is a relaxing cigar that you can have every week. When paired with a smooth coffee in the morning, prepare for a relaxing hour of smoke. The balanced flavors are also excellent for the profile. There is enough richness for a medium-body cigar and medium strength. Overall, at its price range, this Cohiba Blue Robusto is alright. This cigar is a stick you can recommend for fellow smokers who enjoy a versatile, smooth, rich cigar that does not break the bank.