CAO cigars are popular for many reasons. One reason is that they are high-quality cigars. They are known for being well-made and only using the finest tobacco. Another factor is that they have an extensive range of tastes and varieties to choose from. This means that there is a CAO cigar for everyone, just like the cigar we will be reviewing for this cigar review article.

One of the most recognizable cigars available under the CAO brand is the CAO Brazilia Gol cigar. It is renowned for having a distinctive flavor and for offering a smooth, pleasurable smoking experience. An absolute must-try for every cigar enthusiast, this cigar is handmade in Nicaragua and ranges in body strength from medium to full.

Additionally, this specific cigar is a part of the CAO 5-Star cigar sampler, which is a selection of some of the most excellent cigars available right now and a terrific chance to taste all of CAO’s top-selling cigars.

Wrapper Origin: BrazilianShape: Robusto
Length: 5Ring: 56
Wrapper: ArapiracaList Price: $163.80 (Box of 20)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Full

Appearance of CAO Brazilia Gol

Despite having few veins, the CAO Brazilia Gol cigar is firm and free of seams. Beautifully dark and toothy to the touch, the wrapper is a gorgeous shade of brown. In addition to a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper, this cigar also contains a long Nicaraguan filler and binder.

As for the band used in this cigar, it features colors that you can see or present on a Brazil flag, which are mainly yellow and green, with accents of dark blue, gold, and white. The iconic “CAO” logo is placed inside a circle that is located in the middle of a diamond shape border. Meanwhile, the word “Brazilia” is written below it in all uppercase, using a gold font color just like the cigar’s brand name.

It’s actually a great idea to color the cigar band just like the flag of Brazil. It’s even nicer that the famous cigar brand uses a Brazilian wrapper. This just shows how they respect Brazil, not just by naming this cigar after the country but also by using a wrapper from it and its colors.

Aside from that, the colors complimented the cigar’s wrapper well. The colors were chosen with care to evoke a sense of richness and wealth while also forging a visual link between the cigar and Brazil. Because of this, the cigar is a great option for anybody who wants to smoke something that will remind them of the lively culture of the nation.

Smoking Experience

Upon lighting the CAO Brazilia Gol cigar, the flavors that I immediately picked up were notes of toasted cedar and nuts. There’s also a pepper note on the retro-hale and earth in the background of the flavor palette. As for the construction of this one, it has a pretty snug draw but produces a decent amount of smoke output. Also, during my first few puffs, I can definitely say that this premium cigar is medium to full-bodied. It actually gives me a heavy feeling, but I think that it’s probably because of its snug draw.

For my first third of smoking the CAO Brazilia Gol cigar, the draw of this one continues to be snug, and the smoke output produces a decent amount too. This cigar burns almost evenly, and the ash is holding well. As for the flavor profile of this premium smoke, the toasted cedar became present on the retro-hale, joining the pepper note, which now transitioned into becoming a white pepper. The dominant flavors are still the toasted nuts and cedar, but a sweet note now accompanies it. There’s also a new flavor coming in, which is a pecan note that is also present on the draw. The strength of this one is still on the medium to full-bodied level. I’m enjoying smoking this CAO cigar so far.

For my second third of smoking the CAO Brazilia Gol cigar, the flavor profile remained the same; it still has a lot of toasted cedar flavor, but the toasted nuts note is starting to mellow down a bit. The sweetness is still there, as well as the pecan note. On the other hand, the finish is no longer a pecan note but rather a black pepper note, but it is not too overpowering. Speaking of pepper, the white pepper note on the retro-hale is no longer there; it’s just toasted cedar, but there’s a little bit of spice emerging. As for the construction of this cigar, it still has a snug draw, and the other features continued to perform well, such as its burn, smoke output, and ash. This cigar actually has a lovely white ash that holds itself very well. For the smoke output, the smoke now has an aroma to it, but it was just the typical tobacco aroma that is not irritating or bothering to smell; just the right amount of tobacco aroma that is pleasant to sniff.

For my final third of smoking the CAO Brazilia Gol cigar, the dominant flavor is still the same; it’s still toasted cedar. However, the sweetness is no longer just sweetness, but it’s now leveling up, turning into a fruity kind of sweet. The pecan then mellows down a bit as it is replaced by a wood note that is just subtle. The finish is still black pepper, and the retro-hale remains the same toasted cedar and white pepper. On the other hand, the construction of this cigar is going downside. The draw became a little bit loose at this part, but I find it too late of an improvement. The burn became very uneven, wherein one part canoe down, and the ash fell off bit by bit. So, instead of finishing this cigar with a good experience, it became the opposite. I even had to relight the cigar this late to correct the burn but to no avail. In terms of its strength, it became full-bodied at this point.


Overall, the CAO Brazilia Gol cigar is a nice cigar despite its unpleasant ending. This cigar has a fascinating flavor profile with many transitions happening. This cigar started with flavors of toasted cedar and nuts, with a pepper note on the retro-hale and earth at the back. But it ended with notes of toasted cedar, a fruity kind of sweetness, wood, black pepper, and white pepper. It has a complex flavor profile that consists primarily of dark notes with hints of light notes. I actually enjoyed smoking such combinations as it is a pleasant flavor dynamic.

Moreover, the cigar started off with an excellent performance in terms of construction, except for its snug draw. The burn is almost even, its white ash held itself well, and it produces a decent amount of smoke that has an aroma to it. However, during the final third, despite the draw loosing a little bit, the burn became very uneven, wherein one part canoe down, and then its ash started to fall off bits by bits. It would have been great if the burn and ash had continued to perform great since the draw began, but unfortunately, they didn’t. In fact, I even had to relight this cigar during the final third just to correct its burn.

If it weren’t for the flaws that occurred during the final third, I would have said that this one is an excellent CAO cigar that I have tried, but sadly, this isn’t it. I find the flavor profile interesting, so I’ll probably buy this flavored cigar in the future. I find it interesting to smoke during the day. I could also recommend this to a cigar aficionado out there, as this provides tasty and rich flavors. This would have been a perfect flavor profile for beginners, but this one is indeed full-bodied in terms of strength, so I don’t think you should smoke this one for now. Still, the CAO Brazilia Gol is a great option if you want a cigar that truly embodies Brazilian culture.

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