Cohiba Macassar Review

Cohiba builds a cigar that showcases its dedication to quality due to its tradition of delivering premium cigars. This Cohiba Macassar Churchill review will help break down the value that the cigar offers.

Aside from having Nicaragua and Dominican Republic fillers, the wrapper and tobacco inside the Cohiba Macassar Churchill was aged for four years. The last year was stored inside Dominican rum barrels. The binder, meanwhile, was aged in its final year in Dominican rum barrels.

It’s good to know, too, that the name of Cohiba Macassar comes from the Indonesian ebony wood of the same name. It is one of the most beautiful exotic hardwoods on earth.

Cohiba Macassar Churchill
Wrapper Origin: Dominican RepublicShape: Churchill
Length: 7.2Ring: 54
Wrapper: Connecticut HabanoList Price: $250 (Box of 10)
Origin: Dominican RepublicStrength: Medium

Appearance of Cohiba Macassar

The striking design of the box is made of premium ebony Macassar wood, while the chocolate-colored wrappers are arranged inside in tens.

The premium boxing and glittery silver band evoke a classy quality.

The chocolate wrapper has an oily sheen with minimal veins.

Cigar band Cohiba Macassar

Smoking Experience

Some zest of fruity aroma is discernible in the cold draw. The mild bakers’ chocolate is also present in the cold draw.

In the first third, the cedar flavors are prominent in the draw, together with some nutty flavors. There is a long cinnamon finish with a pepper character to it. The mild pepper is vital in the first third, too.

The second third has an earthy flavor with a creaminess setting in the palette. The draw is a little rough, but the creamy aroma brings the tobacco to a milder profile. The overall body is still medium because of the long peppery finish. The retrohale is also mildly peppery flavored. In the flavor notes, there are some hints of coffee to go along with the creamy, earthy flavors.

The final third has the same complexion and body as the first two. There are no new flavors as the sweetness and cedary oak flavors recede. The tobacco taste is more evident with some hint of coffee and nutty flavors.

Cohiba Macassar Churchill burns just right during the entire smoking session, but it had to be relighted a couple of times. The construction could have been better. Canoeing is a minor problem, too.


Box of Cohiba Macassar

The flavor transition of Macassar Churchill is not that complex. Aside from the sweet chocolate flavors in the first third, there are no compelling flavors. It has a straightforward profile from sweet and cedary earth to light tobacco and coffee. The peppery finish is consistently long throughout the smoke, which went from medium to mild. The creamy aroma also helped give the body a smooth, balanced effect to even out the peppery retrohale.

The draw is tight sometimes. The smoke output is sound throughout the one-and-a-half-hour smoking session. The construction can still get better, but this cigar’s overall quality and flavor is enjoyable. If not for the price point, it would have been perfect. At above $20, this cigar is an occasional smoke for a special event. If you are looking for a great gift, there are lower-priced options in the market but have the same quality. Pair this up with coffee on a fantastic weekend morning. I give it an 85.