Don Tomas Special Edition No. 300 Review

Don Tomas Special Edition No. 300 has always been one of the finest cigars hailing from Honduras. I was introduced to this personal favorite when I was still relatively new to the luxury of smoking premium cigars. To this day, I always have several stocked in my humidor for when I’m craving for the perfect medium-bodied smoke to savor alongside a café au lait or to enjoy with good company. Whenever I share a few of these with friends, there’s always no shortage of gratitude and plenty echoes of ‘wow’s and hums of satisfaction.

Getting their start in the 1970s, the venerable Don Tomas Cigars has carved a space for itself in the world of the oldest names of cigars and has survived the ups and downs of the cigar market. After acquiring ownership, the General Cigar Company reworked the brand to perfect the fine line between top-quality handmade cigars and no-nonsense, affordable smoke. Blends like the Don Tomas Special Edition No. 300 have long earned the industry respect that the brand deserves among novices and aficionados alike.

Pull of Cigar

Don Tomas Special Edition No. 300 is blanketed in a golden-brown Connecticut Shade wrapper with very mild and subtle veins. When held, it feels sturdy, which speaks of its excellent construction — very well rolled with a nice, even consistency and firm spring when pinched. The filler embodies a powerful trio of Nicaragua, Mexico, and Dominican Republic long leaf tobacco. As soon as the cap is off, the aroma reveals tantalizing tobacco and creamy butter combination. The cold draw had a touch of resistance which is ideal in my book.


Upon lighting, I can pick out mellow notes of creamy butter as well as butterscotch. Notes of cedar and crushed peanuts, paired with sweet spice and aromatic smoke, give this cigar a luxurious feel for a steal. While the first puffs lingered in the mild-bodied realm as expected of a Connecticut Shade cigar, the mid-point transitions to a more medium-bodied earthy core of toast that melds perfectly with the creamy tobacco and creating thrillingly gratifying initial draws.

As the second half is underway, the signature Connecticut Shade creaminess is subtly joined by spice and grassy nuances. A straight burn path and firm, white ash made the experience even more enjoyable, considering nothing is worse than having to touch up constantly or having ash crumble all over your lap. Going into the final third, a subtly sweet and creamy backend swirl into a festival of goodness and brings a grandly textured finale to the memorably satisfying medium-bodied journey.

Overall Review of Don Tomas Special Edition No. 300 Review

This Robusto is definitely a valuable component to the Don Tomas Connecticut line of affordable cigars that feature a smooth draw and world-class flavors at prices that are a no-brainer for an everyday smoke. It needs little in the way of touch-ups to maintain a straight burn path. The white ash was relatively firm and held on until about an inch into the second third. This receives a 90 rating from me. Each aspect of the Don Tomas Special Edition No. 300 cigar deserves an incredible score — the impeccably balanced flavors, spectacular aroma, meticulous construction, and consistent burn rate. It’s definitely an approachable blend, and I wholeheartedly endorse this to any level of cigar enthusiast.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales