Flavored Cigars: Sweet, Infused, and Aromatic Blends

Flavored cigars have been around for quite some time and have become increasingly popular among cigar aficionados. These cigars come in different types, including sweet, infused, and aromatic, each with a unique flavor and aroma. Infused cigars are made by adding flavors to the tobacco leaves during aging, while sweet cigars are made by adding […]

Acid Toast Review

Review of Acid Toast

Drew Estate is in the habit of bringing it up a notch when it comes to their infused cigars. Drew Estate‚Äôs Acid line (see more here) has a distinct flavor profile, which combines well with a range of wrappers. In many of our other reviews, you can see how Drew Estate made use of unique […]

Acid Atom Review

Review of Acid Atom

The Acid brand of Drew Estate is one of the most famous lines of infused cigars today. Enthusiasts who enjoy the rich flavors of infused cigars appreciate the rich aromatic process that Drew Estate has developed. This process is secret as it is effective. By combining more than a hundred herbs in aroma rooms, the […]

Acid Blondie Review

Review of Acid Blondie

Bestselling cigars are in demand for a reason, and Acid Blondie by Drew Estate makes a case by being unique. Among enthusiasts developed by Drew Estate, this cigar has been a staple for many fans of infused cigars.More so, it uses a Cameroon wrapper which adds some spice and balance to infused flavors. Drew Estate […]

Acid Kuba Kuba Review

Review of Acid Kuba Kuba

The Acid line of Drew Estate is one of the most popular infused cigars in the market today. Drew Estate catapulted itself to the scene with its brand of infused cigars back in the cigar boom in the 1990s. The company seemed to have carried the quality of the product well throughout the years, and […]