Mark Twain Riverboat Churchill Cigar Review

Mark Twain Riverboat cigar review

The market is filled with a wide variety of cigars, each of which has a distinctive flavor character. One such choice, which is renowned for its smooth flavor transition, is the Mark Twain Riverboat Churchill cigar. This cigar is certainly worth trying, whether you are an experienced cigar smoker or are just getting started.

With tastes of floral, coffee, sweet spice, cedar, and leather, it has a medium body and produces a pleasant, smooth smoke. This cigar has a wonderfully nice finish that lingers for a while.

Mark Twain Riverboat cigar
Wrapper Origin: N/AShape: Churchill
Length: 7Ring: 50
Wrapper: Connecticut, MaduroList Price: $213 (Box of 20)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Medium

Appearance of Mark Twain Riverboat Churchill

The Mark Twain Riverboat Churchill cigar features a barber pole wrapper, meaning it uses two wrappers. The first wrapper is a Connecticut shade, and the other one is a Maduro wrapper.

As for this cigar’s band, it uses a huge band that features a very rustic design. The colors of the band are brown, dark brown, white, and what seemed to be an old gold color. There’s an English man portrait in the middle and above him is the phrase “Mark Twain,” written using a white font and multiple gold circle details in the middle of each letter. Below the man is the word “Riverboat,” written in cursive in white font.

Smoking Experience

Upon lighting the Mark Twain Riverboat Churchill cigar, the flavors that kicked off immediately were sweetness and coffee. I also tasted a hint of floral, but not too much, but it was during the first third that the floral notes started to become a predominant flavor. The coffee flavor is at the very front of the flavor palette, accompanied by floral, and the sweetness of this cigar is just right. So far, the flavors are perfectly balanced, and they’re light. The construction of this one is good, but it burns unevenly. The good thing is that despite its bad burn, it didn’t make the draw tight.

For the second third of smoking the Mark Twain Riverboat Churchill cigar, it still burns unevenly, which makes my smoking experience unpleasant. There’s actually one part where the burn canoe down. The ash also didn’t hold quite well as bits of it started to fall off then next was the chunk. As for the smoke output, it gives an ample amount of smoke, and the draw is still good. For the flavor profile of this cigar, the dominant flavor became the floral notes, accompanied by coffee. The sweetness mellows down a little bit, but I could still taste it at the back. The retro-hale has a hint of sweet spice, and the wrapper of the cigar makes my mouth a little bit creamy. Basically, the flavors continued to be light, but the strength is definitely medium.

During my final third of smoking the Mark Twain Riverboat Churchill cigar, there’s a subtle hint of cedar that emerges at the back of the flavor palette and an earthy flavor. Both new flavors are not strong, but it was there, which makes them a great flavor ending note. The floral and coffee are still at the front, but both of them kind of mellow down. The sweetness at this point is already gone, but I think it’s because it transitioned to being a sweet spice and became present on the retro-hale. For the flavor transition, it definitely gained points. As for the construction of this cigar, up until the very end, it gave me a terrible burn, and the ash didn’t even hold on for an inch anymore. The smoke output is not as many too, but the draw remains good.


The cigar band features this awesome quote from Mark Twain, "It has been my rule never to smoke when sleeping and never to refrain from smoking when awake."

Overall, I enjoy smoking the Mark Twain Riverboat Churchill cigar if we only talk about its flavor. I really liked how the flavors transitioned from the first third up until the final third. Not much actually happened during the first and second third as the notes of floral and coffee only changed positions, but it was during the final third that it changed the whole game.

I was about to complain about how boring this cigar was because the flavors didn’t even reach their peak and had already mellowed down, but good thing I tasted cedar and earth flavors. Even if they’re not that rich, I still appreciate how they started to emerge at the last minute.

Now, for the construction of this cigar, this is where it lost a lot of points to me. While I didn’t struggle when it came to its draw, I had a hard time trying to even out the burn of this cigar since one part really canoe down. The ash is also not holding on very well, making it a messy experience to smoke this cigar. I almost had to relight it just to make an effort to even the burn, but it’s really bad, and there’s nothing I can do about it. The smoke output is okay, though I don’t understand why I didn’t produce much during my final third.

To simply put, I enjoy smoking the Mark Twain Riverboat Churchill cigar if we’re only talking about its flavors but for the construction, it’s a no for me. But still, this cigar is something I would smoke again in the future since I really loved how the flavors transitioned as well as the actual flavors I got which are floral, coffee, cedar, earth, and sweet spice. I considered the flavors light, but the strength of this one is indeed medium.

If you’re a cigar aficionado who enjoys smoking a cigar that has an excellent flavor transition, then I will definitely recommend this to you. I also find this good cigar perfect to smoke during great weather or whether you just feel like it. But you need to store it properly since it really did me badly on the construction of this one.

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