Review of Partagas Sabroso

In this Partagas Sabroso review, I share the variety and versatility of the cigar’s flavors. For me, simple flavors while the cigar lights up with other notes bring a unique smoking experience.

You’re getting a good cigar with a flavorful wrapper and excellent filler with Sabroso, and rich history, too.

Don Jaime Partagas first launched the company in 1845 in Cuba. Later on, the cigar maestro Ramon Cifuentes perfected the produce by seeking the best wrappers from Cameroon, Central West Africa.

Wrapper Origin: AfricanShape: Corona
Length: 5.88Ring: 44
Wrapper: CameroonList Price: USD 191.80 (Box of 20)
Origin: Dominican RepublicStrength: Full

Today, this brand is handmade in the Dominican Republic. Notably, Partagas keeps its Cuban roots in mind by keeping the authentic tastes in its repertoire of flavors.

It’s hard to put down a cigar with flavors that pop out with ease. However, this is not your usual size. It’s smaller at 44 ring gauge. So, at above $5, this might be out of the regular daily cigar while not reaching an hour of smoke. If you want a quick smoke that packs a good amount of wonderful flavors, this cigar can delight your tobacco palette.

Let me share this review of Partagas Sabroso and help you decide if it’s right for your taste buds.


The box is sleek yet sports old lines. In rhythm with the logo’s classic touch, the box makes a yellow theme for its set of Sabrosos.

The band is pleasing to the eye, with the recognizable logo cased in a carefully cut shape. The yellow logo with the year 1845 has a vintage elegance to it.

There is little oil to the wrapper, making it easy on the fingers. The veins also have a satin feel, making it comfortable to hold. As a smaller cigar, this should work fine with its good construction.

Smoking Experience

Immediately, the aroma of the cigar is distinct. Cedar aroma pops out, and Partagas Sabroso hits the bull’s eye on its excellent scent. The cedar aroma is also relaxing, with just the right amount of strength reminiscent of heritage cigars.

The cedar scent also has hints of earthy notes. The scent is relaxing and has a unique draw that slowly brings out the Sabroso’s flavor.

My first puff has a medium leathery flavor to it. The good thing is that the retrohale leaves no bite, but on the leathery side, it is rather mild.

On the first thirds, the creamy notes surface along with some vanilla flavors. The leather undertone is becoming more earthy as well. Cedar flavor is keeping the flavors in check, so it balances these notes. There are swathes of spice, citrusy notes that come up, and still no bite in the retrohale. The construction is good, with the burn consistent enough and passing a high standard.

Before the second third, the smoke is shaping up to be a good one. The draw is not loose or tight, which is just right. I produced a decent amount of smoke, too. Overall, the cedar flavor stood out for me in the first third.

On the second third, the leather notes have taken a stronger mix in the flavor palette. The taste of the leather in the draw is more pronounced, and the white peppery flavor is now evident. The retrohale has also mellowed with the creamy notes, so the peppery flavor is taking the second-thirds with broad smoky, campfire flavors and recedes with mild creamy notes and some hints of spice.

On the final thirds, the leather flavor receded. There is still the smoky flavor with the mild peppery taste. The hints of creamy flavors can still be discerned for a bit. Overall, the burn was good, and the ash pretty much held up for the first two-thirds.


Partagas in Hand

It was a smooth cigar with many flavors combining well. Depending on your flavor palette, this might be a straightforward cigar with a mild aftertaste of pepper on top of the cedar and earthy flavors or a medium-strong creamy flavored cigar with hints of leather and cedar. Well, I enjoyed it for the most part, not the least because of the cedar bass and how the leather flavor slowly tapered off. The construction was good, and it burned well for under an hour. I give it an 85.

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell