Cohiba Connecticut Review

Cohiba is known for its creamy, smooth cigars. Combining it with Brazillian and Dominican fillers is a good idea. With this idea in mind, the flavor profile led to the blending of the Cohiba Connecticut Toro.

According to Sean Williams, Connecticut Toro is a mild cigar with a smooth and creamy blend that is right for its wrapper flavor.

Cohiba Connecticut Toro is a mild cigar above $20 per stick. This review of Cohiba Connecticut Toro can help you know more about its flavor profile.

More so, we are writing this Cohiba Connecticut Toro review of how its smoothness and creamy profile work out with the Connecticut wrapper. Let’s check the quality of the cigar.

Cohiba Connecticut
Wrapper Origin: ConnecticutShape: Toro
Length: 6Ring: 50
Wrapper: BroadleafList Price: $239 (Box of 24)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Medium

Appearance of Cohiba Connecticut

The box is a classy white with gold and black themes. The opening latch of the box is vintage in golden style. Upon opening, the 6.5” inch cigars are neatly in place.

The cigar has a clear, white band with black and gold lines. Crisscrossing lines of thin neon gold make a distinct, premium look to the cigar at closer inspection.

The light brown Connecticut wrapper shows minimal veins and little oil. The construction of the cigar works well and feels solid.

Cigar Band Cohiba Connecticut

Smoking Experience

The cedar aroma of the cigar’s foot is evident with some hay. This flavor is also the predominant blend in the first third. The cedar, sweetness, and creaminess were smooth with the wood and hay flavors. In the first third, it is clear that the mildness of the cigar is its strong point. There are some cinnamon and peppery flavors that make it enjoyable as well.

The transition to the second third remains smooth. The sweetness has a more peppery flavor, which is mild. Here the Connecticut wrapper’s flavor probably shines through because the creaminess of the wrapper in a mild, peppery flavor gives a relaxing effect.
Finally, the last third brought a cedar flavor, with some earthy notes to lower the strength of the pepper.

The cigar has a smooth start to a smooth finish with some tobacco strength in the second third. The sweetness can be described as a little bit of a cinnamon, hazelnut, and nutty flavors. It’s a good combination for a sweet profile. The sweetness is complex that works well with the earthy notes and toasty tobacco flavors. The strength is mild, but the body is medium with smooth transitions from sweet to pepper to cedar and earthy.


Cohiba Connecticut Toro Box

Cohiba Connecticut Toro is a creamy, mild, and smooth cigar perfect for a morning cigar and suitable for smoking with coffee. The creaminess of the cigar is relaxing as it is smooth. The draw is just right, and the ash held well. The burn had some issues, but only minor with nothing affecting the overall smoking session. The cigar is suitable for a weekend smoking session, but the price tag may be a bit too high for its flavor profile. There are plenty of mild and sweet flavors already in the market. If you are looking for a smooth smoking session throughout, this cigar is worth an occasional treat. I give it an 80.