Acid Red Nasty Review

The Acid line of Drew Estate is known for its unique taste. The flavors of Acid line cigars are exactly what fans are looking for in an infused cigar, while some classic cigar fans would decry the opposite.

The success of the Acid line throughout the years would show, though, that the Drew Estate has a formula that works. Their famous aromatic rooms are ripe for blending different herbals and botanicals, making Drew Estate a leader in the infusion cigar niche.

Drew Estate pushes the boundaries of flavors, and in doing so, comes up with some unique blends. This review of Acid Red Nasty shows how Drew Estate has done that: blend a cigar flavor that can bring new, exciting flavors for fans.

This cigar mix is an intense, strong blend even for fans. With a Maduro wrapper, the blend takes a gentle, sweet flavor profile for fans to enjoy.

This Acid Red Nasty review will help you decide if this cigar matches your taste.

Red Nasty from Acid
Wrapper Origin: ConnecticutShape: Toro
Length: 6Ring: 50
Wrapper: BroadleafList Price: $239 (Box of 24)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Medium

Appearance of Acid Red Nasty

The Acid Red Nasty has a simple box, the same as the rest of the Acid Line. Inside, the collection of the Red Nasties are bundled together.

The simple red band is slightly dark with deep red tones. The gold trim near the top is a thin layer between the black lines.

The shape of the cigar is like dynamite, which is more prominent with the pigtail at the end. It looks compact with the pyramid-shaped 52 ring gauge.

With the dark wrapper, the sheen and oil are just right.

Smoking Experience

The scent of the cold draw is of clove. After the first draw, the aroma of the smoke is sweet and fruity. As the first third progresses, the hint of clove is not discernible in the aroma. The taste, meanwhile, is mixed. The floral notes mix with the Maduro wrapper’s subtle chocolate flavors with some pepper.

The second third is a different transition. The aroma is still floral and pleasant, but the flavors show a lot of leather, tobacco, and earthy flavors. Mostly leathery notes blend with the creaminess of the cigar blend.

The final thirds show more of a fruity flavor with a cherry finish and hints of cinnamon.
The spiciness of the cigar is not as intense as other Acids, but the flavor is unique. The creamy, sweet, even vanilla flavor mixing with the leather and earthy notes is unique. It can get overpowering, though, when the cigar transitions to the final third with some cherry and fruity flavors straight from the earthy notes.

The smoke lasted for almost an hour, and the ash was solid and not as flaky. The draw, meanwhile, is inconsistent. There were times when it was difficult to draw, and at other times, it was seamless. The construction is steady and solid. The burn was even and okay for its shape.

The aroma is perfume-like throughout.


Acid Red Nasty Cigar Box

Acid Red Nasty is a good recommendation for those who like Acid cigars and are willing to try complex flavors. The typical Acid sweetness is there, but the floral notes with the earthy, creamy flavors make the taste unique and full-bodied. It has a unique flavor with a strong aftertaste. You might want to keep it out of your regular, though, if the flavors are too strong.
You can try this without any drink because the flavors are already broad and complex. If you are an Acid fan, try this as a morning cigar if you are going to have a long day ahead. I give it an 80.

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