Brick House Fumas Robusto Cigar Review

Some of the greatest cigars available are made by Brick House brand. They are renowned in the cigar industry for their exceptional quality and distinct flavor. Brick House label is a wonderful choice if you want a cigar that will make an impression or something you can gift to a cigar aficionado.

The Brick House Fumas Robusto is a good option in the Brick House cigar line for those seeking a cheap cigarette. This premium cigar has a smooth Sumatran wrapper and a blend of Nicaraguan tobacco. This one is a medium-bodied cigar with hints of coffee and nuts. A good bargain and a decent cigarette to smoke at any time of the day is the Brick House Fumas Robusto.

Wrapper Origin: ConnecticutShape: Toro
Length: 6Ring: 50
Wrapper: Sun GrownList Price: $64.99 (Box of 20)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Medium

Appearance of Brick House Fumas Robusto

The Sumatran Maduro wrapper, Connecticut Broadleaf binder, and Nicaraguan filler are the components of the Brick House Fumas Robusto, a truly dark and toothy cigar. This cigar has some soft spots, but it becomes quite firm at the band, where it stays till the cap.

Under the thick paper, the cigars are wrapped in Cellophane

The Brick House Fumas Robusto cigar’s band is very retro-looking and nearly identical in color to the cigar’s wrapper, making it challenging to see, which I didn’t fancy. The phrase “Brick House Fumas” are inscribed in the middle of an oval-shaped center that has an antiquated spiral pattern that is reminiscent of 1960s to 1970s design.

Smoking Experience

The Brick House Fumas Robusto cigar has a chocolate and nut flavor that I picked up on on the cold draw. In the first third of my Brick House Fumas Robusto cigar, I became aware of how difficult it was for me to extract the flavors out of the cigar due to the tight draw. Still, chocolate and nuts are the flavors that I picked up in this part. With the exception of the draw, this cigar performs well, so far, in terms of structure and is of medium strength.

The Brick House Fumas Robusto cigar is burning reasonably nicely but unevenly during the second third of my smoke. The draw was still that tight, and the ash had already fallen off. Additionally, it produces a good amount of smoke. The flavor profile of the cigar remains the same, but the cocoa has changed to dark chocolate, and the nuts have taken on a slightly roasted flavor. Moreover, a spice emerged, although it wasn’t overbearing. Nevertheless, its strength is still medium.

The Brick House Fumas Robusto cigar’s burn got quite uneven after I finished smoking it, most likely as a result of the soft spots. It’s something that will put this cigar on a bad note because it has one part canoe down. Although the draw started to open up a little, I believe it came a little too late since the second third would have been a much better time to have a much better draw. This one’s taste profile also remained consistent, which is nice if we’re talking about consistency, but it would surely lose points in terms of flavor transition. I can say that this one maintained a medium level of strength up to half full.


Overall, the Brick House Fumas Robusto cigar is a medium-bodied smoke with notes of chocolate and nuts. Performance-wise, it struggled, notably on the draw and its burn. Although there are just two tastes in the flavor profile, there isn’t much flavor transition, and the flavors didn’t even reach their peaks, which I found to be a bit monotonous to smoke.

You are also receiving what you paid for when it comes to Brick House Fumas Robusto cigars, especially given their pricing point. Although this smoke is decent for the price, I doubt I’ll buy it again in the future.

If you’re searching for a cheap or best bargain cigar, you may try this one, but in my opinion, you might get more for your money if you try other cheap cigars that actually offer outstanding characteristics despite their low price.

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Maria Morales