J.C. Newman

J.C. Newman is a revered name in the world of cigars, known for its rich heritage and unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. Founded in 1895 by Julius Caesar Newman, this iconic brand has stood the test of time, producing premium cigars that have earned a place of honor among aficionados worldwide. With a century-long tradition of hand-rolling cigars, J.C. Newman continues to blend artistry, quality, and innovation to deliver an exceptional smoking experience. From their historic Tampa factory to their modern ventures, J.C. Newman remains a symbol of timeless excellence in the world of cigars.

Mark Twain Riverboat Churchill

Mark Twain Riverboat cigar

The Mark Twain Riverboat Churchill cigar stands out in the market for its unique flavor profile and smooth transitions, offering a medium-bodied experience with notes of floral, coffee, sweet spice, cedar, and leather. Despite its uneven burn and construction issues, the cigar compensates with its rich flavors and pleasant smoking experience. It features a distinctive barber pole wrapper using both Connecticut shade and Maduro wrappers and bears a rustic, large band with intricate design details. While the cigar’s construction may deter some smokers, its flavor complexity and the wisdom inscribed on its band, quoting Mark Twain, make it a choice worth considering. However, proper storage is advised to maintain its quality, emphasizing that the Mark Twain Riverboat Churchill is a product for those who prioritize flavor journey over structural perfection.

Brick House Fumas Robusto

The Brick House brand is celebrated for its high-quality cigars known for their exceptional flavor profiles, making them an ideal choice for enthusiasts. The Brick House Fumas Robusto, particularly noted for its affordable pricing, features a medium-bodied blend wrapped in a smooth Sumatran leaf, filled with Nicaraguan tobacco, and hints of coffee and nuts. However, despite its consistent flavor and reasonable price, the cigar’s overall experience is marred by a tight draw and uneven burn, resulting in a monotonous smoking experience. While it is a decent option for those on a budget, the Brick House Fumas Robusto might not be a repeat purchase for those seeking a more flavorful and seamless experience.