5 Vegas Triple A cigar review

Because of the company’s dedication to quality and utilization of conventional manufacturing techniques, AJ Fernandez cigars have grown more and more well-liked in recent years. This brand of cigars is well-known for its rich flavor and aromatic smell. No matter what your taste in cigars may be, AJ Fernandez has a cigar that will suit your palate, just like the 5 Vegas Triple-A.

The 5 Vegas Triple-A is a fantastic option if you’re trying to expand your collection of fine cigars. Even the most discriminating taste will be pleased by the flavorful intensity of this cigar. Any cigar enthusiast will drool over the medium-bodied 5 Vegas Triple-A, which has a mouthwatering aroma.

The draw on this cigar is smooth and effortless, and the construction is excellent as well. The 5 Vegas Triple-A has undertones of nuts, chocolate, and sweetness as well as elements of earth, coffee, and spice in its flavor profile. All things considered, anyone who likes cigars should give this one a try.

Wrapper Origin: NicaraguaShape: Robusto
Length: 5Ring: 56
Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf MaduroList Price: $144 (Box of 20)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Full

Appearance of 5 Vegas Triple-A

The 5 Vegas Triple-A cigar by AJ Fernandez uses a very veiny and rough Pennsylvanian Maduro wrapper that is very beautiful in color, with Nicaraguan binder and filler. The cigar is also firm to the touch but with some soft spots.

As for the cigar’s band, it features a huge band that has gold and black colors. In the middle, the phrase “5 Vegas” is written in white font. The words “Triple A” is written below it in the same font color. There’s also a big crown element at the back of the words, colored in gold.

The cigar’s band is too basic if you look closely at it, but it surprisingly compliment the dark Maduro wrapper the 5 Vegas Triple-A by AJ Fernandez uses.

Smoking Experience

Upon lighting the 5 Vegas Triple-A cigar of the AJ Fernandez brand, the first thing I noticed is that this has a strong flavor punch. The flavors I’m getting are earth with a little bit of spice and chocolate. Surprisingly, this gives a good start as the flavors are delicious. It also offers nuts and coffee at the back of the flavor palette. In addition, the draw is excellent and produces an ample amount of smoke.

During my first third of smoking the 5 Vegas Triple-A cigar, the flavors that I picked up were the same flavors I get upon lighting this one up. The dominant flavor is earth, but from being at the back of the flavor palette, coffee began to accompany the dominant flavor. Still, the spice is at the front; it just gave way to the coffee to join the front palette of the flavor profile. The flavors are also as tasty as it was during the first few puffs. As for the construction of this cigar, the 5 Vegas Triple-A performs very well. The draw is excellent, the ash is holding pretty well, the burn is almost even, and the smoke output is generous. So far, I don’t have any complaints about smoking this premium cigar.

For my second third of smoking the 5 Vegas Triple-A cigar, the flavors remained the same, as well as the flavors’ intensity which surprised me. This cigar is indeed a full-bodied smoke. The spice started to become detectable on the retro-hale, but not overwhelming; it was just there, and the intensity was perfect. That’s the only thing that changed. Not much flavor transition, but considering how rich the flavors are, I don’t mind if it doesn’t give any massive transition since I really want to savor the flavors I’m getting.

Lastly, for my final third of smoking the 5 Vegas Triple-A cigar, I can definitely say that this premium cigar really gives a tasty flavor profile, which is very rich. The flavors are still the same; I still got the earth, coffee, and spice, with hints of chocolate and nuts. The spice on the retro-hale mellowed down a little bit, and the chocolate flavor started to become much richer on the back of the flavor palette. A small amount of sweetness also emerges, which is a welcome change of pace. As for this cigar’s construction, it performs well from start to finish. The draw is good, and I didn’t need to touch it up or relight it so that I could get much of the flavors. This also burns really well and gives an excellent smoke output. The ash only fell off at this point which provides this one with a plus.


Overall, I really enjoyed smoking the 5 Vegas Triple-A cigar. It gives a very tasty and great experience. This great cigar was very tasty, with a rich and complex flavor profile that was really enjoyable. A flurry of flavor hit me right away after taking my first puff. The flavors are all rich, and the flavor profile consists of the earth being the dominant flavor, accompanied by coffee and spice, which is detectable on the retro-hale as well, and chocolate and nuts at the back of the flavor palette. It also starts to get a little sweeter at the end, which is a nice change of pace.

Moreover, I really appreciated the constant flavor throughout the entire smoke. The cigar construction was excellent, and the burn was almost flawless. I had a wonderful time smoking the 5 Vegas Triple-A cigar. I wholeheartedly suggest this cigar to anybody or cigar smokers out there, as it is simply outstanding. You should try it because I think you’ll be blown away by the flavor and quality. The 5 Vegas Triple-A cigar met all of my expectations, and I would absolutely smoke it again.

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