Cohiba Nicaragua Review

Cohiba Nicaragua Review

Introduced to the market in 1982, Cohiba is a highly acclaimed brand that boasts a plethora of cigar blends for different palates, experience levels, and personal preferences. It’s no surprise that the brand is regarded by many as one of the industry’s best manufacturers of Cuban cigars. Even the non-Cuban version of Cohiba has claimed its place as one of the most popular cigars in the U.S. market.

I’ve had the good fortune to indulge in dozens of Cohiba cigars over the years, and I have yet to discover a Cohiba cigar that does not impress or at least meet my expectations. Today, I am lighting up the Nicaraguan Cohiba in a 5.25 x 54 Robusto. This stick has been stocked away in my humidor for a few months now, just calling out to be turned to ash.

Wrapper Origin: HondurasShape: Robusto
Length: 5.25Ring: 54
Wrapper: CorojoList Price: $292 (Box of 16)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Full

Pull of Cigar

The Cohiba Nicaragua N5.25×54 is a beautifully constructed cigar, flaunting a Honduran Colorado Oscuro wrapper leaf with enticing luster and tight seams. A few noticeable veins are present but did not take away the beauty of the cigar. Underneath the reddish mocha brown Colorado wrapper lies a premium blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers from Estelí and Jalapa. A simple “Cohiba Nicaragua” is embossed on the classy black-and-copper band, completing the elegant presentation.

With a quick slice to the cap, this Nicaraguan cigar exuded a luscious aroma of dark chocolate, coffee beans, sweet hay, cinnamon, and leathery tobacco. Before firing up, I took a couple of cold draws, which previewed a flavorful bouquet of dark cocoa, coffee beans, and cinnamon. A redolent hearth-like aroma of wood and leather also transfixed my senses.

After years of being a cigar enthusiast, I’ve become quite picky about the draw on my cigars. With some stogies, I get delectable flavors but have to put up with a restricted draw — ones that only loosen up in the last half of the stick and end up spoiling the smoking experience. The pull of the Cohiba Nicaragua N5.25×54, however, is incredible — loose with just the right amount of resistance.


Once fired up, the Cohiba Nicaragua N5x50 begins at a strong medium. As I take my first few puffs, delightful notes of dark cocoa, toast, leather, and cedar converge on the palate. The natural sweetness of tobacco takes center stage with a touch of black pepper spice for counterbalance. The smoke production is also incredible — silky and tantalizing streams of aromatic smoke consistently trail off the cigar’s foot with hypnotic allure.

As for initial impressions, my gut tells me this is going to be a complex cigar that calls for attention — one that keeps me excited and guessing as to what’s coming next. Complexity is what I’m always looking for with every blend that I smoke. For me, complex cigars are those that give me sensations of various tones of flavors as I burn through the stick — stogies that are so remarkably flavorsome that it leaves me smacking my lips, both satisfied and yearning for more.

During the second third, a luxuriously creamy and sweet flavor similar to a perfectly brewed espresso makes a huge leap forward. A subtle element of spice then settles in the background. The dark cocoa from the first third perks up while a tart note of citrus leaves a lingering zest. At this point, I’m very much impressed with the balance of flavors and the lack of unwanted bitter aftertaste.

The complexity of the blend has been building up impressively from the get-go, which left me with high hopes for the second half of the cigar. However, the profile stays away from any more transitions in flavor and texture as I burned through the cigar. The profile, unfortunately, flattens out as I reach the final third. As I slow down on my draws, I get a sweet dose of chocolate and subtle spice. An element of earthiness comes across the palate and disperses into modes of tobacco, hay, and leather. Finally, I reached the nub, and the cigar finished off with a sweet aftertaste.


Cohiba Nicaragua

On the whole, the Cohiba Nicaragua N5.25×54 had an average enjoyment level throughout. The char line was slightly wavy but never needed any attention. The white ash was solid and held on in one-inch increments. This Robusto did not offer much in terms of nuanced flavors, and towards the end, the experience was saved by the draw and burn.

Considering that I had let it age for quite some time in my humidor, I was hoping for more depth and complexity that doesn’t falter towards the final third. Although quite a one-dimensional cigar, the Cohiba Nicaragua N5.25×54 still delivered a well-rounded medium-bodied smoke. I had about an hour of smoking before the nub fully expired.

I believe what endears so many cigar enthusiasts to Cohiba cigars is their famously smooth flavors and potency. It’s a balancing act only the most capable and seasoned cigar-makers can pull off. The Cohiba Nicaragua N5.25×54 proved to be an enjoyable blend, making me interested in exploring it further. This cigar merits an 93-point rating. Thanks to doing this cigar review, I now ordered a box to load into my fridgeador.