Partagas Cigars

Partagas cigars were first launched in 1845 by Don Jaime Partagas in Cuba. Partagas cigars are one of the oldest and most famous cigar brands with true Cuban heritage. The cigar line is now produced handmade by General Cigar Company inside a modern factory in the Dominican Republic. It has continuously expanded its all-star line of cigars which is composed of huge names such as Spanish Rosado,  Extra Fuerte, Extra Oscuro, Partagas 1845, and Black Label. These cigars are made for the seasoned smoker. Partagas cigars are popularly known to be powerful with such rich flavors. It also comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. 


The Best Partagas Cigars

Partagas 1845

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Partagas 1845 has a bold profile of flavors. This commemorates the founding and the rich history that comes with the name. It comes with a unique blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Connecticut-grown Habano tobacco that all contribute to its bold profile. Its statesman-like appearance is sealed off with the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. In every stick, you will enjoy notes of cedar, leather, spice, with some semblance of sweetness, and lastly a smooth finish.


Partagas Legend

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Partagas Legend is the newest in the prestigious line of Partagas cigars. It is packed with the natural sweetness of the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper along with the Olancho-San Agustin binder hailing from Honduras which gives it the spice and depth of quality. This cigar is medium to full-bodied which is elegant, sophisticated, clean and it is also filled with flavors of spice and leather. With Partagas Legend, you can enjoy the finest aged tobaccos, unique blending, and exceptional construction. 

Partagas Heritage

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Partagas Heritage is meant to pay homage to the classic Cuban tradition of Partagas cigars. This cigar is an obvious throwback to the popular Partagas Serie D with its simple red bands and wooden boxes that are adorned with the gold foil logo. With every piece of this handmade premium cigar, you will be taken aback by the explosive flavors. The cigar’s super unique blend comes from the Honduran Olancho San Agustin (OSA) wrapper and Connecticut Broadleaf binder. The fillers are Dominican Piloto Cubano and Honduras and Nicaraguan tobaccos.


Partagas 1845 Extra Fuerte

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The Partagas 1845 Extra Fuerte was a new addition to the Partagas 1845 line. It was launched in 2017. This is a strong and full-bodied cigar that is intended for smokers who intend to derive more from their smoking experience. Partagas 1845 Extra Fuerte comes with the extra bold and aged Honduran wrapper, the American Habano binder, and rather a strong blend of aged Nicaraguan and Dominican long-filler tobaccos. You can enjoy a rich, bold, and strong smoke with a hearty blend of aromas. This cigar is not meant for those who are faint-hearted. 

Partagas Black Label

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Partagas Black Label cigars are for those who love full-bodied cigars with an incredible richness of core flavors. Every piece is wrapped with a  Medio Tiempo wrapper and filled with a harmonious blend of Nicaraguan and Piloto Cubano Ligero tobaccos. It gives you the signature creamy-smooth draw and followed by a deep aroma and a highly complex flavor profile to boast. The draw and burn are both impressive while its dense smoke is highly flavorful and completely aromatic.