Baccarat Rothschild Cigar Review

Baccarat Robusto Cigar Review

Earlier this morning, my palate craved for sweet and creamy tobacco to pair with either brewed coffee or iced tea — a kind of combination I couldn’t resist. For some reason, a particular cigar from my treasured humidor immediately popped into my head, and being the pleasure seeker that I am — I gave in without hesitation. Baccarat ‘The Game’ Rothschild is not new to my taste buds, and yet I can’t seem to break free from the sweet spell that this great cigar cast upon me — it’s not like I have plans to be freed anyway. I’ve had this accompany me to some of the formal parties I’ve attended, and it does a great job of making me feel relaxed and at ease. Interestingly rolled in the Camacho factory, this Baccarat cigar belongs to the top-shelf offerings of Davidoff, so a dissatisfying performance is the least you could expect.

Pull of Cigar

Well, this cigar is effortlessly breathtaking. The Baccarat Rothschild is perfectly hugged by a stunning Connecticut shade wrapper highlighting its curves in the right places, oh là là! I can’t help but admire the alluring golden-brown complexion it displays, which I could dare claim to be one of the most consistent shade I have ever seen. Although the surface appears to be a little sloppy, the overall aesthetic appeal remains highly pleasing. Excellently constructed, this Rothschild embodies an extensively aged Havana-seed Honduran long filler and Mexican binder on the core. ‘1871’ is engraved in its classic golden band, indicating its vintage roots.

Finding the right mild cigar has been continuously a challenge to my meticulous palate, but so far, the Baccarat Rothschild lives up to my expectations. This tobacco seduces me with a naturally sweetened cap fueling my desire to cut it. Let’s see what this intoxicatingly sweet Baccarat has stored up its sleeve once lit to burn fiercely.


Just as expected, the draw was utterly smooth, introducing me to a bunch of aromatic flavors. The luscious woody cedar characterized by a mild spicy flavor gives off an impressive fresh start. My palate also recognized a faint peppery note playing around the edges enough to keep me going. I can tell that it’s groomed with the typical Connecticut flavors, which are my cup of tea, so I couldn’t be happier. On the other hand, the sweet gum cap is not necessarily adding anything to the blend. However, it doesn’t make the smoke less enjoyable either. Notes of cocoa, nutmeg, and wheat were soon after exposed as I proceed to puff.

Overall Review of Baccarat Rothschild

The 30 to 45-minute smoke I had with the Baccarat Rothschild furnishes an easy draw and consistent burn. Thanks to this sweetheart, my hunger has been sated. Waking up from a deep slumber, I can see myself reaching for this stogie over and over again whenever I’m looking for a hearty smoke loaded with sweetness and subtle flavors. For around five bucks, you can now have the option to start your day right. In general, the Baccarat Rothschild is one of the finest mellow cigars, great to be matched with an espresso, cognac, or a bottle of wine — you name it! Be pleased to enjoy this during your golf sessions or when simply doing yard work. This ideal everyday smoke gets an 89.

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