Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill Review

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Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill was a cigar produced after 20 years of trying different blends. The Yamasa of the Dominican Republic was successfully transformed into a tobacco-growing land with the emergence of Davidoff Yamasa, and this was the goal of master blender Henke Kelner. He found a swampland which is about 20 miles outside of Santiago in the Dominican Republic. He decided that he wanted to start growing tobacco there and be his project. 20 years later, he perfected the blend with blood, sweat, and tears put into that soil. Different flavors were produced with the cultivation and the addition of different elements. Finally, he came up with this beautiful blend.

Appearance of Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill

The Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill cigar continues to pay homage to the history of Davidoff cigars by being one of their finest cigars ever created. Taking a closer look at it, you’ll first notice its size. With a length of only 4 inches and a ring gauge of 48, the Petit Churchill still retains all the flavors and craftsmanship that went into making this fine cigar. Featuring a wrapper from the Dominican Republic’s Yamasa, a beautiful mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler, it is blended with patience and skill in order to create one of Davidoff’s best-selling cigars, especially among those who enjoy smaller cigarillos for an afternoon smoke or after dinner enjoyment.

Smoking Experience

From the pre-lit draw, I got a nice little spicy, earthy mix. In fact, I got a little bit of tobacco in there, and it’s quite a bit spicy. For me, that’s always a good thing. Now, let’s light it and see what kind of flavors we’ll get or if it will retain that spiciness.

At the very first puff, there’s this different type of spice. It’s almost like a chili pepper along with a black pepper mix. It leaves a nice little coating on the palate and puts a really nice amount of spice there. It’s also not overpowering and not a distasteful amount, just an interesting amount of it, along with some flavors that I’m not recognizing yet. It’s putting out a good amount of smoke, has a very flavorful aroma, and is very inviting. In the background, there’s a hint of a very light citrus and a nice earthiness to it. So, we’re on a great start, and I’m going ahead and smoke it down some more as we jump into the second third.

Right about the halfway point of the Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill, the flavors right now have become really sweet. A nice little cinnamon nutmeg, kind of mixed in and very subtle, but you can taste it in the background. There’s a nice nutty kind of cashew nuttiness to it as well as good cedar, a warm type of cedar. The spice that was there, in the beginning, was that mixture of the chili pepper and the regular black pepper; while there is still a spice, it has changed into some cinnamon and white pepper lines. Some spiciness comes with that white pepper but in a different form. It’s really good, and it has a medium strength, as well as its body. It’s the exact amount that doesn’t overwhelm you, which is really enjoyable. I’ll smoke it a little more as we go to the final third and see if there are any changes.

Coming into the final third, it’s a great mixture of cedar, a nice aged cedar, rich tobacco, and even a French-roast coffee. Surprisingly, little notes of milk chocolate appeared, which mixes really well along with a nice white pepper throughout. The balance of these flavors is really good, which makes this cigar interesting. Subtle changes throughout each third, which keeps you on your toes and interested. Its construction is solid; I haven’t had to touch it at all, which is always great. It’s really great tasting, easy to smoke, excellent construction, and beautiful to look at, which makes it a perfect cigar.

Overall Review of Davidoff Yamasa

The Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill offers a unique Nicaraguan and Dominican filler blend. This combination results in a complex smoke with notes of spice, earthiness, and roasted nuts. A true medium-bodied cigar, this offering from Davidoff is just as approachable for new smokers as it is for aficionados. This easy-to-smoke blend is the perfect cigar for any occasion. A mild smoke with an easy draw, the Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill will last you 45 minutes to an hour. A cigar that is definitely recommended and is a delicious smoke that will have you feeling like a million bucks all night long!

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell