Camacho Cigars has a rich history that dates back to 1961 when Simon Camacho was expelled from Cuba. After moving to Miami, Florida, he founded his cigar factory, where he quickly gained a reputation for making exceptional blends from imported tobacco. Simon Camacho carried some seeds called Corojo Cuban Seeds from Cuba, known for their rich flavor and have become a signature ingredient in Camacho Cigars.

In 1995, the Eiroa family in Honduras acquired Camacho Cigars five years after Simon’s death. The family patriarch, Julio Eiroa, raised his sons Justo and Christian in and around the tobacco business in both Honduras and Florida. Julio founded a company called Caribe Imported Cigars in 1989, which helped pave the way for the Eiroa family to acquire Camacho Cigars. Under the Eiroa family’s ownership, Camacho Cigars grew and gained popularity, becoming known for their bold and unique flavors.

In 2008, Davidoff acquired Camacho Cigars, a Swiss luxury goods company specializing in premium cigars and tobacco products. Today, Camacho Cigars is part of the Oettinger Davidoff Group and is based in Danlí, Honduras. Camacho Cigars has remained true to its roots despite changing hands over the years, producing authentic handmade Cuban seed cigars beloved by cigar enthusiasts worldwide.

History of Camacho Cigars

Camacho Cigars is a brand with a rich history dating back to 1961, when Simon Camacho established his first cigar factory in Miami, Florida. Since then, the brand has experienced many changes and has become one of the most well-known and respected names in the tobacco industry.

Simon Camacho and the Early Years

Simon Camacho was born in Cuba in 1935 and grew up in the tobacco industry. He became an expert in tobacco cultivation and production, and in 1961, he established his first cigar factory in Miami, Florida. Camacho brought some Corojo Cuban seeds, which offered a unique and authentic Cuban flavor in Camacho cigars.

Julio Eiroa and the Miami Era

In 1995, the Eiroa family acquired Camacho Cigars. Julio Eiroa, a tobacco industry veteran, took over the company and moved the operations to Danlí, Honduras, where the company still operates today. Eiroa’s experience and expertise in the tobacco industry helped Camacho Cigars to grow and expand, and the company became known for its high-quality handmade cigars.

Oettinger Davidoff Group Acquisition

In 2008, Camacho Cigars was acquired by the Oettinger Davidoff Group, a Swiss-based company that specializes in premium cigars and luxury goods. The acquisition allowed Camacho Cigars to expand its reach and continue producing high-quality cigars that cigar enthusiasts worldwide enjoy.

Throughout its history, Camacho Cigars has been known for its commitment to quality and taste. The brand has produced many cigars, including the Camacho Corojo, the Caribe Imported Cigars, the Camacho Connecticut, and the Camacho Shellback. The brand has also released several limited-edition cigars, including the American Barrel-Aged and the Brotherhood Series.

Camacho Cigars have become a staple in the tobacco industry, and cigar enthusiasts worldwide enjoy their cigars. The brand’s commitment to quality and taste has helped it stand out in a crowded market. Its dedication to environmental standards and quality control has helped it maintain its reputation as one of the best cigar brands in the world.

Camacho Cigars Today

Camacho Cigars is a brand that has been around since 1961. Over the years, the brand has evolved and expanded its offerings to include a range of signature blends, limited editions, and innovations that cater to cigar enthusiasts of all levels.

Signature Blends

Camacho Cigars is known for its signature blends, which include the Camacho Corojo, Camacho Connecticut, and Camacho Ecuador. The Camacho Corojo is the brand’s flagship blend made with authentic Corojo tobacco. The Camacho Connecticut is a milder blend perfect for beginners, while the Camacho Ecuador is a medium-bodied blend that offers a balance of flavor and strength.

Limited Editions

Camacho Cigars also offers a range of limited-edition cigars that are released throughout the year. These limited-edition cigars are made in small batches and are often highly sought after by cigar enthusiasts. Some limited edition cigars that Camacho has released include the Camacho Shellback, the Camacho Liberty Series, and the Camacho Diploma.


Camacho Cigars is also known for its innovations in the cigar industry. The brand has introduced a range of new vitolas, including the custom-built and master-built series and the Brotherhood series, which pays tribute to the brand’s history and heritage. Camacho has also introduced new blends, such as the American Barrel-Aged, aged in bourbon barrels, and the Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged, aged in rum barrels.

Camacho Cigars is committed to quality and taste, and the brand’s cigars are known for their excellent construction, flavor, and aroma. The brand’s cigars are priced competitively, making them accessible to various cigar enthusiasts. Camacho Cigars is part of the Oettinger Davidoff Group and is based in Danlí, Honduras, where the brand’s tobacco production occurs at the Rancho Jamastran factory. The Eiroa family, who acquired the brand in 1995, is still involved in the brand’s operations and is committed to upholding the brand’s traditions and environmental standards.